Terramore offers a special blend of community life, yoga, mindfulness, organic farming, and amazing nature. Do not miss this eco-retreat in Abruzzo.

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4 Day Yoga & Permaculture Eco Retreat in Abruzzo

Available in August, September & October
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7 Day Yoga and Mindfulness Eco Retreat in Abruzzo

Available in August, September & October

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Silvia Costarella

Toti Salemi

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Sara Frassineti

from Italy, July 2021

"Amazing people in a lovely environment"

Silvia and Toti are a lovely couple!! They have a really deep soul, and they helped me connect even more to my spirit.

The food was delicious, they can create such lovely meals with just few fresh ingredients.

I opened my heart to them and I received love and guidance. I feel so blessed!!

Can't wait to go back :))

Yan Wang-kuffer

from Germany, April 2020

whenever I think back on the trip, I feel happy and calm.

-lovely place & lovely host & beautiful scenery

-small group

-very personal & precise instruction

-heavenly tasty organic food

-might have changed my way of life

Evelina Schubert

from Germany, February 2020

"Magical place with wonderful people"

Silvia and Toti are very warm, welcoming, helpful and inspiring people. It is so interesting, exciting and at the same time grounding to be around them and their sweet little dog Madu in their lovingly set up house in the middle of a breathtaking landscape.

They go way beyond just doing yoga with you. They deepened my spiritual connection to yoga, to nature and to myself. They shared their experiences and techniques helping them during their meditation and yoga practice so that I could try out and find the perfect fit for me to find a deeper connection to my true self.

And the food, it's just something! They do not cook, they creatively prepare their meals, like artists, and cherish the gifts the nature from their own garden and the local farmers gave to them. The meals are mostly vegan, bursting with flavour and caress the eye.

I wish Toti and Silvia all the best for their green project, endless love, joy and gratitude. I will definitely come again. Namaste.

Pia Areblad

from Sweden, January 2020

"Sincere and caring yoga retreat"

Sylvia and Totti are two person you need to meet. To share their life for a few days and talk and live yogic life will be something you wont forget.

Totti´s cooking is one of a kind. The yoga sessions are personalised and thoroughly prepared. The house is beatifully situated among the hills in west Teneriffe. 10 minutes by car to the beach. I went there with my husband for five days and we strongly recommend Estillo Verde.

Yvonne Jackson

from Great Britain, January 2020


I was under no impression when I booked this retreat. I wanted a small personalised yoga and meditation programme and this is exactly what I got.

Silvia and Toti are an amazing couple. They welcomed me into their home and treated me with love and respect.

I was very rusty in my yoga practise but Silvia gave me confidence and support and taught me the correct way to do the postures.. She is very thorough and so passionate about her teaching.

Toti is a very patient tutor in the meditation classes and has given me new ways in which to practise.

I even experienced a Tibetan bowl, sound massage which was wonderfull.

The food was all vegetarian and so delicious..they are both great cooks... most of it was grown, with love, in their organic garden which has given me inspiration to try and grow my own.

Overall, I can recommend this retreat if you want something, real, personalised and totally chilled.

Sophie Vaz

from Great Britain, January 2020

"Magical retreat"

There is no word to express my feeling after one week spent with Sylvia, Toti and Madu.

From the amazing fresh food, place, the yoga and meditation practice, the sound healing massage, talk about life purpose…I learnt so much from them and I am so grateful for the whole experience. Their kindness and authenticity make the whole experience unforgettable.

Anastasia Johansson

from Sweden, December 2019

"Magical time "

The time spent with Silvia and Toti was like a movie trailer of paradise. This couple created a little island of peace, love and joy in the middle of Teneriffa mountains and they so generously share this atmosphere with their guest that you naturally can enjoy every moment and feel endless gratitude for this experience.

It is hard to mention highlights as every bit and piece of life in estilo verde is precious. Every day starts with an energising yoga class allowing you to set positive intention for the day ahead. While making asanas you can enjoy wonderful view of the mountains and ocean and if you are lucky you can smell lovely scents coming from the kitchen and start anticipating freshly made brunch....

The food is a separate story. Being a vegetarian, I don’t think I could ever imagine how fresh, tasty and varied this cuisine can be. It is for the reason welcome brochure advises you to enjoy every bite - those bites are made to be enjoyed. And you can be sure that you won’t be walking around hungry! I think that I actually gained a kilo or two there, but these are the healthiest kilos I’ve ever had!

