15 Days 200 Hour Integrated Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica

  • Peace Retreat Costa Rica, Playa Negra, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

15 Days 200 Hour Integrated Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica

  • Peace Retreat Costa Rica, Playa Negra, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training

Swastha Yoga International is a co-creation of Ayurveda (the science of life) and Yoga (the practice of that science) dreamed up by international yoga teachers Serena Arora and Kevin McQuillan. Swastha's mission is to live well, to inspire others to do the same, and to cultivate a community committed to supporting one another in health and prosperity. The word "swastha" is a Sanskrit term meaning to be fully settled in oneself and to maintain this complete healthy state of body and mind throughout our life span. The aim is to use every experience as a window of opportunity in order to cultivate a deeper awareness and insight into the quality and state of our overall health. Through a system that addresses all layers of your Being, you are able to cultivate sensitivity, vitality, efficiency and clarity on all levels; ultimately supporting and leading to an enhanced state of swastha.


  • Daily meditation
  • Daily asana practice
  • Daily practice teaching and discussions
  • 14 nights accommodation
  • 3 meals daily
  • 1 snack daily
  • 15 days with instruction
  • English
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Samadhi suite

Samadhi suite is on the third floor of Casa Yoga. It is a studio suite, with a full, private kitchen, private roof top deck with ocean view, a private bathroom, private queen bed and large sitting area, and private deck overlooking the pool and jungle. This suite is perfect for couples or single occupants.

Om room

Om room is one of two private rooms on the second floor of Casa Yoga. Om Room has a teak desk, armor, one queen size bed, and one single bed, both beautifully constructed out of reforested teak wood. Om room has a great view of our pool and the Costa Rican jungle.

Shanti room

Shanti room is one of two private rooms on the second floor of Casa Yoga. Shanti room has a teak amor, private bath, and a beautiful four-poster large queen size bed, perfect for couples. This room also has a desk, with a great view - all constructed out of reforested teak wood.

Shine room

Shine room is the largest room of Casa Yoga, and is on the first floor. Shine room has one queen sized teak bed, plus one set of bunk beds, a teak desk, and private bathroom. Shine room has the capacity to accommodate an additional set of bunk beds, making it perfect for families. Shine room has indoor access to the fully equipped community kitchen also.

Jungle cabinas

There are six jungle cabinas on this beautiful jungle property. Each cabina was lovingly constructed with reforested teak wood, and contains furnishings of the same. Cabinas have screen-windows, a ceiling fan, safe, closet, and storage space. Cabina guests use the newly constructed community washroom facility.


  • 24-hour pool access
  • Local eco-tours and activities
  • Massage and spa services
  • Prime accommodations
  • Renowned surf and paddle boarding beaches and areas, teachers, and lessons
  • Spanish language immersion classes
  • Use of a fully equipped community kitchen
  • Wireless internet
  • World-class yoga, taught by certified instructors

Each day you will immerse yourself in Asana practice, meditation, yoga history and philosophy, alignment principles, anatomy, practice teaching, Swastha Yoga methodology and personal development work. The team will provide a powerful blend of technical training, experiential learning, and personal development to propel you to new levels of self-expression, contribution and leadership while preparing you to step confidently into a teaching environment. Whether on the path of teaching or to simply deepen your personal practice our 200-Hour Teacher Training will inspire, transform and evolve your way of being! You will learn and integrate Swastha's unique yoga sequence; empowering for everyone and every body.

This program works for you if you are someone who is:

Hungry to deepen and enhance your practice

Interested in the integration of the physical, mental and emotional realms

Aware that consciously evolving your being, your practices, and your relationships is an essential component of life

Passionate about continually expanding your knowledge and capabilities

Committed to contributing to people in a deeply meaningful way.

Then, Swastha Yoga Teacher Training is for you!

The Swastha Yoga Teacher Training conveniently takes place over two consecutive weeks, comprising of 200-hours. Swastha Yoga is a Yoga Alliance 200 & 500 hour Registered Yoga School. Swastha Yoga has decades of training in human development, transformational and experiential learning, coaching, somatics and yoga; and, a deep commitment to contribution, transparency, and real community. We share our experience and knowledge freely, with deep respect and compassion for what it is to be a human being. We are committed to building a community in which each participant experiences being valued, supported, powerfully contributed to, and a sense of belonging. Swastha Yoga is passionate and committed to sharing the practice of yoga. We are excited to build a community of Swastha Yoga teachers and practitioners so all can share, contribute, learn and evolve together.

Week 1:

  • In 100 hours, experience and integrate the Swastha Yoga flow, learn the principles behind its design, and how to teach it effectively.
  • Expand your ability to be, empower and express yourself through developmental practices based on somatics and transformational methodologies.
  • Gain tools for continuing self-evolution.
  • Learn and incorporate the essential practices of being an empowering and inspirational yoga teacher.

