Tara Leigh

Montezuma, Puntaneras, Costa Rica

Tara Leigh is a music enthusiast who creates and produces virtual and in-person live music events and retreats with a healthy twist.

Testimonials 3

  • Britt Nemeth

    Tara Leigh website

    Working with Tara Leigh allows you to reconnect to those moments in your life when everything is and feels right. She does so in a natural, uplifting, and spirited way unlike anyone else in the world.

  • Jay Blakesberg

    Tara Leigh website

    Tara Leigh radiates positive energy and a sense of wonder while embracing the endless possibilities each new day that she brings.

  • Cora Poage

    Tara Leigh website

    Tara Leigh personifies joy, love, magic, and miracles. Whenever I am in her presence, I feel uplifted, healed, transformed, and inspired. She mirrors back to me my faith in humanity. If someone like Tara Leigh is out in the world, then I know that the healing of the planet is happening.

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