During the day you are free to enjoy the beach, mountain walks, reading or just listening to cheerful manta music played at the house. There is a great balance between free time and different activities, such as sound massage, meditation or cooking. All in all these were magical 5 days of my life and I hope to be back one day! Love and joy! Namaste 🙏

Emma Hamshare

from Great Britain, December 2019

"Amazing experience!"

I loved the food, the yoga and the meditation but most of all I love Silvia and Toti!! 💚 It was a really beautiful retreat and I don’t think there will ever be another one like it!

Anne Ehringhaus

from Germany, November 2019

"Mindfulness in every aspect. "

Silvia and Toti both pay real attention to detail. The experience was personalized and full of inspiration and knowledge. It was the perfect place for me and I would go back in a heartbeat. If you want to practice mindfulness in every aspect, then this is the place for you. From wonderful home-cooked food to very thorough yoga and meditation classes to star-gazing on the terrace, while Toti played handpan. I returned home happy and content.

Lone Andersen

from Denmark, November 2019

Silvia and Toti are full of love and positive energy. The view over the mountains and sea from the yoga terrasse was excellent - the yoga was personal. The brunch and dinner was excellent, dedicated and made with fresh ingredient and love.

Simone Fidler

from Austria, November 2019

"warmly recommending this yoga retreat "

I warmly recommend this yoga retreat. I was one week at their wonderful place. The landscape, the surrounding, the house will give you many opportunities to be by yourself. My mind was calming down very fast as I arrived at the place and could relax as this was very important for me in my holiday.

I haven´t had a lot of yoga practice lately, which was not a problem at all. Silvia adapted the yoga sessions to my level and put a lot of attention in what kind of yoga poses I like/ are good for my physical problems. I had the feeling that Silvia knew exactly how far I could go. She is one of the best teachers I've had so far. My yoga practice has improved, and took home a lot of knowledge for my future practice. She gave me a lot of tips and corrected me.

I liked the meditation classes of Toti, I haven't had a lot of experience before I went to the retreat. He showed me that meditation does not have to be painful for my knees either and know now how to sit during meditation.

I loved the sound of the handspans, especially during the yoga lesson. Not to forget the healing massage was a unique experience as well.

The FOOD! was amazing. healthy, tasty and gave me a lot of energy.

The time was really special and helped me to calm my mind more down.

Swati Gupta

from Great Britain, August 2019

"Just what I needed!"

I would very highly recommend this retreat. I happened to be the only one in this week and it was amazing!

Silvia and Toti are very open, warm and welcoming. They are so willing to share about their experiences, but never in a condescending way - you take what resonates with you with no fear of judgement. I felt very relaxed from the first day - like I was at home.

My yoga practice has improved a lot in just under a week (specially due to the personalised attention) - more so than it has in the last 6 months! I learnt many tips on correct alignment (open your shoulders!) that I hope to make them into habits till I no longer have to consciously think about doing them.

The food is yummy and healthy, and had motivated me to seek out healthier options when I go back (and maybe even cook a bit more).

I also got over my fear of dogs to some extent - given that the cute little Madhu is so eager to make friends with everyone.

Being able to relax in the hammocks and at the nearby beach, and taking walks in the nature around is the cherry on top.

I feel very relaxed and at peace, just what I was looking for from this week, and find myself being a lot more mindful and conscious when doing things now.

Thank you S&T!

Clare Whittaker

from Great Britain, August 2019

"Such an amazing experience😊"

I loved my time with Sylvia and Toti they are a beautiful couple. They taught me so much in such a short time and had such a positive impact on me. I loved the food, I can't wait to cook it myself here. The sound massage was awesome and Sylvia is just fabulous at the yoga and really helps align you and makes the sessions very personal to your needs and desires. Oh and they have the most adorable cheeky little dog. I just loved every minute I shared with them. Namaste 😊

Ian Tiffin

from Great Britain, August 2019

"Amazing retreat !!!"

Silvia and Toti and their retreat far exceeded my expectations. The food was out of this world, Silvia is an awesome Yoga teacher, I thoroughly enjoyed Toti's meditation classes and all in all it was one my best holidays / experiences of my life. Truly amazing !!!

