8 Days Therapy and Yoga Retreat Thailand

  • Clubhouse at Land & House Park, 26/8 Moo 8 Muang, Chalong, Phuket 83130 Thailand


Therapy and Yoga Retreats Thailand

  • 7 days with instruction
  • Join this unique yoga therapy retreat in beautiful Phuket, Thailand and make a commitment to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Yoga can enhance the physical and emotional wellbeing and when yoga is practiced with a therapeutic intention in the form of yoga therapy, it can help prevent and aid recovery from physical and mental ailments. Discover a wide range of yoga therapy healing procedures that cleanse your body while deepening your practice and exploring complex meditation and relaxation exercises!


    • Daily yoga classes
    • Daily meditation exercises
    • Daily harmonizing breathing sessions
    • A wide range of purification techniques and treatments
    • Personalized treatment and self-development plan
    • Daily healthy vegetarian meals
    • 7 nights accommodation

    Skill level

    • Beginner


      • Instruction language: English
      • Spoken languages: English
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    TAYSP accommodates their guests in a fully equipped house with a comfortable single or double occupancy rooms at Land and House Park close to the Yoga Shala. It's a big private and quiet area in a serene lush tropical setting near the lake.

    For the convenience of the guests we provide bicycles to move around the park. The allocation of the houses depends on availability on the moment of booking.

    House amenities:

    • Air conditioning
    • Wi-Fi
    • Fully equipped kitchen
    • Shower room
    • Cable television
    • Housekeeping service
    • Car park

    Clubhouse amenities:

    • Restaurant
    • Swimming pool
    • Jacuzzi
    • Sauna
    • Steaming room
    • Changing rooms
    • Showers
    • Taxi service
    • ATM at the entrance

    The applications of yoga therapy range anywhere from maintaining health to recovering from illnesses - in some cases, even those ailments considered incurable. The first stage of healing involves the movement of vital forces in the system, as every illness involves a certain level of energy blockage. By promoting the flow of prana, or vital force, yoga confronts those blockages, restoring health to the body. Common applications for yoga therapy also serve structural problems such as spinal misalignments of joint function. Deeper applications may even serve intractable problems such as AIDS and cancer.

    By combining different techniques such as stretching, body cleansing, message or alterations of the circulatory patterns, yoga promotes specific changes in muscles, joints and organs, maintaining the vital functions of the body. On a psychological level, the introspection promoted by yoga is essential to the self-knowledge process that fuels psychic transformation. The different relaxation techniques allow the troubled mind to calm and decrease its activity while promoting stability.

    The list of diseases cured by yoga therapy is huge. The treatment methods used in yoga therapy differ from pharmaceutical methods, as yoga therapy brings the whole body in balance and works with the root cause of the problem. Tackling the problem just by using medicine to relieve temporary syndromes will not cure the disease itself; it will only give the illusion of wellbeing. At the same time, this retreat will teach you yoga therapy techniques which you can use back home to keep yourself healthy, using your own resources rather than resorting to pharmacies.

    Yoga therapy healing procedures include the deep purification of the body, as toxins cause a wide range of diseases and low immunity. For complex cleansing of the body, the retreat focuses on the following purification techniques:

    Intestine cleansing

    Cancer appears only in an acidic environment. Alkaline water alone can stop the effects of an acidic diet, purifying the toxins and preventing the appearance of cancer cells and other diseases.

    The reason major health problems occur is intoxication. We get toxins from food and from poisons manufactured within the body which come from putrefaction and the fermentation (zymosis) of food in the intestines. Poorly chosen food and destroyed fibers cannot move smoothly within the intestines and create blockages and fecalomas that get stuck inside the body and their size increases as the years go by, poisoning the body from the inside. By the age of 50, one might have from 5 to 10 kilograms of fecalomas and this of course has a major effect on health.

    Alkalo therapy

    As per medical researches, around 95% of people have parasites. Parasites use a lot of nutrients, minerals, vitamins and microelements and at the same time they poison the body with their waste products. Parasites decrease the efficiency of the immune system, slowing down the metabolism and use the body as a source of food. The weight of parasites in the body can round up to 1,5 - 2 kilograms and they can lead to a large number of health issues.

