Sunshine Yoga and Health

Queensland, Australia

Sunshine Yoga and Health offers restorative yoga and cultural holidays in Italy, Spain, Austria, and New Zealand.

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  • Anne Australia

    Sunshine Yoga and Health website

    Thank you so much for organizing and conducting the wonderful yoga week on Lord Howe Island. I thoroughly enjoyed every breathing, relaxing minute, and the gathering together of such a compatible group, made it a perfect retreat and the Island itself w simply stunning. I am so pleased to have met you.

  • Bronwyn Australia

    Sunshine Yoga and Health website

    You have an amazing presence and are a very gifted teacher. I say that as I've never felt so peaceful or centered as I did after Lord Howe Island.

  • Ellaine Australia

    Sunshine Yoga and Health website

    Such a beautiful environment, and wonderful interesting things, too. I feel my life has been turned around and I can now move forward. A lot of this is due to your being with me Lynn and the style of yoga you teach. It has just been a magical experience. You are a beautiful inspiring person Lyn.

  • Fiona New Zealand

    Sunshine Yoga and Health website

    Thank you for another remarkable experience! Every time I come with you I get so much, and more. I am so blessed that you have come into my life. Lord Howe is exquisite, the time I have had here has been awesome and I can't thank you enough for a sensational week! Thanks for being just you!

  • Natasha Australia

    Sunshine Yoga and Health website

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me feel whole again. I have never experienced such a range of emotions than what I have here with you. Opening my heart is hard for me but I did it at Lord Howe and it is an overwhelming sensation. Thank you for coming into my life. You truly are a unique and beautiful soul. I know that you and I will travel many journeys together.

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