Terri Simon

Santa Monica, United States

Terri Simon creates and facilitates transformative experiences for people around the world, and fosters community through yoga, storytelling, and inquiry.

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    • Bronwyn Barnes, Senior Style Editor, PEOPLE Magazine

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      Terri creates a fun and at the same time no nonsense, authentic environment. She helps participants understand how individual and team patterns enable ideas and action. She has the ability to lightheartedly connect with and lead even the most skeptical person to get excited about trying new things.

    • Yomi Abiola, Contributing Editor, Vogue Italy

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      Few people understand and bridge culture like Terri Simon. In a short time she is able to distill the greatest qualities in individuals and motivate them to apply their unique ability in the work place. Terri Simon is a master facilitator and communicator with an ability to create the most powerful of shifts in the most lasting and impactful of ways.

    • Sonny Grosso, Chief of Culture, Delivering Happiness at Work | Tony Hseih Startup

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      Terri...such a broad sample of exciting qualities. Maybe the most impactful thing to share is that we have been trying to grab Terri to work for us for a year and a half. She's innovative, fresh, passionate, down to earth, super emotionally intelligent, and inspiring. Grab her if you can.

    • Calvin Theobald, Director Lean Manufacturing

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      If you are not, understand this, there is nothing that Terri cannot learn or do if she has not already. She is not only a teacher, but a constant life learner. Being around her puts you in this "everything is possible" state as her energy is infectious. If you are thinking about taking a class with her; she will change your life. If you are thinking about hiring her; she will positively change your company.

    • Amy Rae, Coaching Client

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      Terri is a wise, loving soul. She facilitates groups with compassion, and she coaches individuals with powerful, provoking dialogue. Terri brings her life experience to all she does, and that allows her to easily connect with clients and colleagues. We recently facilitated a learning experience together in Vancouver, and her feedback was glowing. I can't wait to work with Terri again in the future.

    • Summer Slater, Director / Partner Strategy

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      Terri is a great member to have on a team. She understands people and has the drive and desire to foster positive change that not many people do. Terri is always willing to lend an ear, provide thoughtful feedback, and never fails to enjoy a good joke. I value working with Terri and count her as a trusted resource.

    • Renee Westerhout, Director Social Media

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      Terri is phenomenal and really understands people. She has that immediate gut instinct that not many people have and as a senior leader growing a company's culture, it's a necessity. Terri is one to make change happen. She knows the best way to engage and collaborate with all parties, to come to efficient solutions. During my time working with Terri both at Ignited and with my yoga practice, she has been a true mentor. I would love the opportunity to work with Terri again in the future.

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