Swami Krishnananda Yogashala offers enriching yoga retreats and open general classes, specialized classes, and yoga teacher training.

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Miguel Alfonsin

from Spain, March 2020

"advanced yoga"

the teaching

Kelsey Welch

from United States, January 2020

"If you have the opportunity, come here. "

I have never had an experience comparable to this. You couldn’t ask for more authentic and qualified teachers. Ashutosh, Kadambari, Ashish and the karma yogis work so hard with so much love. This is so much more than a teacher training. Come with sincerity, an open heart and respect for the code of conduct and you will never be the same. I am full of gratitude. Thank you! Om nama shivae

Isabella Bommarito

from Egypt, December 2019

"300hour TTC Integrated Yoga"

Since it was not a Yoga retreat but an educational/formation program, the key points here are the quality of the content, the tools and information provided and the guidance through the permanence, which were all extremely high quality. This program is truly accurate in terms of Yogic life/experience.

Ellen Remue

from Belgium, December 2019

"An educational and wonderful experience"

I went to this course with an open mind and was not sure what to expect, but I can definitely recommend this course. The knowledge of the instructors is extensive. Everyone went out of their way to make the students happy and to help if someone had a problem. Thank you, sir Ashutosh, Kadambari, Ashish and the sweet and helpful karma yogis (Mar, Irena, Monica, Julian) for everything you have done for us. You are all fantastic!


from Thailand, December 2019

"Quality teaching, fabulous program "

Quality teachers, wise, knowledgeable very sincere and open hearted. They embody the true qualities of yoga. Course is very, very well thought out. The team (teachers and karma yogis) ensures you’re well taken care of. Much attention to details is given. Highly recommend the course.

Sevastiani Memo

from Greece, December 2019

"Very satisfying course"

The teachers are very qualified and I gained a lot of knowledge from them😍

Myriam Espinoza

from India, November 2019

"Muy mal, el profesor y director de la academia es grosero "

Hamish Macmillan

from Nepal, October 2019

"The journey within starts with stepping outside of yourself"

The vast knowledge shared by the teachers/ instructors comes with compassion, love and understanding. The course instills an understanding of the yogic lifestyle and philosophy beyond asana, pranayama and other yogic disciplines. A deeper understanding that yoga is fundamentally a journey towards becoming a better person and many of the best 'yogis' have never formally practised yoga but rather lived a life that aligns with its values - such as self surrender,self study and self discipline

. I enjoyed every element of the course and feel like I Iearnt alot about myself and yoga. The course was very intense and tiring but the kirtan at the end of the day was always an uplifting/ rejuvenating experience. I highly recommend this ashram/course to anybody interested in learning about yoga, teaching, improving themselves and having a completley profound personal/shared experience


Alina Charnavusava

from Italy, October 2019

I like

Thato Gaboitsiwe

from Botswana, August 2019

"Best Place to learn Yoga"

This is the best place to learn about yoga. I got more than what I actually paid for. This is not a school but a family too because they care about the well-being of their students at all times.

I'm definitely coming back in the future.

Raul Villarreal

from India, August 2019

"THank you"

I went to this place looking for a deeper knowledge of yoga, I ended with a deeper knowledge of myself. Everything that I could post falls short of what this place gave me. I’ve been to many yoga places throughout the work. I can say that Inteyoga is one of the very few in which I felt the true spirit and honesty of the people that runs it. I feel honored to be able to bring its to myself and the ones surrounding me from now on.

Ravi Patil

from India, August 2019

"Best 30 days of my life"

Wonder Shala, superb location, mouth watering food, wonderful fellow Yogis, fantastic group. Had the time of my life which I will cherish all my life. And finally Ashutosh sir and Kadambari ma'am, I love them. I learnt so much from them. I'm so grateful that I universe guided me to do my TTC here. Thank you 🙏🧘

Aryanie Amellina

from United States, June 2019

"A wonderful learning experience "

Having enjoyed the benefits of yoga from casual practice over the last few years, I went to India to properly learn what yoga is and how to share it as a teacher with those who want to learn.

I am deeply grateful that I went to, among many other schools, Krishnananda Yoga Vidyapeeth. I would support the well-deserved recommendations for this school.

Sir Ashutosh and Madam Kadambari taught us, taught me, about yoga and being a yogi more than what I was hoping for. They approached teaching with modesty, openness, sincerity, and love. Any relevant question will not be discouraged of unanswered, classes were set appropriately balanced with casualness.

The school encouraged us to wonder, to seek understanding from our own selves, to challenge ourselves physically to our limit and mentally, to be selfless and respectful. We were given rules and requests for our own benefit but we were treated as adults. The school is also very wise in judgments, we always had an opportunity to improve: we were drawn to self reflection and self improvement based on that.

