Swasti Yoga Center is an ISO 9001:2015 certified yoga center for quality education, training, therapy, and research in yoga with MD doctors and expert teachers.

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4 Month 200-Hour Online Group Yoga Teacher Training

Available in October, November & December
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Vikas Chothe

Dr Shwetambari Chothe

Reviews (16)

Dwintha Maya Kartika

from Indonesia, February 2021

"Excellent and very informative"

The knowledge passed within short period of time is very valuable. Dr Vikas Chothe is very experienced teacher and explained the subject in a very structured and eloquent manner even for those who have limited medical background can understand. Very good value for money considering the wealth of information I have gained from the course.


from Latvia, December 2020

"Great teacher, competent, trainings where very valuable"

I liked everything about the training! Quality is very high, turor is very competent and full of knowledge, any given feedback was taken into account, also the ability to learn via zoom was great saving of time and resources. I personally needed more time for each theme and/or homework before each lecture, so that would help to prepare for the in depth themes and sometimes very high speed :) Or one has to have medical background for the training. These are very helpful for ones best interest. In general training has exceeded expectations.

Niamh Keoghan

from Ireland, March 2021

"In depth, inspiring, fun, practical and theoretical. "

This course was comprehensive and in depth. It gave a different approach to yoga teaching, and touched on many different areas. It had a good balance between theory and practice; it was flexible and personal; and focus was on how to create yoga classes for children with the goal of identifying, preventing, minimizing and treating the symptoms and experiences of lifestyle disorders and unhealthy attitudes. It was also fun, and inspiring. Highly recommended!

Martine St-onge

from Canada, February 2021

"Great experience!"

Thank you Swasti family, my dear friends who studied with me and helped me grow and share their beautiful energy with my growing baby. Thank you Vikas Ji for all the shared and unbelievably useful knowledge for my pregnancy but also to help me achieve a level of understanding that will allow me to share to other pregnant ladies. I have learned about the complications during all state of pregnancy, the changes in the women’s body, how to prevent complications to happen, how to safely and effectively practice yoga before pregnancy (fertility yoga) during pregnancy (prenatal yoga) during labour, and after labour (postpartum yoga) and so much more. All this knowledge put in action makes me so much more confident and at ease with delivering my first baby. And doing this course while pregnant is a gift. Vikas Ji was very understanding and gentle and knew how to transmit the information in a way that wasn’t stressful.

This was an online course so I put excellent for food and accommodation not to lower the score. I would love to visit swasti’s facilities in Pune in the future (after pandemic) and continue to learn some more.

I wish all the best to this beautiful organization in the future and I hope to meet again. 🙏🏼

Jake Lee

from Australia, January 2021

"Excellent experience, a worthwhile course to do"

Dr Vikas knows his stuff. Very patient and good teacher, he cares about his students and answers questions very quickly. The course content has been well thought out and covers a lot of important topics

Sanja Milutin

from Greece, January 2021

"Online Kid's Yoga Teacher Training "

I liked the most teacher's guru kind of approach to teaching. Made our brains work, instead of simply pouring lessons down on us. We've learned so much. I would highly recommend this course to everyone.


from Sweden, January 2021

Very high quality training.

Ayano Ito

from France, December 2020

"Pregnancy YTTC online with Swasti yoga"

I felt home with this YTTC by teacher and students. I'm pregnant right now, I had some problems mentally and physically but this course helped me a lot, couldn't be better if I didn't take it. Teacher is always honest with you, he taught about yoga a lot, not only in pregnancy so you will have much time to experience about your life, yourself, your journey and all with your baby(if you are pregnant). It was just amazing time. You will just enjoy to learn, experience and feel yoga every class or even every moment. You might think that's not easy to feel connected with people by online course but it's wrong, you feel comfortable, connected. If you have a question you can ask during class or by message, teacher will take time for you to explain, also students are helpful for you too. They also invited us to join and celebrate together for Ayurveda day, Diwali ceremony and other students graduate ceremony. I was really grateful to celebrate together as part of it.

I'm proud of myself to have done this with them and still be on my journey.

Thank you so much!

Gerda Vasiliauskiene

from Sweden, October 2020

"Eye opening experience "

I really liked the professionalism of teacher and nice balance between spiritual aspects and science behind yoga. It was eye opening experience with understanding of how much knowledge I got during education and realizing how much more is left to learn.

Olympia Barka

from Greece, October 2020

"Amazing experience! Highly recommended!"

Starting into the Pregnancy Yoga course I had some ideas and expectations of what we may be taught, but Swasti Center has exceeded them all and has offered me so much more!

Apart from the wonderful, very professional and in depth teachings of anatomy, physiology, ayurvedic practices and yoga for the different stages of pregnancy, we were also taught a lot about how to personally develop into a better person.

We were constantly challenged to think out of the box, to research, to be creative, to put ourselves into the shoes of our future clients and to push our limits in order to grow.

At the same time our teacher encouraged a feeling of cooperation and we built a beautiful community of brothers and sisters, alongside whom I am looking forward to keep advancing into this beautiful path that is Yoga.

If you are thinking about booking this course, do not think! Just do it and you will be giving yourself a precious gift! I personally already signed up for the kids yoga course as well and I am definitely going to visit Swasti Center, my second family, in India as soon as the circumstances allow it.

Thank you for everything!

지희 최

from Netherlands, October 2020

"Great lecture, affordable price."

Very professional, they are sweet and kind, will listen to you.

I've been learned a lot of things for 2 months even it's an online class.

Veronica Leonard

from Canada, September 2020

"Amazing Experience! So Glad I Chose SWASTI"

I took this online course during COVID-19, so although I can’t speak for the food or accommodations, the whole experience was so amazing for me. The course itself is super well organized and the material is very comprehensive and well paced. What sets SWASTI apart, though, is the quality of the instructors and the sense of community that is fostered. As an international student, I’ve had to work especially with some of the terminology, and my instructors always responded within the day to any inquiry I had. They always made sure every student understood the material. The additional sessions that were optional were an amazing opportunity to learn even more, and there were so many cool opportunities to learn about aspects of Yoga. The sense of community established with our students and instructors was amazing. Overall, SWASTI Yoga truly works with you and wants to see you excel. Incredible energy that I hope you get the chance to experience too. 🙏😄

Karin Raffa

from Malaysia, September 2020

"Excellent training. Highly recommended !"

In-depth training, great structure, very knowledgeable trainer. Excellent course!

Lionel Jeannin

from France, June 2021

"Formation d'excellent niveau à prix modique"

Très haut niveau de connaissance, d'implication et de pédagogie du formateur, et de plus très "sympa".

Au delà de la théorie, communique de manière très ouverte sur la compréhension du yoga (nombreux exemples pertinents)