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Swell Fit Living

Swell Fit Living is all about enhancing performance, reaching goals and eating right to get there. They fuel your body with exactly what it needs to boost your performance and increase your energy.

Instructors 1

Christina McGrath

Christina hails from Breckenridge, Colorado and is best described as a yogi-athlete-wellness advocate with a healthy addiction to all things outdoors and bliss balls. As a goal driven person, she has experienced professional and personal success across a range of different sports from snowboarding, rock climbing, and mountain biking to rowing, SUP, and more. Yoga is the core platform that underlies not just her physical body but her personal outlook on life. She is a model of healthy living and her key professional ambition is to share her holistic approach to fitness through her business.

Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy (Sports Massage)

Nosara Yoga Institute Yoga Alliance International (Yoga)

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