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Surf Maroc is Morocco's leading surf company providing unique and unrivalled surfing and yoga holidays, incredible service at stunning beachside locations.

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8 Days Yoga Surf Retreat in Morocco

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from US$982
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8 days / 7 nights

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Lisa began her yoga practice in 2008, having found it complimentary and healing after years of being a dancer.She completed her 200-hr training through YogaWorks in 2015 & has been teaching ever since.She mixes the styles of Ashtanga & Baptiste Power Yoga for a core-based vinyasa flow that offers deep opening of the body while making you sweat.Her classes focus on alignment & self-awareness & encourage students to find a balance between effort and ease.She also teaches yin yoga as a compliment to the more powerful styles.Lisa is passionate about travel & has taught yoga around the world.


Grounded in sports science and personal training,Adam’s approach to yoga is one that honours development of inner awareness & explores the range of the human body through guided alignment & energizing flows to suit all levels of ability. Born & raised in beautiful Cornwall in the United Kingdom, he has studied extensively in Northern India completing trainings with The Vinyasa Yoga School, the soulfully led Yoga Vini, Laughter Yoga (with United Minds) & Thai-Yoga Massage (Himilayan Zen School).He has thought vinyasa, hatha and restorative yoga he has taught in different continents.

Testimonials 24

  • Tarryn Lazarus United Kingdom

    Surf Maroc Facebook page

    Just back from an unbelievable trip with surf maroc. The staff are incredible...starting with the warm welcome and assistance throughout from Craig and Rihanna to our fantastic yoga teachers and our absolutely awesome surf instructor Molly! The villa accommodation is right on the beach and offers the most delicious meals - starting with my favourite Nutella pancakes for breakfast - a great lunch pack on the beach after a surf and ending with tasty tagines for dinner. Highly recommend this holiday! Great vibes, good friends and grand memories. Thanks to all at surf maroc!

  • Lucy Arnold United Kingdom

    Surf Maroc Facebook page

    Just returned from a week in Surf Maroc's Taghazout Villa on the coaching special package. Great value for money, great location, extremely helpful and friendly staff, energetic and enthusiastic surf guides, regardless of variable surf conditions. A great destination for first time surfers looking for a reasonably priced, flexible and authentic Moroccan break. I will be back for sure. Thanks team TV!

  • Steph

    Surf Maroc

    Fabulous experience. We were looked after extremely well. Friendly, approachable, and supportive of us all the time and the whole group. Everything taken care of and no worries at all. My heart is leaving very full and I hope that our paths meet again with me back here.

  • Oli

    Surf Maroc

    I thought it would be good but I was surprised at how good everything was. The villa, yoga, surfing, and friendly teachers were amazing.

  • Sabine

    Surf Maroc

    Just absolutely fantastic. I love the fresh, tasty, healthy food. Spectacular time.

  • Justine

    Surf Maroc

    I loved the retreat. I will recommend to everyone.

  • Mops

    Surf Maroc

    The most idyllic few days away. Ill love the memories forever. Only positive comments.

  • Philippa

    Surf Maroc

    It was all absolutely fantastic and the hosts were just lovely.

  • Karin

    Surf Maroc

    Love the relaxed, warm welcome. All very well organised and awesome fun!

  • Julia and Mattias

    Surf Maroc

    Thanks so much to the entire team and crew of Surf Maroc and Villa Mandala for making our stay so special and beautiful.

  • Hugo London

    Surf Maroc

    Love this place, love the retreat and everyone involved in making it such a special and enjoyable experience. I will be back very soon and will continue to recommend to everyone I know. Thank you.

  • Kathryn United Kingdom

    Surf Maroc

    Absolutely loved the week! All the staff were super helpful and friendly and fun! Thank you.

  • Amy Isle of Mann

    Surf Maroc

    I loved it! I am definitely coming back next year.

  • Annie San Diego

    Surf Maroc

    What a week! Was such a special experience - my mind and body feel absolutely amazing. I could not recommend this trip enough.

  • Louise Glasgow

    Surf Maroc

    Wonderful retreat. Much more than I thought, it would be. Would love love to come back. Great work and good vibes from everyone involved!

  • Richard United Kingdom

    Surf Maroc

    Had a really great time at Villa Mandala. The staff are so friendly and helpful. The atmosphere was excellent and the yoga and surfing was brilliant .

  • Margareth Norway

    Trip Advisor website

    This was a GREAT yoga and surf retreat!!! Everything from transport to training to food was perfectly organized. The yoga teachers were very skilled and were good at giving everyone a challenge. The surf instructors were good as well and we learned a lot and had great fun. The food was fantastic. I would recommend everyone to go to villa Mandala!

  • Roxana Romania

    Trip Advisor website

    It was a perfect week, with great food, yoga and surf, in a very cool place. The staff was very accommodating and really professional, starting with the lovely yoga and surf teachers, and finishing with the chefs. Will probably return. Definitely recommend.

  • Gemma United Kingdom

    Trip Advisor website

    I've just spent a week on a Yoga Surf Retreat at Villa Mandala, and had a wonderful time. The yoga classes and instructors were excellent, and I really enjoyed trying some new things. The surf instructors were also excellent, I am basically a beginner, but having witnessed surf lessons in the UK before, there is really no comparison - the Surf Maroc instructors teach you properly and teach you well.The week was perfect to relax and restore, no need to think apart from to make sure we were ready for the surf bus at 11am, or ready for a yoga class at the right time. Everything else seemed to just happen for you (although we all helped out clearing away after breakfast/dinner), Surf Maroc (in particular the villa hosts, Jenn and Tara) really looked after us well.Happy Memories of Villa Mandala!

