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28 Days 300H Yoga Therapy Teacher Training with International Certification in Greece

Private house, Gythio, Greece

300-Hour (for 500-Hour) Greece Yoga Teacher Training

Become a 500 Hour certified yoga teacher with SYM and Yoga Alliance International with this 300 Hour Yoga Therapy Teacher Training This school is also a member of the International Association of Yoga therapists (IAYT) Held in the beautiful village of Cervera del Maestre, Spain, this 300 hour yoga therapy teacher training will teach you how to evaluate your patients' health using various methods of palpation as well as observation, listening skills, taking detailed case histories, and interpreting the signs and symptoms of imbalance and disease.

Meet the instructors

Gerry & Massimo
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  • The healing power of yoga
  • Daily yoga and meditation sessions
  • In-depth courses on yoga as therapy
  • Profound approach to healing the body, the vital or energy body, the emotions, the mind, spirit, and soul
  • 2 main teachers who have both 30 years experience as therapists in Yoga, Shiatsu, Chinese Medicine, Kinesiology, Cranio-sacral Method, Nutrition as well as the healing power of sound Case studies and clinical practicum
  • Certification to register with Yoga Alliance
  • 27 nights accommodation

Skill level

  • Advanced

Yoga styles

26 days with instruction
The maximum participants in the group is 15
Airport transfer available:
Kalamata International Airport (US$132 per person)
Airport transfer available:
Athens International Airport (US$298 per person)
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Check-in Time:


  • Bar
  • Café

All accommodation will be in the beautiful harbor town of Gythio, on the southern Peloponnese coast. Private studio, entire apartment. Single room in a shared house. Twin room.


This 300 Hour Yoga Therapy course brings together over 50 years of combined healing and practical knowledge. The course covers a wide range of topics informed by Hatha Yoga, Anatomy & Physiology, Music therapy, Shiatsu, Chinese medicine, and Kinesiology. This program facilitates a great opportunity for a deep personal healing experience as well as taking your understanding and teaching of yoga to a higher and more professional level.

This advanced course covers a breadth of topics and learning and is composed of 260 contact hours and 40 non-contact hours. After successful completion graduates can register with Yoga Alliance International as a 500 Hour Master Yoga teacher. Graduates can also register with the International Yoga Federation and The International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Course Overview and Objectives

This 300 hour Yoga Therapy Course for 500 Hour Master Yoga Teacher Training accreditation is a 4-week intensive journey in healing through exploring the subtleties of the asanas, their energetic links with the chakras, the Chinese acupuncture meridian’s as well as modern anatomy, physiology, and Yogic psychology.

You will also learn how to evaluate your patient's health using various methods of palpation as well as observation of posture and structural evaluation, listening skills, taking detailed case histories and interpreting the signs and symptoms of imbalance and disease.

The course syllabus is divided into 4 parts:

Detailed Asana Practice

  • Asana Practice
  • Meditation
  • Pranayama
  • Sequencing
  • Pedagogy
  • Correction and adjustment techniques

Evaluation Methods

  • Detailed interview; i.e. questioning and how to evaluate the answers (questions on digestion, stools, sleep, pain, gynecology etc)
  • Observation (posture, the spine, facial diagnosis, movement etc) and listening skills
  • Abdominal palpation and back palpation (diagnosis through touch) based on Chinese Medicine and the Chakras
  • Structural assessment
  • Digestive and nutritional assessment

Treatment Methods

  • Asana, in-depth understanding, recuperative, therapeutic, use of props,
  • Breathing, mindset, and pranayama
  • Meditation, guided meditation, and scanning
  • Asana for specific chakras, meridians, organs and muscle groups
  • Relaxation techniques, types of Savasana (Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual)
  • Nutrition and eating habits
  • Mantras, chanting, color therapy
  • Hands-on Techniques: basic back Shiatsu and Kinesiology, including all diagnostic zones on back and front of the body as well as the main acupoints. Abdominal Shiatsu or Hara Shiatsu, Chakra Balancing, basic hip, shoulder girdle, and diaphragm adjustments, neck, head and shoulder treatments.


  • Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology
  • The Chakras and Chinese Acupuncture Meridians
  • The workings of subtle energy or Prana
  • Yoga Psychology based on the Charkas and the 5 Koshas.
  • Philosophy and Spirituality; choosing the path, purpose, meaning, and goals of life; detachment and transcendence

Yoga holds that the human being is made up of five distinct bodies varying in density; these are the Five Koshas.

  • The physical body,
  • The pranic, energetic or vital body,
  • The lower mental or emotional body,
  • The wisdom or higher mental body,
  • The bliss or causal body, the soul.