I understood yoga, myself, and my body better after this program. I learned the basic of teaching and the confidence to teach. I left with my answers for things I was questioning and future plans. Each of us left with different learning outcomes, but we were all thankful.

Thank you Krishnananda Yoga Vidyapeeth for your kindness and knowledge that you shared. I am forever grateful. Much love.

(Aryanie, Indonesia)

Susana Santos

from United States, May 2019


I liked everything :) Just book, and go see for yourself!

Imron Zulfikar

from Indonesia, March 2019

An extraordinary experience, I am a person who is very fortunate to meet them both, sir Ashutosh & Kadambari, they are truly amazing teachers. Thankyou for everything, thank also for Karma yoga team, Lova, Maya & Ashish they are really helpful.

I wish I can come back there again oneday.

Jim Stewart

from Great Britain, March 2019

"Just submit and go there.... "

You won't find an experience like this anywhere...

Oscar Bravo

from Australia, January 2019

"A deeply transformative experience "

This is a fantastic program. I can't recommend it highly enough. It's hard to see changes in yourself, but when others comment, it's undeniable.

When I arrived home from the ashram, the first thing my flatmate said was, "You look different. Did you lose weight?" First day back at work, a colleague said, "You're completely transformed, just glowing with happiness." At my yoga studio, a friend said, "Wow, Oscar! I saw you from across the room. You're absolutely radiating." Thank you, Dr Ashutosh, Kadambari and Ashish for your inspirational guidance. I hope to come back and study with you again.

Huong Vu

from India, January 2019

"Amazing Genuine Yoga"

The first place I've found in India that they don't make Yoga a business. A peaceful place, great teachers, amazing sattvic vegetarian foods...I'm truly grateful to know them and to be with them for a month. They're so beautiful people with lots of love and compassion. They do what they teach and they share whatever they have if possible. I'm much more healthy and happy now. I was also inspired to live a simple, peaceful, happy life and to help other people.

I know it's never enough to say but thank you so so much my teachers and my friends.


from India, January 2019



from Spain, January 2019

"Positive experience !!!!"

Everything , the place , the people , the good .....Highly recommended !!!

Wai Kan

from Great Britain, January 2019

"Incomparably generous content and outstanding teachers"

The richness of the experience owe to the depth of knowledge, the kindness, patience, insightfulness and generous of the teachers. The joy of being in a big group, the camaraderie between us was a great source of comfort and support. Absolutely unforgettable. The experience was way beyond my expectations. I feel blessed to have found this course.

Andrea Torres Gaviria

from Colombia, December 2018

"The best investment in my life. "

I absolutely love everything. The place is amazing, the teachers are wonderful people. The teachings were great. So much love and knowledge to share. So grateful i had the chance to learn from the best!


from Nepal, December 2018

"Super deep inner experiense"

I like that it is so compleet courese. It is not just about yoga and how to accive asanas.It is about what yoga is as a fundamental knowledge which halpes you in life ( how to leave life).

Teachers are ready to help any moment when you need it. In another side i was learning to realize and understand things bymyself whith guidence of teachers even withiut words. From the begining i trust those two people with open heart and soul compleetly.

Anastasiia Tsibareva

from Cambodia, December 2018

"The best experience in Yoga "

This is the best my time in Yoga. 30 days like 3 day on one positive happiness way. A lot of nice practices Shatkarmas, Asanas, Mantas, Pranayamas, Mitahara, Yoga Nidra, Tratakas, Kirtan and other tools Hatha Yoga and Yoga Therapy. Useful lecture about philosophy Yoga, yogic life style, physical body, treatment my yogic tools. Big greatest to the Teachers and Karma yogis🙏🏼

Valeria Freundt

from Qatar, December 2018

"Amazing experience! Qualified and inspiring instructors!"

The instructors' qualifications, their ability to teach and inspire students.

I learned more than I expected and was impressed with Dr. Ashutosh's extensive knowledge about yoga, Ayurveda and other subjects. His teaching method engaged students in interesting debates.

It was a pleasure to learn from Mrs. Kadambari about asanas and important tips on how to avoid injuries.

Yao Yu Wu

from Sweden, November 2018

"Best Yoga Teacher Training"

1. Teacher training and yoga therapy. This course is not only a yoga teacher training but also yoga therapy. Students get to learn asanas, teaching techniques, anatomy, ayuvedic lifestyle, health problems and physical capabilities. 2. Challenge yourself but not overdo it. I like the way our teachers always encourage students to challenge themselves without getting hurt. 3. Language. Students are from different cultures, not everyone can fully understand Indian English and Sanskrit words. Our teachers are very patient. They will repeat or slow down a bit and answer all kinds of questions. 4.There're breaks in between classes though this is an intensive course. Students can use time to rest, study or have a walk in the beautiful garden. 5.Teachers are very caring. Some students do get sick during the course. Teachers would always like help out. 6.Dorm rooms are simple but very clean and tidy. Toilets are western style with hand held sprayer. Plus, there's hot water in the shower, so much better than I expected!!

