SYM-Ltd, registered in the UK, has been providing professional Yoga and Shiatsu training courses & retreats in Greece, Spain, France and Italy since 1995.

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23 Days 200-Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Gythio, Greece

December 21-January 12 | April 25-May 17, 2019–2020
    from US$1,560
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    Instructors (3)

    Gerry Rixen

    Massimo Cantara

    Mario Sagiru

    Reviews (20)

    Anne Hancy

    from United States, September 2019

    "Beatiful yoga journey"

    A magical experience thanks to the authenticity of the team, the quality of the teaching, the comfort of the accommodation and the beauty of the location.

    Gerry transmit with passion his understanding and endless knowledge of yoga, philosophy, alternative therapies (Shiatsu, Chinese medicine) and anatomy helping us to develop teaching skills by creating a safe and inclusive space.

    With his flow of kindness and great sense of humour, through his amazing knowledge of yoga and the human body, Mario has helped us to respect and feel our body through an in-depth and conscientious practice focusing on alignment to suit different levels and injuries.

    A perfect experience, shared with great people, like a family, during the delicious Nina’s vegetarian meals, during the relaxing moments around the pool in an enchanting setting or in the pretty village of Cervera .

    Thank you all!

    Najwa El Bekkali

    from France, September 2019

    "Amazing experience"

    Everything was perfect ! The location, the food, the clases ! ❤

    The teachers are amazing and the place is awesome out of space and time ! Just somewhere incredible.

    I would have loved this clases would never finish ! Thank you very much to Gerry Rixen for being such an amazing teacher and for the perfect time you made us have all together, everything was good and Well organized. Many thx also to Mario Sigaru for your expertise and your inconditionnal good mood. 🙏

    I would definitely recommend this retreat !

    Lisa Maresca-harmer

    from United Kingdom, July 2019

    "More than a teacher training course!"

    This course was constructed intelligently and well paced, using two instructors whose styles were very different yet complementary. As well as the yoga itself, there was an extremely useful emphasis on body awareness and movement, which, along with the information provided on chakras, meridians and anatomy gave me a much better understanding of how the body and mind work together, how to use different techniques to deepen your practise and how to use yoga therapeutically as well as a form of exercise.

    The course was balanced, varied, intense but also fun and Gerry, Mario and Charity were approachable, knowledgable and supportive. They were extremely sensitive to our needs physically, spiritually and mentally.

    The location was truly magical - a small village on top of a hill with breathtaking views which enhanced the experience immeasurably. The villagers were welcoming and friendly and we quickly became part of the community.

    I wanted to qualify as a yoga teacher and had no additional expectations beyond that, however, I left a different person. I learnt so many lessons which will be invaluable to me in the future. Everyone on the course had their own unique experience, but we all agreed that the process transformed us thanks to the teaching team, the setting and having the time and peace to enjoy a fully immersive experience. Strangers became family, I learnt some Spanish, lost some weight and I can now teach yoga with confidence - what is not to like!

    Anna Wolmuth

    from United Kingdom, October 2018

    An amazing opportunity to learn from very special teachers, sharing different styles of teaching yoga and their passion for practice. I really enjoyed the focus on the therapeutic benefits of yoga and how to make these accessible to all - there was a very inclusive ethos in the teacher training. Great company from coursemates, nourishment for the body from wonderful chef and nourishment for the bliss body from the mountain views and swims in the sea. Thank you all! x

    Charity Murphy

    from Ireland, September 2018

    "Amazing experience in all ways "

    The level of training was exceptional and far surpassed my expectations. Gerrys wealth of experience and knowledge in yoga and therapeutic practices meant we were always supported in developing our yoga skills and teaching abilities in a supported and inspiring way. I felt so lucky to have him as our teacher. Anna brought such beautiful energy to the overall experience and welcomed us with smiles and warmth. She is a fantastic teacher. Mario was wonderful and kind and nurturing and really helped us to be aware of our bodies and to deepen our practice. The town itself is magical and surrounded by beautiful valleys. The swallows and the sunrise welcomed each day. A truley wonderful experience.

    Andrea Lee

    from United States, September 2018

    "Consciousness Expanding Experience"

    The energy of this location is incredible. Gerry did a fantastic job of integrating yoga philosophy and psychology with modern neurophysiology and pracitcal application of asana, pranayama and shiatsu. Anna's goddesss-like leadership brought a divine synergy to the group--I learned so much from her and have the utmost respect and admiration for this woman! The wisdom of Mario's experience left impressions on my consciousness too numerous to measure. Nina, our chef, is probably one of the best humans on the planet and made all our delicious meals with so much love. I got so much more out of this training than I ever could have imagined when I booked.


    from Thailand, August 2018

    "Room for Improvement"

    Cervera del Maestre is a sweet little village off the beaten path. The residents were welcoming and friendly. It is a wonderful setting to immerse oneself in yoga. Our off days and siestas were filled with sunshine. The instructional focus on alignment and basic principles was helpful.