Louise Headley

from Great Britain, May 2019

"Warm welcome space & fun friendly atmosphere "

My whole experience was positive in that the two hosts were warm welcoming helpful and the location was close for short hikes in mountains as well as good views of surrounding mountain region and great view of the sea too. I really enjoyed the variety of healthy nourishing food and it was great to try new dishes like goifio breakfast and gluton free tomato bread. There was a relaxed atmosphere and beautiful space created with a chilled area to do art or just Be and also a place to put your feet up in the hammock and just Dream. The additional workshops were an added treat and reasonably priced to book , I loved the Singing bowl massage very much. It really helped rebalance my body and also helped with tense and sore muscle areas. I just floated after the singibg bowl massage. This has inspired me to look into training in rhis area as i am already a massage therapist. The beach was close and it was good that the hosts could drive you to the beach and also collect you at no extra cost. I Love sea swimming so that was a big bonus. The other good point of this retreat is its for small groups so if you want your own space and quiet tine for a few days - here You will get it and theres more time with hosts to ask any questions.. Overall I loved being at this place and felt comfortable, relaxed and nourished as well as strengthened, encouraged and importantly had a laugh as well. I met like minded people whom I keep in touch with. Thank you very much Slyvia AND Toti.

Alice Lee

from Great Britain, April 2019

"Fantastic break away "

The whole experience was exactly what I was looking for. Tori and Silvia made me feel so welcome and helped me find a bit of peace I could take with me back into my normal life. The food and views were incredible, and little Madu was the perfect ball of energy accompanying the weekend.

Peena Modi

from Great Britain, April 2019

"Happy and joyous retreat - very highly recommended"

I cannot describe how wonderful the retreat was. It was perfect and exactly what I and my friend needed - to get away from the stresses of work! The food was out of this world - Toti is an amazing cook! Almost convinced me to turn vegan :-) The sound massage is highly recommended and I found this incredibly fascinating - the power of the Tibetan bowls and the sensations felt through the body. Silvia and Toti are both very welcoming and very friendly and their stories are incredible to listen to. The yoga sessions led by Silvia were the perfect way to start the day, and she was very helpful to me as a beginner, and due to my lack of flexibility. She took her time to help me with my poses. And I cannot forget to mention Madhu - their dog, really excitable and so super cute! We had a really lovely time and cannot recommend the experience enough :-)

Kimberlee Parr

from United States, February 2019

"Amazing retreat! "

Everything was amazing! The Yoga sessions were amazing, I love the fact that they were kept small so everyone could have personal attention. The sound massage and handpan workshop were amazing. The food was so delicious, all the ingredients were so fresh and it was made with so much love.

I spent my birthday here and Silvia and Toti made it such a special day :) they really are such genuinely lovely people and their dog Madu is so sweet! I was taken on a mindful walk and a meditation at a beautiful canyon nearby which was a perfect, and was dropped and picked up from the beach which was very thoughtful. I really did love every minute of my trip!

Thank you Silvia and Toti for everything! :) x

Kate Murray

from Great Britain, February 2019

"A truly uplifting experience!"

I loved that it was a totally immersive experience staying with Toti and Silvia. I learnt so much from them both and they were so generous with their knowledge, time and care of the guests the essentially share their lives for the time they are there.

Silvia is a thoughtful and thorough teacher. Toti is the most peaceful and calm communicator. I loved their collective spirit and love for the work.

The food is prepared with love and care, and it was a treat to look forward to everyday. I came home with lots of ideas and recipes kindly written out for my by hand by Toti after I asked how to make things.

The final day by myself for the last lesson was profoundly moving and I floated home on a cloud of wellbeing that I hadn’t felt when I arrived.

I am grateful to have had the experience of meeting these two exceptional spirits. Their only aim being to enhance the lives of those around them. That is a rare and wonderful thing.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Silvia and Toti and Maduhoo! ( their sweet little dog ) xxx


from Spain, February 2019

"Best place ever!"

Silvia and Toti gave me a fantastic welcome! They have a beautiful place in the middle of the mountains (but still close to the sea), provide excellent yoga classes, sound massage, and outstandish food. And they have the sweetest little dog. These three days were such a treat - thank you so much!


from Germany, February 2019

"Amazing stay for first time yogis "

Thank you so much for an amazing stay!

My friend and I enjoyed every moment and returned home refreshed and relaxed.

Silvia and Totti make you feel home treating you like family.

They were super patient and helpful with us (absolute beginners) during yoga and meditation.

Very delicious food, amazing roof top terrace in beautiful scenery.

Essential oil ritual is lots of fun and the necklace is a great souvenir.

