Surya Yoga and Healing offers you methods that work on your vital energy such as yoga, dance, meditation, massage, relationships, creativity development, spiritual leadership, and many more.

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Alida Del Bianco

Lucia M. Omričen

Maja Lelandais

Vesna Kodžoman

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Susanne Cusina

from Switzerland, September 2018


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Surya Yoga and Healing website

This has been my first yoga retreat experience and I didn’t know what to expect, except for healthy food and daily yoga practice. Since I don’t know a lot about different yoga styles, this was completely new for me. Nevertheless, I still managed to do the yoga practice like everybody else because the teachers were very dedicated and patient with us during all of the classes. At first, I was missing my daily dynamic routine, sometimes I was even bored with the other retreat guests. I didn't have the patience for waiting on people to get together so we could start our yoga practice, I wanted to do it my way. However, now, from this perspective, I see that it was a big lesson for me and the point of the retreat. It is normal to feel the resistance and not know how to let go, to expect changes to come right away because that’s our mind/ego talking. Also, I’ve realized that all of the answers are within us, and teachers are here to help us become more aware and to start to listen, quite the background noise and the ego. Through spending time with different people, we learn a lot about ourselves, we develop the feeling of love – towards ourselves, others, accepting everything and surrendering. Surrender – that was my favorite word from the retreat. At the end of the retreat, I felt such a strong connection with the other people that it was hard for me to leave. But when I left, I felt immense happiness. I was driving home and I felt fullness in my soul and immense gratitude. I am happy for being a part of this retreat, for having the opportunity of meeting everyone and learning something new. I am happy because others accepted me since I had troubles accepting myself in the first place. The location and the food were amazing, teachers full of love, understanding, knowledge, and patience. I got a lot more than I expected!

Monika Petrovic

Surya Yoga and Healing website

My first encounter with the Surya Centre was a Thai massage in a pleasant and peaceful ambiance, with Lucija’s energy which made the massage even more amazing. This massage was a combination of energetic pressure and a gentle touch of oil, the energy quickly submerged into my body. I felt the release of some blockages, of accumulated everyday stress; I was even not aware of how much my body was affected. I recommend the massage to everyone, as well as the other activities in the centre as it has a really positive and regenerating vibe due to the space and the pleasant hosts (Alida, Lucia, Vesna).

Tanja Milicic

Surya Yoga and Healing website

Surya is a place of peace and mental and physical regeneration, a place where I am learning to find myself, to be with myself. For many long years I have been suffering from a combination of depression and general anxiety which I was treating with psychiatric support, as well as a few alternative forms of healing. The recovery was long and slow, more so because I did not know how to help myself, due to fear of myself and my own abilities and powers I relied on support from others far too much. Only when I came to Surya, I began to relax and accept that my inner strength is not a threat, but the complete opposite, the safest way to spiritual and physical regeneration, to a healthy me. My teacher Lucija is a miraculous combination of life energy, inner peace, wisdom, and physical strength that she unselfishly conveys to her students. During yoga for the spine, Hatha Flow, or Restorative Yoga, she clarifies/describes/analyses every movement, every breath, each asana from a physical, emotional and spiritual point of view. Her eloquence, combined with an extremely good knowledge of the anatomy of the body, Indian philosophy, i.e. spirituality and incredible patience, has almost a poetic-like effect on me, and I am sure on others, too. After class, in the dressing room we often comment on how Lucija, though so extremely young, is infinitely mature, wise and naturally gifted to work with people and transfer knowledge. An important element of Surya is its stunning spacious, limpid, practical and beautifully decorated space which due to its position has direct contact with the Earth and the Sun. In conclusion, Surya brought back the long lost balance in my life.


Surya Yoga and Healing website

My first encounter with Thetahealing teaching was, I think, around 2009. I was reading a magazine about healthy living and that is when I saw this text inviting people to a seminar where you would be able to in a very natural, effective and deep way get rid of a lot of mental blockages and fears, which are stopping you in your personal development and such things. The presentation took place in Svetvinčenat, the leaders were Alida Del Bianco and another guest teacher from Israel. It sounded very interesting. I went to listen, to participate and to see what it is. Already by entering the room where the teachers and attendants were, I felt much more at ease and relaxed. At the same time, very mildly, I saw my thoughts becoming more focused on my own life, on the things in it which are not right, things which I would like to change. Incredible, but despite being a very introspective and analytical person, I have never noticed these things before. To be exact - I had a great fear of dealing with them, looking back at my life through the years, it was conceived in such a way which allowed me to protect myself from facing my own fears, which I subconsciously so fiercely avoided.

And now, just sitting in that room and watching others, talking to each other, this fear was no longer terrible at all, but on the contrary, it was a great, wonderful wish I was very frightened of fulfilling - because of negative experiences, imposed fears, collective consciousness and other things. I found all of this out later, once I started going to Theta healing seminars, and also through individual treatments which I had with Alida.

I found a method that perfectly fits me, which I could fit into my own way of thinking, which does not tolerate fixed conceptions of world and life, closed systems and imposed opinions.

While practicing this method, my consciousness, on the contrary, became more open and more flexible, and all knowledge I gained by attending these seminars could fit nicely with my knowledge of the history of philosophy and psychology, as well as the history of art, complementary medicine, my love for nature, healthy nutrition, yoga and the more natural and complete way of life. I am grateful for the good fortune and privilege that the master of this method lives in the same city as I do, and that I can turn to her for help whenever I am in need. By using her knowledge and skillfulness, Alida helped me improve my life much more than I would otherwise dare.

I am now an experienced adventurer on this journey, on which I learn how to get as deeply and profoundly acquainted with myself and the divine purpose of my existence as possible. This helps me to move forward in life, more clearly and peacefully, and to know how to act in my own environment and community not only for my own benefit, but for the benefit of all.

Tatjana Gromača Vadanjel, writer and journalist, professor of philosophy and literary historian from Pula

In life, everything happens for a reason. That’s why we meet people, because that’s just how it was meant to be. A little more than a year and a half ago “something” drew me to the Thetahealing course in Pula and this is where I met Alida. Already after my first class, my life started to change positively and noticeably, I started to change. I have freed myself from many blockages and obstacles holding me back in various areas of life. Encouraged and attracted by this, I completed several courses and I am able to heal others now. Thetahealing, thanks to Alida, fascinated me and has now become a part of my everyday life. Alida is not just a "teacher", she invests much more in the courses, she invests herself.

With great patience and even more love, she unselfishly gives the knowledge she already has and that she has acquired by helping a large number of people with mental, physical and even the most untreatable diseases. During the treatment, you feel special, important and as if all her attention is directed towards you because what she does, she does with her heart. You will also feel great trust and honesty with which she simply radiates. That’s how an aura of a great healer and spiritual teacher affects you. Weather you need a treatment or want to go to a class, you will be perfectly pleased.