True healing must go beyond the physical and engage all aspects of the human body and psyche. Through yoga, we can act on all of the 5 bodies and bring them into alignment. In this way, Yoga Therapy can be part of a fantastic and completely holistic program to recover and recuperate not only from daily stress and sickness but long term disease, trauma, lack of vitality and immune deficiency.

Health, happiness, and self-development are intimately entwined. Yoga gives us a profound road map to heal, self empower and expand our knowledge and consciousness of ourselves, our purpose, relationships, and place in the world.


This course will provide all course materials. Please bring your own mat.

Dress Code

Please wear comfortable plain white, yellow or blue clothes, no logos. We like to encourage students to wear positive happy colors which facilitate learning and energy work. Colour therapy and its association with the chakras will be discussed further during the course.


Students enrolling on this Yoga Therapy 300 Hour Course are expected to be fully qualified yoga teachers at the 200 hour level from any school.

Evaluation Procedure and Grading Criteria

  • Students will be required to have completed all the set assignments by the end of the course.
  • Students will be expected to show proficiency and improvement in their own asana practice, teaching, and understanding including a) anatomy and physiology, b) evaluation and treatment procedures c) 3 case histories.
  • Students will be expected to show proficiency and improvement in their own asana practice, teaching, and understanding.
  • The practical evaluation is based on continual assessment and students are expected to complete a minimum of 90% of contact hours.
  • There will also be a written exam which all students must pass in order to obtain the 500 hour Master Yoga Teacher certification.


Trainees should attend a minimum of 90% of the course. Should trainees miss more than this minimum they will need to agree with the teacher which modules to re-take.SYM reserves the right to charge additional fees for these catch-up modules.


This course is fully accredited by Yoga Alliance International and approved by International Yoga Therapy Association and the International Yoga Federation. Our graduates are able to register on the Yoga Alliance International and International Yoga Federation database upon completion of the course and will receive YAI and SYM certification.

Shiatsu / Massage Therapy

In addition to the healing modalities explored in the course, students have the opportunity to arrange private treatments with Gerry, a certified therapist in shiatsu and Chinese medicine or treatment with Max, a trained shiatsu practitioner as well as Kinesiologist. These can be arranged at an additional cost during the course.

Sample daily schedule

  • *07:00 Meditation and pranayama
  • 08:00 Asana and relaxation
  • 10:00 Break and breakfast
  • 10:30 Anatomy, physiology, and pathology
  • 12:30 Lunch and break
  • 14:30 Yoga therapy and assessment tools (theory and practice)
  • 16:30 Break
  • 17:00 Yoga therapy and practical healing tools
  • 19:30 Dinner and break
  • 21:00 Four evenings per week: chanting, meditation, and DVDs

Accommodations are all included, from the day of arrival until the day of departure. There will be one free day per two-week module and three evenings per week are free. Students are expected to do 30 minutes of Karma yoga each day.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Upon completion of my Yoga teacher Training (200 or 500 level) where am I certified to teach?

SYM provides professional diploma courses fully certified and accredited by Yoga Alliance International (YAI). Upon graduation, you can teach anywhere in the world with YAI and SYM certification with the 200 or 500 hour certified level. SYM is also an associated member school of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) and The International Yoga Federation (IYF). Upon completion, graduates can join the YAI registry, as well as the IYF (and the IAYT with 500-hour certification).

What will I gain from the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher training course?

  • Understand Yoga and health at a much deeper level. Live the Yogic lifestyle, practicing and sharing with others. Be confident about starting a new and greatly rewarding career and path in life.
  • You will be able to teach classes from total beginner to intermediate level, open classes for all levels, classes for children, women only, the elderly, individual classes etc.
  • You will also be able to vary the classes from teaching dynamic Yoga to Yin Yoga, restorative yoga therapy to meditation and relaxation.
  • The art of Yoga takes a lifetime to Master, and we cannot imagine that teaching yoga can be learned in 200 Hours. However, we provide you with the right information to feel confident that you will teach safely without any injury, know the core asanas in detail and have great enjoyment and passion for your practice.

What will I gain from the 300 Hour Yoga Therapy course for 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainer level?

You will gain a deep understanding of Yoga, your own health and of evaluating your students' health. As a therapist, you will be able to design therapeutic Yoga classes and you will be able to assist your students with their own individual health problems.

As a 500-hour Master yoga teacher and yoga therapist, you will have much more scope and opportunities in your teaching career. You will be able to run many different types of yoga classes as well as individually tailored therapeutic programs and work with other health practitioners or in health centers. This course will clearly distinguish you from the average Yoga teacher and is of particular interest to anyone interested in yoga, health, healing, and bodywork

How should I prepare for my coming course with SYM?

Upon registration students will receive a welcome pack, where there is relevant info about how to prepare for the course including where to fly to and how to get here. We also highly recommend reading the introduction to BKS Iyengar’s “Illustrated Light on Yoga’, now a classic textbook on Yoga.