Seema Khanna

from Kenya, November 2018

"Loved Swami Krishna Nanda Yogashala "

Hello There,

My name is Seema Khanna and i live in Mombasa Kenya.

This note is to say a big BRAVO! To Krishna Nanda Yogashala in Mysore where i went for a 200 hours TTC Training from 26th of September till 25th of October 2018 which i had booked with Book Yoga Retreats . This was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I have to say i was a bit apprehensive as i am 60 years old and had not done much yoga in the past. But the complete acceptence and encouragement was amazing.The training the personal growth the perfect mix of love and discipline of the teachers towards all the students. The beautiful clean environment and a wonderful group of co learners.

One of the biggest lesson i learnt is how to co exist with a group with complete harmony understanding and love. Learnt to share each others joys and sorrows. A truely great experience.

I would recommend this to anyone who is truely wants self improvement, is not scared of working hard and wants something blissful for the soul.

I wish the Yogashala all the best and its wonderful teachers and support group all the best and Gods choicest blessings.

Om Namah Shivaya

With Thanks


Luis Rincón

from Spain, October 2018

"A lifetime experience"

We weren't not being only taught in a wide way what yoga is, but we lived it from deep inside of our heart, mind and soul thanks to the know how of those big souls that showed us their knowledge and their love, treating us and making us feel as a unique being, like yoga is supposed to be.

Akanksh Gopal

from India, October 2018

"Thanks for so much of love and compassion"

Yogic lifestyle, we could understand the medical & scientific way of practical.

Kerstin Winter

from Indonesia, October 2018

"Abuse, neglect and no certificate at Swami Krishnananda Yoga"

the location is beautiful, but the landlord said he will not rent the space out to them much longer, as he feels financially taken advantage of by Ashutosh and is embarrassed by Ashutosh's pretentious and arrogant demeanor whenever guests visit.

Calvin Thapa

from India, October 2018

"Anil Review"

Location of Ashram, people and the course structure.

Levi -

from Somalia, October 2018


I hope that this excerpt can be used to justify any wrongful accusation and or any attempt made to discredit and or to defame Swami Krishnananda Hatha Yoga Vidyapeeth including all its staff especially director and co-director Yogacharya Dr. Ashutosh Agarwal and Ms. Kadambari respectively.

First of all, let me express endless gratitudes towards the ashram, especially to Yogacharya Dr. Ashutosh and Ms. Kadambari. They are depiction of true teachers who always have been extremely humble. They stay true with their teachings. I and - I believe - other 30some of us have been blessed to have this incredible learning opportunity from them. So much so, that many of us are continuing for more courses. They have not just taught us lessons but have open up our hearts to be more lovable person. I do not think I would have sufficient words to describe how beatiful and caring our gurus Dr. Ashutosh and Kadambari are. I personally can not thank them enough on how much I have learned about myself towards this journey. The course itself is the most affordable throughout India if not the world. I believe it is due to their sincerity of sharing knowledge and spreading love instead of a mere skill-monetizing. That said, I am discombobulated for the fact that any person would complaint about anything during the course, let alone any attempt to wrongly accuse and insult credibility of Dr. Ashutosh and degrade anyone within the institution.

Nathalie Marcant

from United States, May 2019

"An extraordinary journey"

Teachers are very supportive, kind and true, lectures and yoga classes are perfectly leaded, these 4 weeks are an amazing experience. Love.


from United States, April 2019

"Way more and better Yoga than only Asana-practice"

This was my second teachertraining and I really liked the afternoon sessions internal yoga along with the yoga nidra and of course I,ve enjoyed the asana practice in the morning too. Food was very nice and tasty. They really looked after the people during the course and it was very rewarding to stay on the compound of the Ashram outside of Mysore and focus on the yogic lifestyle, without disturbance. The compound was a few month old and is not 100% finished yet but it works fine already.

Olga Kalinina

from United States, January 2019

"Life changing experience"

It was absolutely marvelous experience. Simple but very well designed daily schedule, interesting content of the lectures,super healthy food cooked with love and most importantly super qualified teachers. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity to be part of this wonderful course and to learn so much. Best wishes and looking forward to participate in another program at Swami Krishnananda Yogashala.

