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Taraji Journeys offers a progressive series of retreats held globally. They are committed to create journeys that are designed to help you with your personal growth, reflection, and recovery.

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  • Ashley Cerafice,

    Taraji Journeys website

    I knew immediately when I met Tara from Tara ji that she was a different kind of Yoga Teacher. She embodies the true art of ‘teaching’ yoga, not just ‘instructing’. Being in Tara’s presence feels very real, it’s refreshing to learn yoga in a more traditional way and iwht the great depth she offers. One of my fabourite things about Tara is how collaborative she is with her students, very open to new perspectives and not afraid to say “I don’t know” or to embrace new information. She is truly a yogi on the path, passing on her wisdom which is from experience, not just from a book. I would recommend Tara and Himalayan Yin Yoga to any serious seeker.

  • Lee-Anne Heron

    Taraji Journeys website

    “Tara was the person who first introduced me to Yin Yoga. I have had the honour of being her student, her colleague attending ongoing continued education (with some amazing teachers including Sarah Powers, Jo Phee and Joe Barnett) and have been her teacher where she has hosted me to teach workshops and she has been a humble student of her student. It is this approach and commitment to yoga that I love, the attitude of always being a student of our students, staying curious and committed to observe the responses to any choices and teachings. Her inclusion of such a present practical component and mentoring option to her teacher trainings empowers teacher trainees to feel supported, equipped and inspired to be humble teachers, considerate of the differing needs of their future students and I am blessed to be on the Taraji faculty of these teacher trainings.

  • Lisa Albion

    Taraji Journeys website

    They say that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Tara is one of those teachers for me. When wanting to resume my yoga practice, she appeared in a centre just down the road from me and introduced me to Yin Yoga which is a perfect fit for me at this stage of my life. Then when I felt I wanted to teach Yin Yoga, she became my teacher trainer. As a teacher and a teacher trainer, Tara pushed to me to my workable edge while providing support. She is a lifelong learner herself and is constantly working her own edge in terms of self awareness and growth. Tara is a highly skilled yoga teacher and teacher trainer. As a student, when working with Tara, you are working with a master.

  • Fiona Greer

    Taraji Journeys website

    I successfully completed my first 50 hours of Himalayan Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Taraji in beautiful Rishikesh, India in March 2017. I chose to do the training after doing much reading on what yoga; may help me better manage the rather extreme RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) I experience. It was also very much an instinctive decision - One which I am pleased to have followed through with as I have found Yin Yoga is indeed one antidote, as described in an article I read, for the chronic auto immune disorder of RA. Helping to keep me functionally mobile is certainly a major outcome! Of course all the other beautiful elements of yoga practice comes to fore during this training including the use of breath; meditation. Taraji also incorporates her significant knowledge of Human Anatomy; Traditional Chinese Medicine into her Himalayan Yin Yoga Teacher Training Modules. I value highly her commitment to life long learning, contemporary teaching methods as well as her willingness to learn from & with her students. I recommend Himalayan Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Taraji for experienced yoga teachers to those of you just starting out like me! You'll be immersed in new learnings, spend time with fellow yogis, meet challenges along the way; emerge with more understanding of yourself & that of your yoga path.

  • Kate Turner

    Taraji Journeys website

    The Himalayan Yin Yoga training with Tara from Tara ji provides a fantastic insight in to Yin Yoga and the underpinning principles of this amazing practice. The training provided a good base upon which further knowledge can be added and has allowed me to develop a much more satisfying personal practice and the ability to share my knowledge of this yoga style with others. Rishikesh is the most fantastic place to undertake yoga training and I would strongly recommend staying longer to explore the city and all that it has to offer.

  • Anji Davies

    Taraji Journeys website

    This year I studied Himalayan Yin Yoga with Tara in Rishikesh India. Tara has designed, developed and teaches Himalayan Yin Yoga to suit anyone who would like to understand the fundamentals of Yin yoga, teach a yin yoga class and understand deeply this perfect contemplative practice. I would highly recommend this training.

  • Donna Kirkland Perth Western Australia

    Taraji Journeys website

    I encourage my students to do as many workshops as they can, as I know from my own experience that this is where a lot the deep learning and new awakenings happen for your yoga practice. I suggested that two of my students attend a retreat with Tara ji to India. I was so elated to see the excitement with Jackie and Colin before they left for their retreat, but what I hadn't anticipated was the profound joy and deep soulful connection with their practice that was apparent on their return. They were both on a yogic high for weeks and they said, "Tara had gone the extra yards to make their experience a memory and experience of a lifetime. Tara is full of energy and enthusiasm that can only be described as infectious. Her own deep connection to yoga and India makes her retreats an exciting journey." Not to be missed!

  • Jackie Gray

    Taraji Journeys website

    Somewhere at the end of the rainbow lies a little city called Rishikesh. I have just had the privilege of getting to know this special place but I would never have been able to do this without Taraji Journeys helping me every step of the way. This unique experience gave me an opportunity to take my spiritual journey to another level. I was introduced to people and places I would never have found had it not been for Taraji. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat, I would.

  • Bronwyn Lane

    Taraji Journeys website

    The first Taraji journey took place in March 2016 in the amazingly spiritual town of Riskikesh in India during the annual International Yoga Festival. Having not been to India before, this was literally a mind opening experience for me. Taraji led us by the hand and showed us all the sights of Rishikesh and introduced us to the satsungs of spiritual leaders e.g. Moodji, Shanti Mi, and Piri Raja. The love and good vibes in this town was almost palpable. Accompanied by two yoga sessions a day and food from the local surrounds, this was an exceptional journey that leaves me wanting to return on perhaps an annual pilgrimage. It feels like home. And this is from someone who has never particularly thought of India as a destination. I can only thank Taraji for the love and care she gave to all of us in the group and would recommend her journeys to anyone wanting a special experience regardless of their yoga background.

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