    Parasite cleansing

    Human blood pH should be slightly alkaline. An acidic pH can occur as the result of an acid-forming diet, which leads to tophus, stones in organs and an inefficient functioning of cells and organs, as they can perform their functions properly only in an alkaline environment.

    Many health problems such as allergy, rhinitis, diabetes, arthritis, arthrosis, obesity, early aging process start from an acidic diet. Common symptoms of parasite presence are: constipation, low energy, low immunity, high arterial pressure, head spinning, short temper, sudden weight loss or gain, diarrhea, a starving sensation, under eye circles, bad breath; children can experience mental and physical developmental disorders, sexual maturation problems and memory problems.

    A personalized treatment plan

    The treatment stages described above embrace a wide range of health problems, bringing in balance all the areas of the body. Following the treatment plan consistently, you will be completely purified and your body will be healed in its entirety.

    Along with deep cleansing procedures, you will be provided with a program of techniques based on your individual characteristics and reactions on treatments. The retreat uses only natural ingredients for the treatment plan and you will be taught to use the healing techniques for further practice back home. To be able to keep the results and further develop your health and beauty, you will need to organize your lifestyle back home accordingly, thus you will be supported in developing self-discipline, motivation and establishing a solid yoga practice.

    Your complete intention to change is the most important step in your journey. The professionals at the retreat are happy to teach and help you implement the ancient yoga transformative knowledge and practice, but you need to follow your initial intention to improve with strength and dedication.

    • Sofya Linkova

      Yoga Alliance International (Ashtanga Yoga)

      Sofya has been interested in studying spiritual traditions from a young age. She is known for her warm and light way of teaching yoga, which creates a special atmosphere in her classes.

    • Rich

      Yoga Alliance International (Ashtanga Yoga)

      Rich is famous with warm and personal approach to the teaching of yoga. He is talented with a special natural vision of students needs which allows him to guide them in their practice in a right direction to achieve the best result on their path of yoga.

    This retreat will take place in Phuket, on Phuket Island, Thailand.

    Nearby places

    • Kata Beach - 10 minutes

    One of the most important factors that contribute to the successful completion of this retreat is food. A well-planned vegetarian diet can meet the needs of people of all ages, including children, teenagers and pregnant or breast-feeding women.

    The retreat offers a wide range of meals based on the knowledge of the qualities of ingredients. Thus, you will be provided with mostly alkaline, Sattvic food. You are advised to pay special attention to this aspect, as following the healthy diet is a big step forward and failing to keep the diet due to a momentary weakness of will is big jump back!

    The food plan is created individually for each person according to the recommendations given by the on-site Ayurveda nutrition expert and other specialists. All food offered is guaranteed to be pure and natural and has no GMO products, pesticides, carcinogens or other harmful additives.

    Fruit salads

    Fruit salad with almonds, green, honey, broom or papaya.

    Vegetable salads

    Beetroot, carrot, green, celery, cucumber, radish, cabbage or avocado salad.


    Cauliflower, baked pumpkin, broccoli, stewed zucchini, stewed eggplant, stewed okra, mashed sweet potato, braise green beans or tofu scramble.


    Lentil, beetroot, pumpkin, green asparagus, mushroom, clear vegetables or spinach soup.


    Quinoa, amaranth, couscous, buckwheat, lentil, pearl barley, chickpeas or black rice.


    Wheatgrass, beetroot carrot, cucumber, watermelon, apple, cabbage or coconut.


    Glowing green, Zanzibar, tropical, watermelon, green detox, cucumber spinach or mango.