Week 2:

  • In 100 hours, learn how to empower your students, not just in their physical practice, but in their evolution as human beings.
  • Further deepen your capacity to teach Swastha Yoga, including physical assists and the cognitive focus.
  • Expand your ability to teach, contribute, inspire, empower, and lead.
  • Develop precision and power in your speaking, compassion, and depth in your listening.
  • Envision and embody an authentic and inspiring purpose from which to generate your teaching and your life.

Typical daily schedule

  • 07:30 - 08:00 Meditation or practice
  • 08:00 - 11:30 Session and discussion
  • 11:30 - 12:30 Break and lunch
  • 12:30 - 15:30 Session and discussion
  • 15:30 - 16:00 Break
  • 16:00 - 17:30 Session, discussion, or practice teaching
  • 17:30 - 18:30 Dinner
  • 18:30 - 22:00 Discussion or exercises
  • Kevin McQuillan

    While working as a civil law enforcement officer in 2003, Kevin was introduced to yoga and quickly discovered the benefits of creating balance between body, mind, and heart. Since then, he has practiced and studied various styles of yoga with a focus on Vinyasa flow. In 2006, Kevin co-founded Yogadown Studios in Calgary, Alberta. Kevin co-founded and co-developed the inspirational yoga teacher trainings in 2007, blending his love of yoga and passion for human development into a unique leadership and teacher training program.

  • Serena Arora

    Serena is an experienced registered yoga teacher 500, Ayurvedic health practitioner, Ayuryoga wellness consultant, professional yoga therapist, and international yoga teacher trainer. With a Bachelor of education and Masters in Holistic Therapy, she is dedicated to authentic integration and practice of yoga, Ayurveda, and wellness on all levels of our being. Having completed many yoga trainings, from Ashtanga to yoga therapy, and Ayurvedic Medicine studies at The Ayurvedic Institute and in India, Serena has been teaching yoga for over 17 years; offering trainings and programs internationally

Peace Retreat Costa Rica is a tranquil and peaceful retreat center, located in Playa Negra, at the heart of Costa Ricas extraordinary northwest Pacific coastline. The retreats intimate setting aims to ensure that every guest receives the personal attention they need, while also providing quiet space and time for self-reflection.

Peace Retreat is a 10-room boutique retreat facility less than half a mile from the town center of Playa Negra, a quaint and friendly surf town and community.

Nearby places

  • Beach - 20 minutes' walk or 5 minutes' drive

All meals, including the dinner on your first night and breakfast on the last day, will be served in this teacher training.

  • Art classes (30 USD per hour)
  • Fishing
  • Horseback riding (60 USD for two hours)
  • Kayaking
  • Latin dance classes (50 USD per hour)
  • Lifestyle coaching (90 USD per hour)
  • Lifestyle consultation (120 USD)
  • Mountain biking (60 USD for two hours)
  • Rafting
  • Sailing
  • Scuba diving
  • Skate boarding
  • Snorkeling (30 USD for two hours)
  • Spanish classes (30 USD per hour)
  • SUP lessons / rentals (60 USD for two hours)
  • Surfing in Tamarindo (60 USD for two hours)
  • Surfing lesson / rentals (75 USD for two hours)
  • Swimming
  • Waterfall hikes (60 USD for two hours)
  • Zip lining (50 USD for two hours)
  • Day trips to Nosara (200 USD)
  • Day trips to Tamarindo (100 USD)
  • Volcanic excursions
  • Acupuncture (60 USD per treatment)
  • Aromatherapy (30 USD per hour)
  • Ayurveda massage (90 USD per hour)
  • Facials (50 USD)
  • Hot stone massage (50 USD per hour)
  • Manicure and pedicure (30 USD)
  • Private meditation (90 USD per hour)
  • Private yoga (90 USD per hour)
  • Reflexology (50 USD per hour)
  • Reiki (60 USD per hour)
  • Relaxation massage (65 USD per hour)
  • Therapeutic massage (85 USD per hour)
  • 14 nights accommodation
  • 200 hours of training
  • All meals
  • All practice teaching, discussion, and sessions
  • Course materials
  • Daily yoga and meditation sessions
  • Airfare
  • Airport shuttles

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Daniel Oduber Quirs International Airport (LIR). Peace Retreat Costa Rica will pick you up from the airport. The pick-up is included in the price.


  • Daniel Oduber Quirs International Airport (LIR) - 1 hour's drive
  • Santa Cruz - 30 minutes' drive
  • Tamarindo - 30 minutes' drive
  • A reservation requires a deposit of 50% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.

Verified BookYogaRetreats.com reviews

  • D
    Review by Diane Rawlinson from United States

    Great retreat settingGreat

    CONS Cons: N/A

    PROS Pros: Great program for those willing to dive deep into yoga, teaching, and personal development.

