Tavoos is the first Yoga Alliance registered center in Cambodia, offering 200hr and 300hr teacher training courses, as well as weekly wellness retreats.

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from Finland, January 2020

This was both mentally and physically a tough experience. However after the first week I got used to it and 20 days was over fast, too fast! There is not much spare time as the breaks in the schedule are best suited for homework. We stayed at the Green Leaf Hotel, which was an excellent choice! This was once in a lifetime experience, I recommend!

Julia Scagni

from United States, February 2019

"Excellente formation / Amazing training "

From my arrival everything was very well. A tuk tuk is waiting for me at the airpor to go directly to the hotel .

The hotel I chose (Greenleef) is super well maintained, the pool is clean and the food super good. The staff is super nice and always tries to arrange you.

The training was really great. Laurie Searle is AMAZING, these classes were superbly prepared with good explanations. I'm French and English is not easy for me and yet I managed to take classes. Laurie was very understanding and supported me a lot. Every day we made a point on the day before, to know our feelings and our needs. The morning yoga classes are really good, it is not too hot, so perfect!

I have come a long way here and learned a lot of things!

I recommend this training to 200%, and Cambodia is a wonderful country to do your yoga teacher training !!!

Thank you :)

Anna Rosa Schäfer

from Germany, March 2020

"Lovely staff, high quality classes, good cause!"

The staff is incredibly friendly and everyone goes above and beyond to make you feel at home and comfortable.

The food is amazing and the fact that you can choose your meals before you arrive makes for a delicious surprise everyday.

The yoga teachers, TingTing and Simon, were absolutely lovely and I learned about different yoga styles I hadn't tried before, such as Yin yoga or Japanese yoga.

The teachers for all other classes, such as painting, NIA and bokator were also incredible. In general, the teachers are sweet, supportive and they make you go out of your comfort zone in a very positive way.

The rooms are spacious, the pool is beautiful and the restaurant feels like a relaxing garden.

And, most of all, the profits of this program go into supporting local projects, making this not only a wonderful opportunity to improve your own wellbeing, but also to give back to the community you are visiting.

I can only recommend staying here and will definitely be back!

Daniela Corbo

from Italy, February 2020

I loved the activities and the food.


from Hong Kong, December 2019

"An excellent gateway "

Our instructor is very professional . The price we paid for the accommodation, with three meals included, with activities such as wine and dine, spa treatment and massage everyday, which is for me I think it is a very good deal! The chef is an excellent chef as well! Easy access to the old market, shopping is very easy too

Rosie Neal

from United Kingdom, May 2019

"Idyllic setting for a little yoga "

This was such a wonderful experience. We had booked on for the 3 day yoga retreat which, in hindsight, is just too short! The hotel was perfect, the staff so attentive and the schedule had the perfect balance of activities and downtime. The yoga instructors Prasad and Tammy were helpful and supportive for me as a beginner and I felt very capable and encouraged in all the sessions. The Bokator lessons were an added bonus and the instructor, Reach, was so animated and enthusiastic that it was infectious! I learned so much and would recommend the Bokator academy in Cambodia to everyone.

The camp and Greenleaf co-founder, Mr Lin, was the most wonderful host and left absolutely no detail to chance. I have never felt so well looked after on a holiday or retreat and can't wait to return for a longer run!

Liam Murphy

from Vietnam, March 2019

"Tavoos Gardens and Green Leaf"

I booked a retreat involving a 6-day stay at the Green Leaf Boutique hotel which is slightly outside of the busy city center of Siem Reap. The hotel is well run by Mr Lin and his very pleasant and competent staff who can all speak English. It is a small intimate hotel with spacious accommodation and swimming in the central court yard. They have an ego friendly policy as well as being nonprofit.

It is easy walking distance to the city centre circa 15 minutes or you can get a lift from the hotel to there by the resident tuk tuk.

The room I got was clean, comfortable and spacious with a hanging net over the bed, very good air-con, large walk-in shower in en-suite with segregated toilet. There was a covered semi-private porch in front of my room where you could have meals or just lie down and enjoy the heat.

The food was very good, my personal favourites were the maringa omelette and pesto pasta. They cater for both vegans and non-vegans.

