Tamar Gail

Founder of Sacred Temple Arts, Tamar Gail is a Feminine Embodiment Coach & Yoga Teacher, certified Sound Healer, Healing Arts Teacher, Shamanic & Tantric Prac.

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Tamar Gail

Tamar is a feminine embodiment coach working with women locally in France and Miami as well as internationally through online programs, coaching, workshops, and retreats. She guides women to reconnect to the love of being a sensual, feminine woman by reconnecting to their sensuality and sexuality, their feminine body, feminine cycles and their inner truth, passion, and creativity through feminine shamanism, tantric practices, sacred feminine movement, and dance.

Lana Wedmore

Lana is the owner of Luna Lodge and the founder of the White Hawk Foundation. She fell in love with Costa Rica and has lived there for 37 years. She is a conservationist, community leader, and healer. She has been teaching yoga for the past 30 years. She is a Reiki master and life health coach. She is also a studying shaman and ANFT Forest Therapy Guide - Forest Bathing. She would love to share with you, not only the knowledge that she has gained through these various disciplines but also what she has learned by living in the rainforest for the past 27 years.

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Amy Houghton

Tamar Gail Facebook page

I attended an Awaken Your Inner Goddess Online Interactive run by Tamar. I just wanted to say how special it was to be guided by beautiful, talented, connected, sensual Tamar and to do this hour with other women from around the world. Tamar took us through using sound, breathing and body movements which really were awakening and enlivening the feminine in me. The session connected me to memories of the goddesses within and without. It was great that we could be seen on the video or not by choice depending if we wanted to do the movements/sounds etc in private or not, this felt safe and enabled freedom to explore the sounds and movements privately in the comfort of our own spaces at home. I do yoga regularly but to call in/rise up the sensuality, the inner sensual goddess the shakti energy more and to really move her in and consciously bring her in again for myself is beautiful. Tamar held this space with embodied sensuality, clarity and gentleness.

Emily Rose Gwaltney

Tamar Gail Facebook page

Tamar is beautiful from the inside out! It's been amazing getting to know her through her posts and through working with her in private sessions. She has helped me embrace my sensuality and love parts of myself that have long been neglected or even despised.

Jennifer Cross

Tamar Gail Facebook page

Working with Tamar is amazing! Her guidance, direction and the way she allows you to feel into your body is brillant ♡♡♡ Thank you so much Tamar for your beautiful insights and teachings!!

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