Very clean (coming from 2 Germans ;).

And we love cute little dog Madu!

Susie and Laura

Lyndy Stout

from Great Britain, January 2019

Generous, considered and completely unique experience with Silvia and Toti. Excellent food, and individual attention.

Kathy Portiera

from United States, January 2019

"Such a beautiful experience!"

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed staying with Silvia and Toti. It was both a sensory and spiritual experience for me. Silvia taught me to understand yoga in a way I had previously not had access to; she was a very sensitive and attuned instructor. Toti has peaked my interest in sound-based sessions. I enjoyed the sound bath and singing bowls immensely. The food and infusions were superb! My heart is so happy!

Donna Lyn

from Great Britain, December 2018

Everything was perfect! left feeling happy, content, positive and relaxed! kind people who make you feel welcome! Learnt enough to ensure I continue and practice Yoga to help in my daily life...also the meditation tips were helpful! Yummy food and great atmosphere!😊

Asta Vasiliauskaite

from United States, November 2018

"A place to find your True self"

What an awesome spiritual journey to be accompanied by Silvia and Toti: very friendly couple, who share their life experience by allowing yourself to open/find/reconnect with your True self and your best version of yourself!

They are super chefs in cooking: brunch and dinner was so delicious!!!

Ruth Morgan

from United States, November 2018

"Estilo Verde Yoga Retreat in Tenerife"

Toti and Silvia give you a very warm welcome and create a fully inclusive community/family atmosphere. The level of yoga is truly adapted to your own abilities and you will learn something new, or improve, at every session. There was a good balance of activities during the stay where, again, you are likely to experience something new and inspiring, like the amazing sound massage with Tibetan bowls. The healthy, well balanced, vegetarian meals were delicious. Madu the dog lifted your spirits too as she kept everyone laughing with her antics! Highly recommend this retreat for all levels of experience. Thank you Toti and Silvia for a wonderful experience.

Lisa Rowles

from Great Britain, November 2018

"Home from home with better cooking!"

Silvia and Toti are such beautiful people, great yoga, incredible sound massage, amazing food and a great location for yoga with plenty of reflection time built in.

This is an opportunity for complete downtime away from it all. Ideal if you want to be away from the world and go deeper inside yourself.

I'll definitely go back again for the reset this retreat can provide.

Jen Zumkley

from Germany, July 2018

"A short stay with a lasting impact"

My time at Estilo Verde was such a blessing, and despite having only been there for 3 short days, I feel completely rejuvenated. Silvia and Toti radiate positive energy, and they welcomed me into their home as if we had been friends for years. Stemming from Italy and having spent time all over the world, they are both passionate and talented in the kitchen. For brunch and dinner they created completely delicious and innovative vegetarian meals, which was a welcome change to my daily routine at home. (And I didn’t have to wash a single dish! Ha!)

As a mother of three young children, my main intention for this yoga retreat was to find some peace and quiet, recharge my battery and detox from stress. I was not disappointed! On my first evening we were treated to a “sound bath” as Toti played soothing music for us on the rooftop terrace under the stars. The mornings started with intuitive and personalized open air yoga classes with Silvia, who is such a gifted teacher. After brunch outside on the balcony there was plenty of time to visit the garden, head down to the volcanic black sand beach, hike in the mountains or just nap in the hammock. The afternoons were filled with guided meditation, sound therapy, more yoga and even a personal coaching session. I very much enjoyed being in the company of my two hosts, yet still had plenty of time to journal and reflect on my own. It was exactly what I needed and I can’t wait for the chance to go back again!


from Germany, February 2020

"Wunderbarer yoga Urlaub mit viel Herz "

Die individuellen Yoga Stunden und das Essen waren wundervoll. Auch der Ausblick auf den verschiedenen Terrassen in die Berge. Silvia und Toti sind sehr herzlich gewesen. Zum Entspannen genau das richtige. Ich habe viele gute Erinnerungen an die Zeit.


from Spain, September 2019


Un ambients muy agradable, de paz y calma.