The manager Mr Lin was more than helpful in arranging activities such as a blessing from a monk at a local temple, tickets for phare circus and a cooking class as well as some activities in the adjoining Tavoos Gardens like yoga, bokator martial arts, NIA Dance and painting class or have a meal in one of their wooden gazebo huts.

The tranquil surroundings by the pool was my nirvana during my stay. The pool is a good size and depth at a nice temperature that cooled in the dry season heat.

Kiana Kashfi

from United Kingdom, March 2019

"Excellent yoga retreat for the monies spent"

The Tavoos is a little piece of heaven in siem reap and the new Yoga teacher Tammy from Canada is such a delight. The whole package is actually really well thought out. You get to experience true Cambodian culture, different dance class and martial art class as well as 2 sessions of Hatha yoga a day. The food is amazing and I absolutely loved the coffee. I loved the coffee so much that I came back for it the day after the retreat finished and I had moved to another hotel. I do recommend you staying closeby at the Greenleaf hotel as the owner (of both Tavoos and Greenleaf) is so nice and accommodating!

Alyson Reynolds

from Australia, March 2019

"Aly from Oz"

The food was exceptional and the whole program was great with a high degree of variability. I now feel that my fitness, health and general well-being moving forward has been kick started and I have tools to utilise in the future. As a relative newby to meditation and yoga my needs were catered to while extending more experienced participants in a very supportive environment. The new yoga instructor, Tammy from Canada was a delight! Mr Lin, Kakada and Sona were also fabulous as was the Nia dance instructor and the Cambodian martial arts teacher! I highly recommend this retreat!

Anneli Strömberg

from Sweden, March 2019


Very nice staff. Good arrangements of everything. Excellent food.

Timea Szeteiova

from Myanmar [Burma], October 2018

All services of a high quality. Friendly staff.

Silje Merethe Henriksen

from Cambodia, October 2018

"Amazing experience"

I loved this experience. It will stay with me as a wonderful memory for the rest of my life. I met so many interesting people attending the retreat and the staff were absolutely superb. I was sick on the first days of the retreat, but was very well taken care of. Mr.Lin, the manager, made sure that I got to experience all of the retreat program despite my sickness days. Amanda, our yoga teacher is very professional, and also one of the most genuine and loving people I have met. If you choose this retreat, everything is made up for you to have a fantastic experience.

Dineke Venekamp

from Cambodia, October 2018

"Recommended yoga retreat location"

The active part, yoga and other classes, combined with some free time. Very nice and helpful staff in the green leaf hotel.

Kath Cheung

from Hong Kong, October 2018

"The mix of program was fantastic"

The Nia dance and the wine and paint classes are very fun and a good combination with yoga lessons.


from United States, September 2018

Love the staff, everyone was very accommodating and extremely nice. The rooms were very nice the pool is beautiful the garden was breathtaking and the yoga studio was clean. The paint night with a local artist was amazing, he was very sweet.

Eileen Saw

from Singapore, September 2018


A most relaxing time when all are planned for and well-thought of. The people (from retreat staff to instructors) were amazing, and they provided excellent service in ensuring that I have a very comfortable and enjoyable time throughout the retreat. Activities were enriching for the body & soul, and the food were sumptuous. Overall, Tavoos set high standards on how a wellness retreat should be like. :)


from Cambodia, August 2018

The atmosphere and people made this retreat a great holiday. Mr Lin and his staff are top notch and have excellent customer service. The monastery visit with Mr Lin was such a great experience. Also the cooking class as the location was spectacular.

Aysia Aisya

from United Kingdom, August 2018


everything - the course was properly planned, food was amazing, teachers very knowledgeable and the staff was very friendly and helpful.

Stephanie Boyanowski

from Italy, August 2018

"An Amazing Yoga Adventure "

The people I met from all over the world and the highly knowledgeable instructors, made this the best experience of my life. Tavoos food and sweet and caring people topped it off. More importantly, this is a nonprofit organization that helps build wells for local communities. I will treasure this experience and and am so thankful I was a part of this. It has changed my life.

Lauren Zakaib

from United States, July 2018

"Tavoos 200 hour teacher training "

The teachers were great! I loved that the course included different meditation teachniques.

