SunSpark Yoga

Old Towne Orange, United States

SunSpark Yoga offers a wide variety of yoga classes with experienced teachers in a non-competitive community environment.

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  • Ben Wilkinson

    SunSpark Yoga Facebook Page

    Thanks Stacey and Ernie it was such a pleasure to practice at SunSpark this week, while on my travels. A great studio, instruction and classes. A perfect place to find some bliss.

  • Crystal Husband

    SunSpark Yoga Facebook Page

    Love this place the best room I've tried all the instructors are unique. And good. The clientele are amazing. Great vibe very comfortable and healing

  • Jessica Marie

    SunSpark Yoga Facebook page

    I am so glad that I decided to come to this studio. Stacy and Ernie welcome you every time by calling your name. Immediately I feel like this place is my home. Everyone is so welcome and friendly. They are non-judgemental and the instructors are so helpful. Sound healing on Sunday is the best way before a busy work week. If you're looking for a place to call home, this is it. If you're looking for a place where you aren't judged and everyone welcomes you, this is it. If you're looking for a place to grow, transform, and unwind, this is it! They have great deals and so many different classes for all levels.

  • Heather Lucia Snow

    SunSpark Yoga Facebook page

    This yoga studio will feel like home as soon as you enter it. Stacey and Ernie, the owners, will welcome you warmly. Everyone is friendly and non-judgmental. The Instructors are professional. The atmosphere is welcoming. There are classes for every want, need, and ability. Prices are very reasonable. Support this local studio and you'll be happier and healthier for it.

  • Zinnia Menardi-Wolf

    SunSpark Yoga Facebook page

    What I love best about this studio is the two owners and their outlook on yoga and life in general. They are such a very cool and down to earth peeps that I am honored to call friend and colleagues. This studio is a definite must!

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