Sarah Zinelabidine

from United States, January 2019

"Amazing experience, I just could recommend this place."

I liked the way they teach. It was an amazing experience with lovely people. The programme is intense but they make everything to help us, the teaching is SUPER, everything and everyone was SUPER :) thank you !!!!


from Great Britain, December 2018

"Mixed feelings but Absolutely no regrets "

Everyone was extremely friendly. I had the feeling of being in a family. The other students were really nice and helpful. Also the teachers were very supportive. Especially the physical part of the ytt was very good. I learned a lot about my body during Asana-classes. Kadamberi is a great teacher, very calm but also straight forward. I absolutely enjoyed her classes. I could have done them the whole day through. She has such a calming voice and makes you feel peaceful and confident. Also the Karma-Yogis were so great and always helpful if someone needed anything.

The Ashram itself was on a beautiful Agricultural-farm in the middle of nowhere. It was very peaceful. During the whole stay I felt absolutely peaceful. There were monkeys, a cat and two cows, coconut palmtrees, lemontrees, a lake and a beautiful environment overall. I have a lot of respect for the teachers and the Karma-Yogis who did such a great job. And I’m thankful for all the people I got to know and am still friends with.

Gulnara Kuzbayeva

from United Arab Emirates, December 2018

"An island of hope and true dedication"

In the days when yoga has become a business, Kadambari and Dr. Ashutosh have created with their school a small island of true devotion where people can learn the true meaning of yoga. Here it is taught that yoga goes beyond physical aspects and teachers do live what what they teach. Both have an incredible amount of knowledge that they skillfully pass on to their students. I chose this school for my first educational trip to India because I was specifically looking for a place where I could fill in the gaps in my education, gain new knowledge and skills. I could not foresee that I would be "forced" to examine myself thoroughly, to face my fears and doubts, and finally to get strengthened in the belief that I am on the right track. The price of the course is really low in comparison to another schools even in Mysore, but the reason is not lack of educational quality or certifications, but the intention to let everyone who wants to learn to have a chance. Apart from the inner work, which, as it turned out, was urgently needed, I was able to improve my physical fitness, the quality of my asanas, pranayama and concentration. Thank you, Kadambariji and Dr.Ashutosh for sharing your love, dedication, knowledge so generously.

Celeste Goldschlager

from Indonesia, November 2018

"Enseñanza de corazón. Superb!!!"

En este ttc de Yoga encontré todo lo que buscaba. Enseñanza seria y con fundamento de parte del Doctor Ashutosh y amor de la Maestra Kadambari. No tengo más que agradecer esta hermosa experiencia, donde no solo aprendí sino crecí a nivel personal. Cada día fue una prueba y desafió hacia uno mismo, tanto a nivel físico como espiritual. Gracias, gracias, gracias. Espero volver pronto. Celeste


from France, November 2018

I would like to express my eternal gratitude and respect towards Yogacharya Dr. Ashutosh and Kadambari for their dedication to transmit some of the most honorable values in this world. I also thank their closed ones and all the fellow students who attended the course for creating a studious, joyful, inclusive and supportive atmosphere during our stay in the yogashram. /

I was offered a highly qualitative and pluridisciplinary teaching in an open to debate atmosphere. Most importantly, I experienced the beauty of living harmoniously as a community, gathering people from diverse horizons in a safe, natural and communicative climate. We would support each others, solve any issues together, work and focus and then celebrate hands in hands. This is the kind of yoga teacher I would aspire to become, having faith in the practice of asanas, pranayama and other yogic techniques, but always keeping in mind that unconditional love and support of the Self and of the Others (whatever their background and beliefs may be) is essential. /

We received so much love, kindness and humble guidance to be able to challenge ourselves through patience and humility.

/ Mona from France

Oscar Pedreira

from India, October 2018

"Una experiencia maravillosa :-)"

Un entorno tranquilo en la naturaleza y unos instructores muy humanos con los que disfrutar aprendiendo acerca de la vida , uno mismo y el Yoga. Muy especial la energia de este curso.

Rike Wagner

from Switzerland, October 2018

"Here you experience the real yoga"

In Yoga swami k. you get a real transmission from the most beautiful teachers , how yoga is ...and was in the past! It is so deep and profound and every student is developing on every possible level! Today yoga is a buissnes and money machine in Europe and India. I always made wishes to find a authentic place. And here it is like this.. you need to be honest to yourself what you want in life and where you wanna go.if you really wanna develop fast and in a perfect way,come here. But be aware that this is not always the easiest way.you just have one possibility here..to look at yourself and who you really are. I am thankful for my beautiful and precious teachers Dr.Ashutosh and kadambari.. I will come back soon.i love you!