Sunny Yoga offers yoga classes for all skill levels as well as Yoga Teacher Trainings and retreats on a beautiful jungle hilltop in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

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Siri Ockerman

from Sweden, September 2019

"Wonderful teacher training on a paradise island!"

I am really happy I chose to do my yoga teacher training at Sunny Yoga! It was truly an amazing experience and the support received by the teachers was truly appreciated. Sunny is such a passionate yoga teacher who is always open to your ideas and thoughts on something. She is very demanding, which I loved because it forces you to keep trying and improving your practice. Yet, she was always happy to help with any questions or concerns we might have. I was really impressed with her commitment to her students :)

The course is very intense physically, mentally and emotionally, but you are guided by very experienced and friendly teachers throughout it. I evolved immensely in my personal yoga and meditation practice. From day 1 you are taught how to teach yoga in the methodology class, which was really good as it gives you the entire month to get comfortable and confident in your own teaching.

Even though the course is very intense, make sure you take some time to explore the beautiful surroundings. I don't think I could've chosen a better place for my teacher training - I feel I received a very solid foundation of knowledge of yoga, yoga philosophy, teaching methodology, Ayurveda but also loved having my own cozy private bungalow to rest in after a long day, exploring the beautiful beaches, mountains & amazing food (make sure to get the Pad Thai at Phangan Cove!)

Merve Dabaz

from Turkey, September 2019

"It was like a beautiful dream which passed so fast!"

I am so happy that I experienced my first YTT with Sunny Yoga. I met amazing people there and we shared special moments and feelings all together in a very kind way that heals you. I can say that it was a quiet good 28days in terms of classes, teachers, location and accommodation. In the yoga methodology class you are getting involved to teaching even starting from the first days which is really important for you to focus on the reason of why you are there. Also Ayurveda class was one of my favourites, it opened my mind to the places that I have never heard before. And the island is so beautiful! I fell in love with Koh Phangan. Such a calm and pure beauty!

Heather Cobb

from Portugal, September 2019

"A gift that keeps on giving"

The 28 day YTT with Sunny was such a wonderful experience. The course was challenging physically, mentally, emotionally - but with Sunny and the group of teachers she selected to work with us - I knew I was in good hands. You can feel that Sunny genuinely loves what she does, and she takes the time to work with each student individually to ensure everyone advances in their own practice (even if that means getting back to basics to have a strong foundation!). There are also ample opportunities to teach and lead, so you can improve your confidence and capabilities as a teacher. The 28 days is intense, and at times it is difficult for body and mind to process everything happening at the time, but now that I am back home, I can truly feel how much my yoga, meditation, and pranayama practice has evolved thanks to the experience shared with Sunny and her team.

Aneta Bernatová

from Czechia, March 2019

"One of the best decisions I made🙏"

I am very happy I decided to do my YTT at Sunny Yoga and would recommend it to anyone who is serious about their yoga teacher path. Sunny is such a beautiful person and great teacher. She is professional and her training is very well structured - I really liked her classes of teaching metodology and I appreciated that we had to prepare and teach 3 different sequences of yoga (which is not usual at many yoga teacher trainings as I could compare it to my friends experiences). What is more after the completion of the training we got a chance to teach a public class which was great opportunity.

I also enjoyed the variety of yoga styles during the morning practice (hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga, yin). Yoga philosophy classes and Ayurveda were my favourites.

The view from the yoga studio (hidden in the jungle) is just priceless, the vegan buffet so delicious and there are many good eateries around & beach is in a walking distance.

This training was absolutely worth it, I consider it one my best decisions. I learnt a lot during this month, met many interesting people and we had great time together. Thank you very much Sunny. I will never forget❤️

Alexander Rees

from Great Britain, February 2019

"Amazing Experience "

Sunny and Nancy were both near perfect yoga teachers. Really good attention to detail and very concise. They seemed to know all the asanas; their names; their benefits; the exact positioning and the best methods for adjustment.

In terms of theoretical classes Sunny and Nancy (who taught yoga history and Ayurveda respectively) were able to clearly impart their knowledge without ever coming across as dogmatic, which for someone who is not really spiritual (like me) was really appreciated.

I also enjoyed the variety of classes. Sunny asks different teachers to take the morning class to give students experience of different styles which I thought was fantastic.

Another shout out to kris who led a number of classes and who was a brilliant vinyasa teacher. Similarly to Adam, who led the anatomy classes. These were really well structured and I found them really interesting

Again thanks all for the amazing experience.


from United States, September 2018

"It was good"

The location and food were amazing, i think sunny is an amazing teacher

Ellen Jennings

from Ireland, July 2018

"Amazing month❤"

The course was great value for money, Sunny is an amazing teacher who shared so much knowledge! I feel that the course covered a lot of information and I feel confident in my abilities to teach yoga. It was a life changing month of intensive yoga!

Sara Randant Ayran

from Bosnia and Herzegovina, March 2018

"One month of bliss and challenge in paradise."

It was great to learn so many different styles of yoga from lots of different teachers. It really inspired us to find our own voice as teachers and move forward with confidence.

Zoya Holland

from Malaysia, December 2017

"Best month of my life!!!"

What a truly amazing experience, everything was better than expected! From day 1 Sunny and Shannon took really good care of us planning and perfecting the schedule so we could focus on all the aspects of our learning. We had experienced so many different styles of yoga and also learned about other aspects of yoga living / teaching such as ayurveda, philosophy and anatomy. All the teachers have been amazing and totally different so we could find something to suit us all. The course gives you a lot of opportunities to create and practice your own sequences, which is really great. Upon graduation those of us who wanted to even had a chance to teach a real class! The course has been a perfect balance of theory, meditation, pranayama and asana practice, which really brings the poses to life and you get a really good understanding of doing and teaching them. Sunny's personality is super positive and she made us smile every day whilst working us very hard - what a great teacher! The living arrangements and the food provided was superb too, we even walked away with a goodie bag. Amazing people and great value for money! Thank you :-)

Luana M Stoica

from United States, December 2017

"Amazing month with great teachers, yogi people and food"

I really liked everything! First and foremost Sunny, the lead teacher who is an inspiration for all of us now. Thank you so much for everything!

Then i was lucky that the group of yogis in this course were simply the best. We had such a strong bond. Did everything together. You will be missed guys but forever in my heart.

Fooooood was delicious!!! Happy i also lost some weight. Looking and feeling amazing after this month.

We also had many goodies included in the package: massage, tshirt, book, yoga mat cover. Very nice and useful and thoughtful!


from United States, October 2017

"Sunny YTT"

-How open Sunny was to listening to our suggestions. If we wanted to do morning beach meditation, we were likely to do it.

-The luxury of having that space to ourselves for the entire month.

-The food was delicious, so healthy and nourishing.

-I enjoyed having breaks to pause or dip in the ocean.

-Appreciated the cotton mat, strap, and asana book.

Angela Mauri Galindo

from Belgium, August 2019

"The best TTC ever !"

The teachers, they where lovely, passionate about yoga, Ayurveda, philosophy. Sunny was always there to support us with everything. To be honest the TTC is one of the most beautiful experience of my life

Elena Belenguer

from Spain, April 2019

"Un antes y un después en mi vida"

El trato humano y la calidad de los profesores

Erika Prib

from Germany, March 2018

amazing teachers if in ayurveda, philosophy or anatomy! sunny is great in transmitting the most important basics and background.

i am very happy with how the course went and all the new input i got!

Gwenaelle Begel

from France, December 2017

"Amazing !!"

Everything. Good, accommodation, Platforms yoga, class, teacher.