Grace Jessop

from United States, July 2018

"Great Program! "

This was a really good program. I was in the first ever program so it definitely had it's kinks here and there, however overall it was a great experience!

Melody Popple

from Australia, July 2018

"Great instructors, facilities and friendly staff! "

Both Eleonora and Cristina were incredible instructors who helped me achieve my personal best. Their diverse training backgrounds and knowledge in Yoga enables a well rounded and balanced teaching style that gives students a wholesome foundation in which to build their own personal practice and yoga career.

The staff at Tavoos are excellent, catering to every personal need and dietary requirement possible. The facilities and accomodation are exceptional. Another great reason to choose Tavoos is because it is a not for profit institution who supports various local Cambodian causes. This made me feel great about spending my money here. I could not highly recommend Tavoos enough!

Michelle Ann Iking

from Malaysia, June 2018

"Great getaway to 'centre' myself"

Yoga sessions with Richie were thoughtfully done and something I looked forward to even twice a day...no mean feat given I am not active person ordinarily. The staff at Green Leaf were very pleasant and the pool area a delight. Daily massages by the poolside, although of a style I do not usually prefer (pressure points with use of elbows and thumbs rather than my normal relaxing aromatherapy style massage) helped me with some of the slight soreness I got stretching my muscles in unfamiliar ways. I enjoyed the Khmer Cooking Class and just the overall peace and tranquility of the retreat, being looked after with the detox juices and prepared meals. It was a wonderful place to connect with my husband, while also giving us a chance to hear from like-minded guests from other parts of the world. We had been to Siem Reap before to visit the temples so this was purely a retreat visit and allowed us to see a side of Siem Reap we had not seen before. I would go back again and highly recommend it to others.

Briana Gepford

from United States, May 2018

"Definitely exceeded expectations "

Everything was organized extremely well which made it truly feel like a vacation, stress free. There were so many amazing acitivities included so I never felt bored or wished there was something more I could do. And if you wanted to skip anything, it was no problem. The food was excellent and very accommodating to any needs or changes that I made. Thank you to everyone who made my experience so memorable, I’m so grateful.

Anki Lau

from Hong Kong, April 2018

"Excellent Retreat Experience"

A very welcoming environment!

Staff and instructors: accommodating + helpful + passionate

Boutique hotel: comfy + clean

Food: healthy + tasty (the detox juice is amazing!!)

Relax & refresh! I'd definitely recommend this retreat to my friends! :)

Ka Yin Wong

from Hong Kong, April 2018

"Best yoga retreat ever "

The hospitality is awesome, managed to cater any needs of the participants and flexibility adjust arrangement.

Pierre-paul Vivier

from Cambodia, March 2018

"Tavoos garden 6 days retreat"

It was my first retreat and one of my first times doing yoga. The instructors were great and really helped me throughout the week, they were clear and professional. The staff of the hotel was extremely dedicated. The organization of the activities was perfect and the meals were exquisite.


from Germany, November 2019

"Exzellentes Essen, wunderschönes Hotel, viel Entspannung"

Besonders haben mir die Nia Tanzstunden gefallen. Die Trainerin - leider weiß ich den Namen nicht mehr- war großartig, voller Freude und sie konnte diese auch total gut rüberbringen. Die Musik war auch total super.

Die Bokator Stunde war auch super spannend. Das Essen war unglaublich lecker, schön angerichtet, abwechslungsreich und Gesund. Im Green Leaf Hotel konnte man perfekt entspannen, am Pool relaxen und es sich gut gehen lassen. Die Mitarbeiter sind super Freundlich und zuvorkommend.

Yoga ist für mich als Anfänger schwer einzuschätzen. Vicky wusste aber sehr viel und die Abwechslung hat mir Spaß gemacht.

Die Anlage ist super gepflegt und gemütlich.


from Thailand, July 2019

"Zeer gevarieerd programma met ruimte voor eigen besteding"

De gevarieerdheid van het aanbod (yoga, nia dance, spa treatment, bokator les, kookworkshop)

En het eten was echt heerlijk! Steeds gevarieerd en echt goed

Nathalie Bloch

from Switzerland, August 2018

"Top Quality YTT "

Teacher training and accommodation. Very good teachers and good quality in training. Good food and top service. Lovely group members. And Cambodia rocks.