    • 7 nights luxurious accommodation
    • A personalized treatment and self-development plan for post-retreat therapies
    • All daily nutritious vegetarian meals
    • An extensive range of complex therapy procedures and treatments
    • Daily yoga sessions (Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yoga Nidra)
    • Daily guided breathing exercises
    • Mediation classes every day

    Driving directions

    Traditional Ashtanga Yoga Shala Phuket is located in Land & House Park at Clubhouse building. Following Chaofa road just turn right before Wat Tai (Temple) and go toward security check post at the entrance of Land & House Park. Sign your name at the security post and drive straight towards Clubhouse.

    Arrival by airplane

    You will be flying into Phuket International Airport (HKT).


    Phuket International Airport (HKT) - 1 hour

    • The deposit is fully refundable if the booking is cancelled up to 30 days before the arrival date.
    • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.

    Verified BookYogaRetreats.com reviews

    • Review by Nararntsatsral from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

      "I am so happy I made this journey. I got 10 days yoga and detox program there . This program made me one more big step in my life mentally and physically. This is exactly place if you wanna challenge yourself . You will torture there nicely. Another important thing is teachers are create really good connection with every students. Teachers adjust you and pay attention to u all the time. In that case you do yoga with all of your power and grown up much faster. I have already planned come back there again and again. Thank you so much Rich and Sofia helped me to open new door in my life and realize me many doors waiting me to open."

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited


    • Review by Alena M

      "Ashtanga Yoga Intensive Course"

      "I was practicing Ashtanga regularly but when i have to move to another country, and began a new job, my practice took a back seat, so when i filed for a leave from work, i decided to sign up for an intensive course in ashtanga, A friend suggested"

      "TAYSP in Chalong,Phuket i booked for 21 days in February, I have to say, I was quite impressed with our beautiful accommodation, fronting the lake. "

      "The program was full on but fits the term "intensive" as I was pushed to my"

      "Limits, Rich and Sofya are both passionate about sharing their knowledge about yoga as a whole and they've helped me immensely to improve my pranayama and asana practice, ive noticed that each day, I have become stronger not just physically but mentally as well. It was a remarkable experience all in all, i would definitely go back for another intensive and recommend TAYSP to those seasoned practitioners and also beginners who wants to deepen their yoga practice."

      TripAdvisor, edited

    • Review by Isadora

      "For Ashtanga Yoga Intensive Training Course"

      "I did for one month (february/2017) the TCC course on TAYSP! It was a fantastic experience. Sofia and Rich are extremely good professionals, and their dedication, skills, techniques, personalities and knowledge are complementary and super high level. The course was a selection of the most important and relevant things that a teacher need to know, giving an extraordinary base and confidence for continue our yoga path. I highly recommend this shala for anyone that deeply want to learn and improve their techniques. Hard work and a lot of learning!"

      TAYSP Facebook page, edited

    • Review by Raquel Rodriguez

      "For Ashtanga Yoga Intensive Training Course"

      "I came to TAYSP in August last year to do a short intensive course, and It was a very rewarding experience however short, that I decided to go for a longer intensive and improve on my pranayama and asana practice, and as usual my expectation was exceeded, accommodation was even better, the healthy food or sattvic diet they provide fits the yogic lifestyle, and the most important is the program they designed for teacher training and yoga intensive students alike. I I have a curvature on my spine that affects my posture and pain in my neck at times, Rich did workshops for back strengthening and spinal issues, and it really helped me to have a stronger back and breathe properly, i will definitely keep the sequence that i've learned while Sofia has helped me understand and improved my pranayama and meditation practice (getting there). All in all it was a tough 21 days but a great experience! Ill definitely go back again."

      TAYSP Facebook page, edited

    • Review by Evgeniya

      "TAYSP is a great place for practice."

      "I liked its atmosphere and that it's always hot there."

      "Sonya and Rich are very attentive and confident teachers."

      "Be prepared for intensive practice and new achievements"

      TAYSP Facebook page, edited

    • Review by Christel

      "For Ashtanga Yoga Intensive Training Course"

      "I did the teacher training course at TAYSP on November 2016 and really enjoyed it!! I learned so much during these 200Hr. Sofia and Rich are 2 passionate and wonderful teachers, always available to help and reply to your questions. They are professional and provide you really high quality teaching on adjustments."

