Symi Yoga Retreat

Symi Yoga Retreat offers holistic yoga and wellness retreats along with once in a lifetime cultural excursions on the Aegean island of Symi designed to restore and revitalize your spirit and body.

  • Burlington 05403, Vermont, United States
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Offers starting at US$1,589
Offers starting at US$1,589
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Athena is a Certified Professional Leadership, Health and Wellness Coach as well as an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, Personal Trainer and yoga instructor. Her integrative technique to total mind and body health facilitates rapid, sustainable results for those she works with and her approach has been described as life changing. Athena makes it her focus to understand your unique desires, motivators and challenges to help you set appropriate, achievable goals.


  • Review by Gina Carrera from New York, USA

    "You really only get to experience a trip like this once in a lifetime!"

    Symi Yoga Retreat Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Crystal Ransom from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA

    "I can't wait to take this once in a lifetime opportunity."

    Symi Yoga Retreat Facebook page, edited