To spread authentic yoga teachings integrated with a way of life that brings harmony into your relationships with other beings and with the planet.

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Kilian Hübinger

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Teodora Petkova

from United States, July 2021

"An incredible week disconnecting from the chaos"

Killian and his family were super accommodating and make you feel like part of the family. He, as an instructor, is super knowledgable and had answers for every possible yoga-meditation question I could conceive of. He takes the time to correct your postures individually and explains the importance of doing things right...not just doing them. The early morning meditations were always accompanied by plenty of blankets and cushions and hot teas which make them as plesant as a meditation at 7 am can be for someone who prefers to wake up at noon 😛 Now...the food....WOW, Maria (his partner) puts so much love and care into every meal and it shows. I have never tried to be vegetarian but after spending a week there I realize I could (willingly) avoid animal products because the food was restaurant worthy and each day lunch and dinner were always varied! Plus they always keep a giant bowl of assorted fruits out for you to snack on between meals if you get hungry. The evening activities were always my favorite part of the day because you get to bond with the other group members and feel like part of a community. Furthermore the area where the retreat is has hundreds of trails which I attempted to explore in the freetime. Note however that its easy to get lost and downloading the free Alltrails app is a good idea if you're planning to explore. Lastly I recommend booking the bell tent for comfort as it provides a bigger bed and light which were useful for reading in the evenings!!


from Great Britain, July 2021

"Simple & Special Retreat"

simplicity at its best, great yoga & mediation practices, delicious food, and special location.

Siska Szewczykowski

from Belgium, July 2021

"Wauw, topervaring! "

Kilian and his family were awesome! Also the volunteers, the other people who live there and the people who was joining for de yoga and meditation, everyone was one by one fantastic, they made us feel home, we shared conversations, ideas, peace, hugs. And Maria, WOW, she can make the best food!!! She really cooks with love, i could taste that, also there was always enough food. Killian also gave the yoga- and meditationsessions from his haert, i really enjoyed and learned from it! The place where we stayed was fucking awesome!!! It is in full nature with all the stuff you need to go back to basic, we had an outhouse, a shower (kilian told us that it was only cold water, but i went for a shower in the afternoon and it was nice and warm,becaus of the sun shined on the water pipes for the whole day, that was a very nice surprise that it wasn´t a cold shower), you were full on in the mountains and nature ’ there was a little creek where i liked to sit in my free time. It was all peace in my mind and peace in my haert! Kilian, Maria and the kids thank you for making me feel welcome and at home in your beautifull space! And i am coming back with my daughter , because she has to see how beautiful mother nature can be and how beautiful peaple can be! Respect for you guys!! Much love, Sis

Nausikaä El-mecky

from Spain, August 2020

"Amazing location, great & unusual yoga practice"

A beautiful location, gorgeous tent, delicious food and a thoroughly dedicated yoga teacher.

Cristina Piñol

from Spain, July 2021

"Retiro 7 dias Hatha yoga y meditación"

Toda la estancia fue excelente. Un poco difícil los primeros días respecto no estar acostumbrada a meditar tanto tiempo al dia pero me ha abierto a empezar una rutina diaria en mi casa cosa que estoy muy contenta.

Alicia Pb

from Spain, July 2021

"Realmente vuelves con el corazón radiante."

Nunca había meditado realmente y menos aún había estado haciéndolo al amanecer...y menos aún sin café (cosa que no fue tan dura al final) Tampoco había hecho este tipo de yoga tan especial...

Admito que me ha resultado duro. Duro porque me emperraba en retener en la vida.

Y admito que ha sido maravillosamente transformador. Aún siento el eco de la práctica en mi corazón en cada paso que voy dando, liberado y tranquilo.

Medito cada mañana y están surgiendo cambios en mi vida, pequeños, pero potentes.

Lo recomiendo muchísimo!

Killian y María son maravillosos y sus hijos ...únicos!🧡

Gracias por brindar esta experiencia...


Marta Maximiano Dolado

from Spain, August 2020

"Mejor de lo que espetaba"

Me encantó el respeto y equilibrio del retiro y la naturaleza. La integración de nosotros con el entorno y la naturalidad con la que se realiza.

Me llevó muchos recursos espirituales, técnicas y nuevos conocimientos gracias a esta experiencia.

Me siento feliz al haber hayado a un instructor y familia tan auténtico y coherente con su filosofía de vida. Y una comunidad integrada con todos los elementos; agua, aire, tierra y sol ☀.

La alimentación amorosamente mimada, ecológica es procedente de su propio huerto, es reequilibrante.

En difinitiva, una experiencia plena que anhelo volver a repetir en un futuro.

Muchas gracias 🙏