      "The food was really good, healthy and tasty. The snacks that Sofia prepared were delicious! :)"

      "These 4 weeks were really intense but really worth it. Now i continue to study at their Shala and i highly recommend them."

      TAYSP Facebook page, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Singapore

      "I took 200H Ashtanga teacher training. I did not realise until I finished their course, how high their teacher training standard was. You will learn more than the requirement and all what you learn will be asset for your future in many aspects. Not only they are very knowledgeable but they try to teach all what they can with heart. They will not miss out any small details and so you will learn all properly. This will help your future self practice too. Also they guide us to push our boundary with the respect for individual capability. You feel their energy and automatically you try to reach your limit so that you will not miss out anything. They are strict but warm. They are truly delegated and genuine. You will not get the same quality teaching from the business style teacher training. If you stick with Ashtanga, here is the right place. They do in very traditional and proper way, I get feeling it is more than or as much as in India. Additionally you will also learn Pranayama and Kriya, not only guidance or see what it is. Both are difficult to master in the short time, but they will show and guide as much as possible where we can reach too. They check our movement one by one as well. "

      "Full of energy and power. The local practioners are also very welcoming and helpful. Sofya makes very tasty but healthy snack. And even not scheduled day, they offered to show us cooking so that we can improve our diet and lifestyle after the course. And at the end of course, they make sure we can come back any time and support us even after our departure. Thank you for Rich and Sofya."

      TripAdvisor, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Omaha, Nebraska, USA

      "This is a long review but the main point is TAYSP provides experienced caring programs that produce results and I would highly recommend them. Their programs are not for someone looking for a fun spa experience but for those serious about changing their lives and getting results. That being said I did meet some amazing people and have an amazing time that changed my life forever. "

      "I visited TAYSP for a two month customized program from July 29th- September 27th and it is a program that has changed my life. During the program I lost a total of 16kg, built muscle, improved flexibility and balance. I also lost cravings for meat and processed food in addition to being taken off many medications for asthma and pain. Sophia and Rich are a credit to my success. They were dedicated, passionate and strict helping to push me past my limits. Every level of the program was well thought out and tailored to my individual needs. Traditional Ashtanga Yoga is for people who are serious about changing their lives. I wont sugar coat it, the programs are difficult and sometimes I didnt understand why they asked me to do certain things. In the end I saw that there was a purpose for everything they asked me to do, my health and safety were their greatest concern. They never asked me to do anything beyond my capabilities although they did push me outside of my comfort zone. Some of the procedures were foreign to me like the cleansing routines but I grew to trust that they knew exactly what they were doing to help me reach my goals. "

      "I have never met two more caring dedicated individuals, and the they well exceeded my expectations. As yoga instructors they are both knowledgeable and experienced. They knew exactly how to adjust my body to the right positions and provide modifications for postures I couldn't do. They know their students on a personal level and I found that it helped them provide the best instruction. I highly recommend them for anyone interested in yoga at any level."

      TripAdvisor, edited

    • Review by Kanjana

      "Very very very good for your body and your mind."

      "you will get Strong energy every time when you come here. Teacher they are professional. Every time when I come to practice here i always happy and I tell my self ... I Will Do Not Give Up...I love Yoga I love TAYSP. Namaste every one."

      TAYSP Facebook page, edited

    • Review by Pam Y.

      "It is just beyond my expectation. I have had an amazing experience in a month since I do yoga here. I should tell my body was totally stiff so doesn't flex much last 40 years."

      "I used to hold my knees instead of my feet when I did. But now, I have been here only two and half months, I hold my feet for the first time in my life. not only that, my insomnia almost went away. I could feel my body has changed slowly! I really appreciate Rich and Sofia for always teaching kindly and attentively. Their understanding of Ashtanga yoga is so deep and traditional. I believe everybody who practice here, could gain a deeper understanding of the postures and meditation. The yoga studio is located at great place in Phuket. It is surrounded by trees, parks near a beautiful lake."