    Lauren Heather

    from Australia, August 2018

    "Sunny Days "

    The location of the teacher training was in a beautiful, quiet village. The schedule allowed for laying out in the sun, or getting some sleep during the mid day breaks.

    I also valued the opportunity to learn about Shiatsu among other alternative therapies.

    Receiving instruction from multiple teachers gave variety to the days and exposure to different teaching styles.


    from United States, August 2018

    "Too much drama"

    The villa with the pool was a nice, peaceful home, the village was absolutely filled with joyous people that were gracious to all of the attendees.


    from Ireland, July 2018

    "A disappointing experience in a beautiful place"

    The village itself and the people are lovely. Fabulous views and quite peaceful. The villa (dorm) accommodation is in a quiet house. There is a pool in the garden, which was very nice during breaks.

    Isabela Cosa

    from Romania, August 2017

    An amazing experience that I would warmly recommend. The location is peacefull and beautiful, there is plenty of healthy and tasty food and the accomodation friendly. The teachers- Gerry, Iain and Anna are the best. 3 different styles, but each one really good. I am very happy for choosing this course, Yoga was serious, authentic. I learned a lot of things and I would come back for another course.

    Claire Bland

    from Austria, August 2017

    "Gem of a teacher training "

    Truly exceptional training. Beautiful part of the world. Extremely knowledgeable but laid back and supportive teachers.

    Francisco Calabuig

    from Afghanistan, August 2017

    "YTTC at Cervera del Maestre in Spain"

    Instruction is great; very good yoga and very good quality of instructors. You learn a lot of interesting and useful things for teaching yoga, as well as for your personal practice. And the food is delicious....

    The location is also really good, a self contained Spanish village full of nice people and very close to the coast.


    from Mexico, August 2017

    "Mooi ervaring"

    Inhoudelijk interessant. Verschillende docenten. Alle aspecten van yoga kwamen aan bod (zoals asana's, chanten, meditatie en filosofie). Ontzettend leuke en hechte groep studenten. Goed eten en accommodatie. Mooi dat we de vrijheid hadden en kregen om in het dorp ook onze eigen ding te doen.

    Cécile Lapiee

    from Belgium, July 2017

    "Highly professional training , in a stunning environment"

    High quality training, demanding but respectful , high quality food , stunning beauty of the countryside, perfect timing , very good logistics.

    Gianpietro Zanetti

    from Colombia, July 2017

    "Amazing experience"

    I loved the location, the small Spanish village is just perfect for a retreat. I loved the quality of the teaching and the lessons we did at the beach! The food was just Amazing. I am not vegan however with the vegan food provided I haven't missed anything at all. I am going back next month to volunteer, I simply fell in love with this experience!

    Sophie Grinfeld De Tommaso

    from France, September 2019

    "À vivre absolument ! "

    -La qualité de l enseignement est exceptionnelle : simple, pragmatique, ciblant l essentiel tout en allant au fond des sujets si nécessaire. De plus compte tenu de l expérience et du parcours des professeurs nous avons bénéficie de connaissances autres ( ex Shiatsu, astro etc...)

    - les supports de cours sont aboutis

    - la nourriture préparée par Nina est variée et délicieuse

    - le lieu est magnifique au calme mais pas isolé non plus

    - la personnalisation du programme en fonction du groupe, 0 blessures!

    - la possibilité d approfondir un peu plus à titre personnel lors de séances individuelles

    Nina Lappe

    from Spain, August 2019

    "Good experiance, With great group and teacher"

    We Had a really good time in Servera. Both teacher are really passioned and professional. They now how they can spreed there knowlage adapted where the students levels are and they always made sure that we are safe and clear in what we do. Nina the Cook was a sweet Heart she cooked with fresh vegitables (some from her own farm) and with a lot of love which i could tast. I enjoyed her meals every single day. I liked the Villa and especially the Village wich is surrounded by a increadble beautyfull nature. The people in the Village where warm and hospitable and we could experiend a lot of autentic spanish culture. The theory was well explained by Gerry how get's my attention easily through his enthusiasm. Like mentioned bevore his education style is a little bit more like lecture. His physical practice was extremly enjoyble and had a lot of extrem interesting variationes. With increada shurt journeys in the topics of shiatsu and Martial Art.

    Mario the Second teacher, was brillande in teach us to get more awarnes in our body and be able to teach people wish need to recover or older. He had a great sence of humor and was really exact in correct us in the asana. The Woman in the Team Sharity was always there when someone need help in any kind of way and gived us a lot of inspiration how to care for our self properly. I can recommend this course. thank you to the whole team and the nice multicultural group.