Synergy Costa Rica is a retreat center for those who seek nourishment for the body and transcendence for the soul.

Reviews (9)

Sanni Therkelsen

from Denmark, February 2020

"Couldn't ask for more!"

My husband and I arrived to this place as our first destination of a 3 week trip in Costa Rica. We saw the beautiful photos from home, but you can never be really sure how the reality is.

It exceeded our expectations, and to be honest, was probably the best place we stayed in Costa Rica.

We stayed at the bamboo room, and had exit to a shared patio with a kitchen. It was perfect.

Everywhere you look there is a cozy corner to relax in.

The swimming pool is cute and small - we didn't go in.

We didn't do that much while we were there, as we were VERY jetlagged, so it is a bit difficult for us to say anything about the area. We did go to a animal rescue near by, which were nice.

We had breakfast every morning, and it was lovely.

The yoga was great - and the instructor was sweet and talented.

We would without a doubt recommend this to everyone, and if we go back, we will visit this place again for a longer period of time.

One more thing: The wifi worked perfectly - which is quite important to me.

Jenna Lee Fye

from Canada, February 2020

"Short and sweet yoga retreat!"

Kady was very accommodating and an amazing yoga instructor. I had an evening sunset yoga session and had the yin session. It was extraordinary. I even passed out at the end cause I felt so relaxed at the end.

The energy of the people there. Waking up to the sound of the roosters and birds singing...

The place is well kept and maintained.

The breakfast by chef andré is delicious! He takes great care of us and even accommodated me early to make breakfast as I had to leave for a boat tour in the morning.

The energy and the people I have met are definitely what you would described as living Las Pura vida.

Robert, the owner of this place envisioned a place of harmony and has done an amazing job!

I will definitely recommend this place and will surely be back;)

Pura vida!


Elena Hutt

from Costa Rica, February 2020

"Absolutely adored it! "

Everything was perfectly designed (so much attention to detail) from the beautiful scenery to the experience itself. I will recommend Synergy to everyone I know and definitely will come back! Andre, Kady, Robert, they all make you feel welcomed. You can't go wrong with this place!

Andrea Morales

from United States, January 2020

"Overall an incredible experience!"

Synergy exceeded my expectations!

The location is absolutely beautiful, the facilities and the rooms were always clean and tidy.

The staff was open and friendly and Kady lead a life changing retreat.

As a group we were able to connect with each other and our inner selves in such a profound way. I am beyond grateful for my experience and I can't wait to go back !

Christine Goad

from United States, January 2020

"Life changing retreat experience!"

My retreat at Synergy was truly a transformative experience for my soul and taught me how to activate a positive shift in my life post-retreat. The 6 days I spent at Synergy showed me how to access my highest self through the following activities which developed a deeper connection with body & mind:

(1) Yoga 2x/day - our instructor Kady did a fabulous job of designing each day's practice to match the energy of the group & the day's activities. I was in awe of her ability to curate our holistic experience for the week with each experience building on the next <3

(2)Inspiring Ceremonies - temezcal & cacao ecstatic dance led by local healers were extremely impactful in letting go of past energy no longer serving me and opening my heart to future possibility

(3)Incredible meals - I could NOT get over how amazingly delicious the food was. As a cheese- & gluten-loving carnivore, I was actually a bit nervous prior to the retreat that I would be hungry on the vegan cuisine, but I went back for 2nds after every meal. My post-retreat life would be vastly improved if I could have Chef Ryan with me on the daily!

(4)Gorgeous facility - I stayed in the Luna Room and felt like an absolute moon goddess by the end of my stay :) All spaces were extremely clean and the sleek design has inspired new decor for my apartment at home! For free time each afternoon, I would lounge by the peaceful pool or watch iguanas climb jungle trees from the view of paradise on the deck.

Emma Berry-ashpole

from Canada, January 2020

"Yoga in Paradise <3"

The retreat accommodations and facilities were beyond stunning. I never got over how gorgeous the surrounding nature was. The photos do not do the place justice. Every single corner of Synergy is intentionally designed to bring peace and tranquility. It was so beautiful in every sense. I never wanted to leave!

Kady is a great instructor who provides modifications, gentle adjustments, and creates a very serene and peaceful class environment, with options to make it more challenging to meet your level.

The food was delicious - super simple but flavourful vegetarian and vegan meals. I was never disappointed with a meal.

I stayed in the Bamboo room. I went to the retreat with my sister and shared a room, so we picked Bamboo for the king size bed. It was probably the most simple room in terms of design, but was super comfortable and spacious. Every other room I saw was gorgeous and well appointed.

I stayed for 3 more nights after the retreat ended and worked remotely using their wifi. I loved everything about Synergy - the salt water pool, the yoga deck, all the little spots to meditate, or write, or work, or whatever you need to do.

Synergy is a short walk to the main town of Uvita. There are lots of yummy restaurants and cafes on the road towards town, and a great grocery store.

If you have any questions about the itinerary of the retreat, or what the vibe of Synergy may be, I strongly recommend just reaching out to Kady and asking her questions.


from Italy, January 2020

"Kady has been a fantastic teacher!"

I liked Kady’s approach and the way she customized the class according to each one needs and experience. I liked the Christmas lights and the atmosphere I could breath during my stay. Thanks guys!

Joana [email protected]

from United States, January 2020

"Setting the right intentions"

The retreat I went was perfect to kick start the new year and new life beginnings. I loved everything about the retreat, but I especially loved the sacred intentionality of everything that Kady planned for us. All the ceremonies, reflections, and in-nature activities were perfect for setting the right intentions. I particularly loved the cacao ceremony and ecstatic dance on the new year's eve. The yoga classes twice a day were a good amount of practice and the food was so healthy and delicious that I wish I could stay longer. Kady has a lovely energy and welcomed me with her whole heart and made you feel home. Thank you all at Synergy for such a wonderful time!

Paola Villagomez

from Costa Rica, December 2019

"Awesome place to retreat with a great price! "

I was one of the first guests in Synergy and I left there ready to recommend it to all of my friends and family that need time to re-connect with themselves.

Kady is an excellent instructor that considers your level of expertise and helps you explore with different types of Yoga not only with your mind and body but with your soul.

The private rooms are amazing and new as well. Equipped with everything you need to relax, pamper yourself and look within.

The food is great, they used premium quality ingredients and my preferences were considered.

I'm glad and I took the time to celebrate my birthday at Synergy. They made my whole stay special with details that took me by surprise.