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Symi Yoga Retreat

Symi Yoga Retreat offers holistic yoga and wellness retreats with cultural excursions on Symi, designed to restore and revitalize your spirit and body.

Instructors 3


Athena is a certified professional leadership, health, and wellness coach as well as an energy leadership master practitioner, personal trainer, and yoga instructor. Her integrative technique to total mind and body health facilitates rapid, sustainable results for those she works with and her approach has been described as life-changing. Athena makes it her focus to understand your unique desires, motivators, and challenges to help you set appropriate, achievable goals.

Christina Zanni

Christina Zanni is a multi-dimensional artist with a holistic view. Motivated by the necessity to nurture and heal the physical and emotional body, Christina has been a Thai massage practitioner since 2009. She completed a 2-week basic Thai massage course at Sunshine Massage School in Thailand and continued with the courses: advanced stretches, assessment and treatment, touching the emotional body, and Thai-Shiatsu course, led by Ohm Rinraya, Itzhak Helman, Trayl Cade, and Rich Chapelle. She has lived in SE Asia, South America, and Greece whilst deepening her yoga and performing arts practice.

Gina Carrera

An accomplished artist, Gina has cultivated her gift for many years studying in New York and as far away as Bali, Indonesia. For the past 30 years however, she has lived in Vermont, with her two beautiful children, teaching art to adults and children, inspiring them to discover and nurture their creative talents. Her artwork adorns many of the local walls and buildings and you are always blessed to find a little piece of Gina's creativity everywhere you go in Vermont.

Testimonials 5


Symi Yoga Retreat

An unbelievable experience!

Julie Vermont

Symi Yoga Retreat

I don't ever take trips planned by someone else. I took a chance on this one. Going to Symi with Athena & Arianna is getting an insider experience like no other I've had. I can't recommend it highly enough!

Heather Vermont

Symi Yoga Retreat

Symi is a magical place where visitors are welcomed with the same kind of hospitality that Homer honors in The Odyssey. We enjoyed delicious food, practiced mindfulness and yoga, learned traditional Greek dances, visited numerous churches and monasteries. All of the beauty of the place and its people captured our hearts.


Symi Yoga Retreat

Definitely worth taking the leap of faith.

Crystal Alabahma

Symi Yoga Retreat

This was an amazing and a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. I was given the chance to learn so much about Greek culture and many of the things that normal tourists wouldn't get the chance to learn. The ladies that ran the retreat went out of their way to make sure we had an amazing experience. The island was beautiful and the people there felt like family by the time I left. I would highly suggest going on this retreat it's worth every penny and the most affordable trip i have been on.

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