      Trip Advisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler

      "Thanks you for your inspiration, you are amazing! After every practice I says that it was amazing. Best yoga teacher and shala in Phuket!"

      Trip Advisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Beijing, China

      "I am so happy I did this journey. I had 10 days yoga and detox programm at TAYSP and I got highest satisfaction. This programm made me one more big step in my life mentally and physically. This is exactly place if you wanna challenge yourself. Another important thing is teachers are create really good connection with every students. Teachers adjust you and pay attention to u all the time. In that case you do yoga with all of your power and grown up much faster. Thank you so much Rich and Sofia helped me to open new door in my life and realize me many doors waiting me to open in yoga life."

      Trip Advisor website, edited

    • Review by Alex Lotz

      "I am probably the most unlikely person to practice yoga, not the stereotypical student: being over 50, white male and some 30KG over weight. But it has significantly helped my flexibility and also assisted with losing 12KG."

      "I have to thank TAYSP for being a key element in my slow progression to better health and fitness and I cannot recommend TAYSP enough."

      "Both Rich and Sophia are excellent teachers and their passion for yoga is addictive. They have tailored and modified the lessons to a personal level that makes them challenging yet safe."

      "Extremely pleased and justified in giving a 5 star review!"

      TAYSP Facebook page, edited

    • Review by Corina

      "This is my first time doing traditional Yoga and was lucky to find great teachers in Yoga Shala Phuket. Sofia and Rich are really patient, they put a lot of attention to details to make sure you do every position properly. They even have workshops to practice and teach you the right way to do every move. Highly recommended."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler

      "Thank you for your inspiration! You are amazing! After every practice I says that it was amazing! Such a wonderful place to feel light and comfortable!"

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Mar Petsanta

      "For four weeks I did the intensive course there. We were a small group and it was a good thing, because you are a beginner much care needs what Sonya and Rich made us fully. They have taken care of everything. Both have taught, in addition Sonya has made lectures and exercises with us and Rich has cooked vegan for us and informed about healthy eating. Sometimes we mantras sung together and Rich played this guitar. Sometimes Rich taught us to clean the nose with salt water. The course was strained, but also very warm and hilarious. I have long since ceased laughed so much!"

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler

      "Originally I planned to go to India to do an ashtanga course thinking it would be more authentic but 1 month YTT courses made me question the quality of teaching, knowing it takes a lot longer if you don't practice on a regular basis. Gladly I decided to return to TAYSP and do an intense 4 week course. Having first met Rich and Sofiya the year before, I absolutely fell in love with their classes. If you want to take yoga to the next level (beginner or advanced) and are willing to put the effort in, this is the place for you. They will adjust your practice accordingly with your skill level. The course itself is much more than just yoga practice, you also learn many different breathing techniques, theory, philosophy, history, anatomy, therapy, cleansing techniques...so you learn to see and understand the whole picture what the yogi lifestyle is about. It was undoubtedly challenging but also very rewarding. You will learn a great deal of self discipline and most importantly how to get the most out of it. They are great tutors, and know your body better than you do. My favourite part is the adjustments, you can quickly see changes knowing you are in safe hands. I also opted in for the detox option in addition to the intense yoga course to maximise the effect hoping to solve my digestion problems and it did! After 18 months of suffering with bloating, bowels, excessive eating etc and having visited specialists in 4 different countries none of which were able to help, I finally know what's it's like to feel normal after every meal. Some of the detoxing techniques I was very reluctant to try at the beginning but having seen the benefits, I even started looking forward to them. Whatever health issues you may have, the diet and practice will be tailored to focus on improvement of those areas. One of the best things about the course is that the techniques you learn, you are able to continue to use them once you leave. Thank you so much! I'm so grateful from the bottom of my heart for everything you've done and taught me. Hope to see you again in near future for YTT :D"

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Christopher H.

