SunfoodYoga offers yoga and raw food retreats in beautiful locations to gently detoxify the body and clear the mind. Retreats are held in Spain, India and Bali.

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Tara Esther Kleij

Reviews (4)

Itamar Faybish

from Belgium, September 2018

"An amazing experience"

Well.. everything :)

The daily yoga was great, the food was amazing, all the participants, teachers, chefs and the staff members were so lovely and friendly, the location is beautiful, surrounded by mountains in a very green area, most days we sang beautiful bhajans in the evening, ..

Thank you !

Athina Goldberg

from Canada, April 2017

The facilitators were excellent, warm, welcoming, knowledgeable. The mix of activities with the yoga was great.

Testimonials (1)

Franco (23y.) Switzerland

Sunfood Yoga website

The retreat @sunfoodyoga was my first experience with yoga and raw food at all. I came with the expectations to enjoy the nature, the group yoga lessons, and the vegan raw food, in a beautiful place. When I arrived in Orgiva (Spain) I was really surprised, because everything was in harmony somehow and the expectations gradually changed into calm gratefulness where I instantly found access to inner peace. The food was excellent, the participants were so lovely and open-minded and the environment was just marvelous but also very impressing! If you love the nature and just want to take a timeout from the everyday life, then a trip to @sunfoodyoga is definitely the right thing for you. Thank you so much, Tara, for making all these things possible, I had literally the time of my life!