What style of Yoga Do we teach?

We teach Hatha yoga broadly based on the Sivananda and Iyengar Yoga Methods. We teach an energetic approach to Yoga, really feeling the postures and tapping into their unique healing potentials. We practice flow, but more emphasis is placed on steadiness in the posture with correct alignment of physical and energetic bodies and mindset within poses. This requires us to be slower in our practice, to truly feel and understand the tremendous therapeutic effects of the asana.

Why do students have a dress code?

We like to encourage students to wear positive, happy colors which facilitate learning and energy work. All colors are vibrations or frequencies of light. The therapeutic use of color, Colour Therapy and its association with the chakras will be discussed further during the course.

Yoga is a spiritual practice and as such there are certain ways we can dress to help our own practice and create more harmony and higher frequency vibrations in the Yoga hall. Colour and sound (mantras, chanting, music) have been used from time immemorial to uplift the spirit and are tools of yoga. For this reason, we encourage students to wear comfortable and plain white, yellow or blue bottoms and T-shirts.

What is the minimum age limit?

The minimum age limit is 18.

What is the group size?

We have a maximum of 15 participants. This ensures a friendly intimate course size and appropriate time with the teachers. The group size is normally between 8-15.

What language is the course facilitated in?

All courses are taught in English. The teachers all speak several European languages and are usually able to help students should any questions arise during the course. We offer French 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Montpellier, please contact SYM if you would like to do the training in French.

What if fail to complete or finish the course?

Students who fail to complete or finish the course are welcome to come back at a later date to finish their training. The extra time or module needed to complete the course is individually different but SYM tries as much as possible to keep any extra expenses as low as possible.

How can I register?

Please send us an inquiry now to secure your place on this profoundly transformative training Course.

Included excursions

You may want to use your free days for excursions. You have a choice of fantastic coastline, high mountains, beautiful traditional Greek villages, and great historical sights and monuments. SYM recommends visiting Sparta, Mistras, and the wonderful monasteries of the Mani.


Gerry Rixen

Massimo Cantara

Retreat location

Gythio is fantastically located on the southern end of the Peloponnese coast, situated on the coast there are endless fantastic beaches, high mountains and beautiful ancient villages, monasteries, and castles within easy distance. SYM can recommend great hiking routes and other excursions.

45 kilometers south of the ancient town of Sparta.

50 kilometers to the ancient site of Mistras

100 kilometers to Kalamata

300 kilometers to Athens


Students are responsible for their own meals, however, selective restaurants will be recommended that provide quality food including vegetarian and vegan options at very reasonable rates.

Apart from that the apartments have fully equipped kitchens and students can cater for themselves, there are markets and supermarkets with all necessities within easy walking distance. The welcoming meal and the course party meal are included in the total price.

The following meals are included:

  • Drinks

The following drinks are included:

  • Water
  • Tea

Things to do (optional)

In your free time, you can enjoy the beautiful town of Gythio with its surrounding hills and stunning coastline. From here you have easy access to fantastic hikes and excursions into the nearby high mountains, villages, and monasteries.

Spa treatments

In addition to the healing modalities explored in the course, students have the opportunity to arrange private treatments with Gerry, a certified therapist in shiatsu, traditional Chinese medicine. Remedial massage is also available. These can be arranged at an additional cost during the course.

You could also arrange a treatment with Massimo. He also offers professional kinesiology and craniosacral therapy, as well as being a qualified Shiatsu practitioner.

What's included

  • Tuition
  • 27 nights accommodation
  • Course manual and textbook
  • Eligible to register with Yoga Alliance International certification upon completion
  • 2 evening meals are included in the price

What's not included

  • Additional activities
  • Airfare
  • Airport transfers
  • Personal expenses
  • Health Insurance
  • Daily meals
  • Meals are not included; there are many excellent restaurants in town which also provide vegetarian / vegan
  • options and the apartments where students are accommodated have fully equipped kitchens to prepare one’s own meals.

How to get there

Recommended Airports

Arrival by airplane

Fly to Kalamata, where will pick you up as arranged, (free pick up is offered at 5 p.m only on the arrival day from Kalamata airport). Fly to Athens and take the bus to Gythio or inquire for airport transfer. There will be 1 pick up from Athens airport at 3 pm on the Arrival day.

Airport: Kalamata International Airport Airport transfer available: Kalamata International Airport (US$132 per person) Additional charges may apply. You can request this in the next step.
Airport: Athens International Airport Airport transfer available: Athens International Airport (US$298 per person) Additional charges may apply. You can request this in the next step.

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 30% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.

Value for money
Accommodation & facilities
Quality of activity
28 days / 27 nights
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Friday October 25, 2019
(28 days / 27 nights)

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