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Swami Krishnananda Yogashala offers enriching yoga retreats and open general classes, specialized classes, and yoga teacher training.

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K. Ashutosh

Yogacharya Dr. K. Ashutosh is the disciple of Swami Krishnananda Ji Maharaj of Divine Life Society in Rishikesh. Certifications: MBBS, DPH&H, DcCH , NDDY, PGDY, Ayurved Ratan, D.Ac, PGDSM, and PhD (Yoga). Formerly, he was a lecturer at Bapu Nature Cure Hospital and Yogashram, International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres.

Kadambari C.P.

Kadambari has been awarded gold medals in the 13th National Yoga Competition 1994, State Yoga Competition 1995, third International Yoga Competition 1995, Open National Yoga Competition 1999, State Yoga Competition 2000, and Artistic Yoga World Cup Argentina 2002. She has also participated in Yogashiromani (SYVNC).

Reviews 10

Bryan Thiele

from United States, September 2018

"Best Teacher Training Course (TTC) of All Time"

Not only do you learn the most important and scientific aspects of yoga as a whole, you will also experience tremendous personal growth if you truly invest yourself in the course. A challenging and fulfilling month in every sense - physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Hoda Elkoussi

from United Kingdom, September 2018

"It's where you will find happiness"

Can't thank them enough for the valuable knowledge and learning. It was such an amazing experience taking us through the whole journey, accommodating to all our requests and suggestions. Transforming us from beginners to confident teachers who can spread the knowledge and happiness everywhere. I will sure go back for my 300 hour certificate.

A testimony : I used to use my inhaler daily and since arriving and starting doing the purification techniques daily I never used for the whole month and probably won't even need it again

Just one more suggestion: There should be more variety during lunch, some days it was just rice and not everyone can eat rice for 28 days

Emmanuel Renaud

from United States, August 2018

"Emmanuel's review"

They went an extra mile to make sure we learned everything we needed to learn. Their goals were to make sure that we live a happier life than we had before by using Yoga as a lifestyle. They guys with whom I shared the dorm with were very supportive and friendly. I will miss them. We were like family. Thanks guys!

Emily Hockey-levy

from India, July 2018

"Amazing training the best I've ever heard about or been to"

Such a deeply transformative experience

Benjamin Petersen

from Vietnam, July 2018

"Challenge yourself. Worth every moment."

Amazing experience! I have learned so much during this intense teacher training but know it is just the beginning of the journey. Dr. Ashutosh and Kadambari have provided me with the foundation, challenges, and mindset I needed to truly start bringing the benefits of yoga into my life.

This is not an easy, laid-back or fancy experience but you will get back 10x what you give. Openness, awareness, honesty, trust and discipline will take you very far. I came to improve my personal practice but I am now excited and confident to share what I know with others as I continue to learn.

Michal Tereszczenko

from India, July 2018

Anna Rutkowska

from India, July 2018

"Application of Yoga in every moment"

Its hard to describe how greateful and blessed I feel to have learnt from such a great Teachers! They are a great example what the Yoga is and you see it in every moment. Also every detail of the schedule is planned accordingly to Yoga, to natural rhythm of the body and to the practices you do. There is even no one random or unnecessary thing.

The food is simple and purely Satvic, but also very delicious.

Teachers are extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and treat everyone individually knowing that everyone has got another background experience and another difficulties to work on.

The course is an entire, perfectly designed process where every element serves for taking you deeper to the practice.

Absolutely the best Yoga place where I have been (and I have been to few).

Jasper Van Remundt

from India, August 2018

"Amazing experience"

Damn where do I need to start. This place is magic, it was far beyond my expectations, especially for this price. Dr ashutosh is a honorable man, he is so wise and knows how to connect yoga with scientific facts! Kadambari is very calm and is such a good yoga teacher, she has so much experience, and knows how to bring the message over! The location and food is awesome, very nice vegan food and green gardens. It's magical and I already miss this place, but will soon come back😊

Ana Henriquez

from Spain, August 2018

"unforgettable experience "

Kadambari, the best teacher of yoga and very sweet person and Sir Ashutosh is a very good professional of the health and good teacher on the lectures and yoga nidra. Both have given me fundamental tools to continue my yoga's life way. Pure love to them.

Testimonials 3


Swami Krishnananda Yogashala website

I am very happy with the course in general . You have inspired me a lot . Today I can see that everything that has happened was for a purpose , to put ourself in front of our Self , face to face , naked . The real test is with ourselves and see if we are aware of it . I think and am sure that you both know your subject Very well . Please keep me posted for the coming courses schedule and keep in touch . I will miss you a lot .Also call me up if you need help in other courses . It will be a pleasure in helping you in any way . Can not stop saying thank you .I am sorry [not]


Swami Krishnananda Yogashala website

Thank you , my dream when I was in France was to find a yoga course like yours .Passion , heart n love sharing with full presence .I was hoping to find a donation based course but I thought it may not even exist .You made my dream come true and I believe in what you do because money is filtering perception and like this we can only surrender & be thankful to what you offer . I can not question your truth & honesty , your commitment because you live yoga in a profound way and that is the biggest teaching for me I commit myself to live on the path of yoga with all my heart & efforts . You were / are the best teachers , friends & inspiration I could have dream off . Pure & authentic … I can only want to walk on your track .Thank you for making this possible . Thank you for your love , patience , kindness , firmness , smiles , glittering eyes , answers , compassion , teachings , living yoga & sharing it ,I will follow you from far n close , you are in my heart forever .you are blessed . Thank you


Swami Krishnananda Yogashala website

Thank You !! It is so rare to find someone who is living what he is teaching, I really appreciate your authenticity, honesty and strength to admit also your limits, this is the inspiring aspect that attracts me to this Shala. This course in particular could have been more intense. I feel, I did not use my full potential but I am sure you had your reasons for it and as we have to consider every member of the group I understand to take it easy when people who already struggle with sickness are having a hard time. Thank you for forcing me to sing Kirtan. I really had to overcome me to do that. Thank Kadambari for leading the Sun Salutation in such a flowing way that I totally forgot myself. Also, I loved how personal the course has been instead of the relatively big number of participants.

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