    2017-Jul-02 01:11:56

  • I
    Review by Anonymous

    Really bad

    CONS Cons: out of 13h training a day we only did like 10% asana practice. The rest of the time we had to listen a lot about personal development (not anatomy or something really related to yoga) and about the power of sharing our thoughts to a community. Also we were Kind of forced to share personal thoughts and experiences otherwise the teacher wanted to know why you don't participate. It was more like a psychotherapy than a yoga teacher training. People were crying a lot and the mood was really depressing (nothing you want to experience in your Holidays) I left after day two and I had to leave within two hours!! They didn't even give me time to figure out what to do now as I was on my own. Also I did not get any refund! not even for the accommodation or the food. Therefore I can not recommend this place and teacher training.

    Organizer response: Greetings Isabel, Thank you for sharing your experience. Of course we are saddened by your choice to leave program two days in. We are confident had you chosen to remain at program you would have gained a broader perspective about our approach, our methodology, and our learning objectives. As you experienced, we believe in the power of sharing our human experience. We offer opportunities for our students to share whatever they feel they are currently working thru, we hold a space of inclusiveness. Our approach is to clear the space to set the stage for listening and learning, fundamental distinctions for being a student. A component to that is addressing what is current in life for each of us. Through this experience much can come up like, joy, sadness, frustration, possibility etc. We welcome and support freedom of expression. In order to do so it requires great trust. We are saddened you feel otherwise. However, we also honor your approach. We believe teaching is sharing, and as such, an angle to our approach is generating the courage to align to whatever is currently happening in our reality and use it as a way to learn, connect, express, teach and grow. As you surely read, Swastha is the sanskrit word meaning to be fully aligned and established in oneself, and in a complete balanced state of optimal health on all levels of our being. This includes domains such as the physical, emotional and cognitive. We believe the level of our studentship informs the quality of our teaching. As such, we explore each domain to create greater overall strength and flexibility and therefore the ability to experience real connection with self and others. Although you feel differently, we believe in our approach. We wish you well Isabel. And, we hold out that you find a style of yoga that aligns with your personal principles and values. Our best to you.

    2017-Jun-28 09:49:52


  • Review by Andrea Lauren

    "My experience with Real Evolution Yoga has been one of evolution for sure! The adventure has caused me to see myself and anyone I meet through open eyes. Im grateful to have this new way of seeing people and life. On my adventure with Real Evolution Yoga, I have become a student, a teacher, a traveler, a friend, and through these eyes I am able to see this mirrored in everyone I meet. This is really just one example of my experience. I have too many to share in this one testimonial, really!"

    "The best part about Real Evolution Yoga is that its never ending. The simple teachings are impactful and can relate in so many situations, and can be applied everywhere. Experiencing Real Evolution Yoga through teacher training programs has provided me a wide selection of tools to be able to live in a way that is flexible. Working with Real Evolution Yoga, I have become flexible in my body, in my heart, and in my mind. As I move forward on my journey, I will take REY with me and share it because I now have that gift to give. Thank you, Real Evolution Yoga!"

    Swastha Yoga International website, edited

  • Review by Kara Anderson

    "I went to be trained to be a yoga instructor. The education I received was so much more than that! I went to the 200-hour Real Evolution Yoga teacher training on a last minute whim. I felt it was a good time to step away from some things in my life. I had been through a divorce, lost three family members within a year, moved, and started a business. I walked away from the Real Evolution Yoga teacher training as a better and much more grounded person."

    "I feel my training not only prepared me for becoming a yoga teacher but also prepared me to live a full authentic life! I am so very excited to attend level 3! Hali and Kevin are beautiful souls and I am truly grateful for their mentorship and their love and support."

    Swastha Yoga International website, edited

  • Review by Kristin Link

    "I have had the incredible opportunity to take both stage 1 and stage 2 with Hali and Kevin, and I feel like it is one of the most powerful things I have ever done for myself on a personal level. This is an amazing program that yogis and non-yogis can benefit from participating in. Hali and Kevin have developed an exceptional program. I guarantee that participants will leave with a feeling of endless possibility, ready to teach inspirational yoga."

    Swastha Yoga International website, edited

  • Review by Kate Furman

    "Thank you both so much. You are amazing. The way you guys go with the flow of the course, based on what is needed, is a great inspiration in itself. I have never felt so supported. I am ready to disrupt business as usual. Keep shining."

    Swastha Yoga International website, edited

  • Review by Jenn Hilmer

    "This course changed my life! I now have the tools to be my authentic self and live my authentic life. Words cannot describe the gratitude I feel. I am so excited to bring this home and share the love."

    Swastha Yoga International website, edited

Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Swastha Yoga International is an integrated yoga teacher training program based on the unique art and science of Ayurveda, yoga, and mindfulness practices.

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15 days / 14 nights

Saturday November 18, 2017
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