      "When I practice Ashtanga Yoga I like it HOT. That's why I came to Thailand. What I did not expect was to find two of the most amazing Ashtanga Yogis ever. At TAYSP Rich and Sofya make an excellent team. I have practiced Ashtanga for almost 20 years and I have a deep respect for all of my teachers. Rich and Sofya were able to provide me with the most amazing assists that in just 5 short days I was able to progress in several postures. And when I say amazing assists...I mean amazing. No matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, these two beautiful Yogis will be able to help you advance your practice. Make sure you get to their Yoga Shala when in Phuket or just take that special trip to improve your practice. You will be glad you made the effort. I promise :-)"

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Julika from Ukraine

      "This was generally a new experience for me: to do Ashtanga yoga. As soon as I started to visit TAYSP classes, I realized it's the best way to be highly concentrated, to release my mind from noisy thoughts, to improve self-persistence, to expand my own limits and, of course, to be slim. To be honest, I would never do this practice at home by myself, because of all the activity and many aspects that must be done the right way. Besides, some asanas are rather extreme. So, the atmosphere in class is ideal for practicing, I think; it helps you to work hard, to do as well as possible. Very grateful to Rich-sensei. He supported me gently but confidently and stimulated me to do as much a student can do. Being part of the TAYSP group is a special pleasure for me. Thank you."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Olga from Russia

      "A great place to feel previously unknown yoga and lifestyle! During my 5 year yoga practice, I felt an amazing different feeling after just 1 week practicing Ashtanga with Rich and Sofya! They are real professionals who will for sure take you to the new level with complete care of your body and mind! Rich and Sofya, thank you! Waiting for the next chance to practice Ashtanga with you!"

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Susie from Hong Kong, China

      "I went to Phuket wanting to keep up my Pilates practice whilst on holiday. I had the good fortune of meeting Rich and he completely converted me from thinking yoga was boring (as a Pilates fan) to absolutely loving it. He takes the practice completely serious but has an excellent sense of humor, which makes it so much easier for someone as physically inflexible as me. Thank you so much, never thought sweating that much could be fun, and I run in Hong Kong humidity!."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Olga from Phuket, Thailand

      "I started to visit the Ashtanga classes because of my friend's recommendations. I was dreaming to do a head stand and after 2 months my dream came true - I did it with a help from my teachers! Sofya and Rich are very organized, the classroom is cozy and clean, and the atmosphere there is for practicing yoga and self-growth. The guys are very open-minded, friendly and always help while doing asanas. We had breakfast together on Saturdays after yoga, people brought homemade food and Sofya baked amazing cakes."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Trang Province, Thailand

      "Yoga is not just a workout, it is full of love and here you will get lot more than you think. I love it and every time I am in Phuket I am not going to look for another one."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Alex S. from Phuket, Thailand

      "Great atmosphere, professional teaching and a friendly environment! Located near Central and Phuket town, this is a must for whoever looks for a real yoga experience!."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Phuket, Thailand

      "As a person who has been practicing yoga for over two years, I had only been introduced to Ashtanga months ago, and I felt that I had found the true yoga journey by the guide of Rich and Sofya, two amazing teachers that have helped me through both Led and Mysore classes. They will correct the asanas that you think you have been doing correctly all along and adjust your body to acquire the openness, flexibility and strength that you need. If you're aspiring yogis who are looking for traditional Ashtanga practice in Phuket, you will love this place. The shala is easily commuted, as it is located in the heart of city. Come and have the first tryout!."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Los Angeles, USA

      "I strongly recommend this place. Both teachers, Rich and Sofya, are great. They teach the traditional style of Ashtanga yoga. They teach by heart. Rich is very strong, he helped me to cross my limit and to do the right posture with care.The atmosphere in the studio is warm and welcoming, the practitioners are friendly. Tea time on Saturday morning after led class is relaxation time. Sofyas cookies and tea are healthy and delicious.The first class is free for trial, just come and you will fall in love"."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Australia

      "I'm delighted to have found this small and professionally-run shala in Phuket. The daily practices are a nice combination of Led and Mysore style sessions which cater for all skill levels. As an Ashtanga beginner, I've felt well supported and encouraged. I highly recommend the teachers and the institution which attracts both local and international yogis."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

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