  • Anna United Kingdom

    Trip Advisor website

    My partner and I stayed for three nights at Villa Mandala and absolutely loved it here. The Villa is everything you could hope for - peaceful, relaxed, comfortable, stylish, a great place to hang out and read, or chat, play games etc after a long day in the sea.

    The hosts (we had Karim and Jen) are charming and just lovely people. (and both are fantastic, unique yoga teachers too, with very different yoga styles that they teach in the stunning Villa Mandala yoga studio).All the other guests were really cool people and it was really fun getting to know them a little bit in the brief time we stayed at Mandala.One of the real highlights at Villa Mandala are the meals - breakfast and dinner are fantastic! What a feast! Breakfast and dinner are both served at a huge banquet dining table in the downstairs communal area. The food is delicious and plentiful and the meals are very fun and sociable.One night we were lucky enough to go to a BBQ at the Auberge that was organised by Surf Maroc - all the guests from the three Surf Maroc locations came together to eat on the terrace at the Auberge. This was really fun, the food was incredible and it was a great atmosphere.One thing you should know before coming to Villa Mandala is that the environment surrounding the Villa is not that nice. You have to drive through a weird kind of wasteland to get there, with lots of trash everywhere, and random little fires sometimes. (The locals burning off trash from the market I think).This just happens to be the location, and once you're at the Villa itself it doesn't matter at all - but I'm writing it here in case you are expecting a tropical paradise. Be warned! The Taghazout area is a little rough around the edges, so if you're looking for somewhere pristine and perfect, maybe go elsewhere.Another thing to expect is that all of the prices at the Villa are more or less what you'd pay in Europe. (prices for the meals, classes, board rental, drinks, snacks etc). It's not overpriced or expensive, but it is not cheap either. I wouldn't recommend Villa Mandala if you are on a tight budget.One more thing - I have no idea if this is the fault of the Villa, or if it was a weird bug in the local sea water or what - but almost everyone that was staying at the Villa on our trip got sick with a real nasty stomach bug. I got it, my boyfriend got it, and pretty much everyone else too.I feel bad saying this because it may have been an outside factor, but be aware that this could happen and it ain't pretty!

    I ended up having to take pretty strong antibiotics and Immodium etc, and it cut a good couple of days out of my trip. It wasn't fun being sick!Apart from these points, honestly I can say that I LOVE Villa Mandala and I would love to go back. It's a special place - check it out you won't regret it ! (just remember to pack that Immodium!)

  • Josh United Kingdom

    Trip Advisor website

    Great yoga teachers, amazing food, brilliant organisation and the surfing was fantastic. You really don't have to think about anything except yoga, surfing and eating. Becky and Jen were great hosts and have an excellent yoga programme in place - vinyasa flow in the mornings and restorative in the evenings. Red and Youness were extremely thorough in their surf lessons and I was surfing out the back after four days.

  • a traveler United Kingdom

    December 10

    This was my first surf trip abroad. From the moment you arrive they make you feel totally at home. The accommodation is clean and comfortable and the communal eating and socialising adds to the whole experience. The food is amazing. There are several little chill out zones around the so you can be sociable or have a bit of quiet time in the sun or shade.The surfing experience was just what I had hoped for. They take you to the best spots (even if it means a long drive). Dawnies were no problem. The surf guides really new their stuff and were incredibly friendly. The tips and pointers I got also took my surfing to a new level.The country is amazing.I would recommend it to a complete beginner or an advanced surfer. What ever your level you will be looked after.

  • Liz United Kingdom

    December 3

    My friend and I have just returned from a week long surf camp at Taghazout Villa and would recommend it to anyone. The atmosphere was super relaxed, the hosts were welcoming, and the guides really went out of their way to make sure we got the most out if our surf trip. The surf camp option gave us the perfect balance between being looked after but also gave us heaps of flexibility, for example the guides were keen to accommodate our need for early starts so that we beat the wind. Thanks again we miss you already!

  • Lorna United Kingdom

    December 3

    This place is truly special, its all in my title, to have my feet in African soil is a piece of home for the heart and Surf Maroc has so much spirit, bags of it. Its incredible to see how much ones spirit can shine when doing what you love. A good reminder to myself :)We did the Roxy Girl surf week, all inclusive package, was great fun and learnt so much, incredibly helpful and something I will always remember when surfing again. Coaching was brilliant, for anyone who wants to learn how to surf or improve their skills this is definitely one to go for, girls only of course ;) The coach Lisa is wicked, she has such a fiery spirit and is one heck of a little dynamite, very special energy indeed. Her knowledge and experience helps one feel safe and reassured. Lovely Rosies assistance and gentle guidance was very warming.The whole package of the trip was just awesome, food is amazing, (thank you chefs) and the locals are great fun, and everyone at Surf Maroc is awesome.The Taghazout Villa we stayed at was perfect, simple, refreshing and overlooking the beach, what more could you want.Yoga at sunset was lovely, thank you so much Vicky for your warm love, energy and help. For someone who has never done yoga before, it is hard but I cant wait to get into it fully.This also wasnt just a sunny getaway for me, I took something special away from this experience, you are faced with your fears and faced with yourself, the hardest things to overcome.I will definitely be going back there and will be making a longer trip of it, Surf Maroc and Morocco, such a special gem of the world. Thank you guys so much, to all of you, thanks to Tom for a very warm welcome and throughout our trip, you guys rock!!!!

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