Symmetry Yoga

Colorado, United States

Symmetry Yoga offers yoga retreats including paddleboard yoga, as well as private yoga for individuals, groups, or businesses.

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  • Nathalie Colorado

    Symmetry Yoga website

    I credit Suzanne Thomas Hauserman for helping me work through 2 years of chronic back pain and get healthy again. I began taking her classes in 2011 after several crashes had me pretty beat up and my back was in pain nonstop. I tried a lot of studios and teachers back then -many of whom would push me to do things I didn't want to do (or I knew would cause me further injury). Suzanne has always offered easy, moderate or advanced -so that everyone gets what they need- pose options and I've never felt better thanks to her. (Cyclists -her classes are perfect for our tight hips, back and chest! Talk about all the things we need to work on when we're not riding!).

  • Carrie Cornejo Colorado

    Symmetry Yoga website

    Who knew you could find inner peace in an elementary gym? Suzanne has provided our school an opportunity to invest in ourselves. She has guided and inspired us. She truly assists us in helping us balance our professional and personal lives. Suzanne has been so instrumental in supporting each of us.

  • Turina Zimmer Colorado

    Symmetry Yoga website

    Bringing Suzanne into our school has been one of the best decisions we've made this year! After a long day of work, she makes it possible for us all to walk through the gym doors and let the stress of the day fall behind us. She has brought our staff together with a focus on health and wellness; participants are at all fitness levels and at different points in the wellness journey. After an hour of yoga with Suzanne, I feel a renewed energy and a positive spirit that has me looking forward to the next session!

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