Toti y Silvia nos han cuidado el cuerpo, la mente y el espíritu

Aurelie Peter

from Switzerland, August 2019

"Séjour parfait! "

Silvia et Toti sont adorables, j'ai passé un excellent séjour en leur compagnie. Les cours de yoga et de méditation étaient totalement adaptés à mes besoins, et leur cuisine est un délice. Étant enceinte de 6 mois, ils ont tout fait pour respecter mes besoins particuliers, et m'ont donné plein d'énergie positive pour les prochains mois! J'ai passé une très belle semaine avec eux et je ne voulais plus repartir... je recommande vivement!!! C'était mon premier séjour en leur compagnie, mais ce ne sera pas le dernier :-)

Orlanda Beatriz Rojas Méndez

from Spain, June 2019

Desde el primer momento me sentí acogida, cómoda, en un ambiente muy positivo, muy relajante. La comida, suprema, muy natural y hecha con mucho amor. Silvia y Toti, sin duda grandes personas y eso se refleja desde el principio.

Juliana Aguirre

from Germany, March 2019

"Una experiencia maravillosa y que recomendaría a todos"

El retiro superó mis expectativas! Silvia y Toti son seres maravillosos que te contagian de alegría, además tienen experiencias maravillosas que comparten con mucho amor.

Amaya Barrio

from Great Britain, January 2019

"La mejor manera para encontrarte a ti [email protected]"

Silvia y Toti muestran su amor y pasion durante la estancia de retiro. Desde que te van a buscar al aeropuerto, hasta la despedida, es sentirte como en casa. Alojamiento confortable, comida muy rica y saludable, las clases personalizadas, incluso masajes sonoros que te estructuran mente y cuerpo para entrar en ese camino de busqueda de ti mismo. Siempre tienen una sonrisa y buena disponibilidad. Madu, la perrita, es parte de la familia. Espero volver pronto. Mientras tanto me quedo con las buenas energias y que las mantenga para mas tiempo. Gracias.

Sabine Görlitz

from United States, November 2018

"Exzellent!!!!!!!!!! Lovely! Very grateful! Thanx Silvia&Toti"

Lovely couple, Yoga with the highest quality, food tasted incredible AND was healthy :D love to you guys! Location is awesome!

Manuela Jocher

from Netherlands, November 2018

"Kraft tanken, Ruhe finden "

Es war ein fantastischer Aufenthalt. Silvia und Toti sind wunderbare Gastgeber, die sich viel Zeit nehmen und individuell auf die Bedürfnisse eingehen. Das vegetarische Essen war einzigartig, schmackhaft, frisch und mit viel Liebe zubereitet. Das Yoga und die Meditationen intensiv und sehr erfüllend eingebettet in der atemberaubenden Landschaft.

Sarah Egger

from Belgium, October 2018

"Inspiring and relaxing retreat"

Silvia and Toti and their small dog Madu are lovely. The program is well planned but flexible. They are able to provide an interesting program for all levels. The place is on a hill in a local neighborhood with a nice view to the mountains and the sea. The seaside is reachable by car in 10min. I enjoyed the days and being part of their lifestyle very much. They have a lot to share and give!

Antoine Sonneveld

from Netherlands, September 2018

"Wonderful retreat!"

The Yoga Retreat was amazing. When I looked for a retreat on 'bookyogaretreats' I wanted to find something personalized and something that had a positive vibe, Estilo Verde had this feeling for me. This turned out to be absolutely right! Even beforehand I had a really good contact with Silvia/Toti about the stay/how to get there etc.

Silvia was a very good yoga instructor and really paid attention to how we were doing and gave a lot of tips/corrections on your pose to protect yourself. There was a lot of patience in explaining, but also a lot of variations depending on your level of yoga.

The healthy food Toti and Silvia prepared was delicious and a new experience. Mostly the products come from their own garden. I learned a lot of new things.

Toti and Silvia were very open about their selves and interested in their guests. They are very open and pure personalities who want to give you the best experience. If you didn't feel like talking and just chilling out on the rooftop/hammock that was fine as well :).

I had a wonderful sound-massage from Toti which was an amazing experience.

The location was amazing on Tenerife. Very nice views, good energy and close to nature.

Shila Reyers

from Netherlands, September 2018

"Really Nice and a beautiful couple who share the heart all a"

The food, location and Nice Silvia and Toti. They do it with the heart, you can feel that!yoga was so good, learned so much! Really go if you want yoga and Nice people with lovely nature.

Maria Brants

from Netherlands, August 2018

"With heart and soul!"

The way Silvia and Toti offered what they know and think, commendable!

Very professional and different yoga and meditation offer.

Lots of experience, knowledge, respect and attention.

The talks about life.

Very giving.

Beautiful and special people for me.

The food was great!!