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Suncokret Dream

Suncokret Dream is a retreat center located in St. Ana of Dol, Croatia. Often compared to Tuscany, they offer holistic yoga retreats in a stunning location.

Instructors 4

Evening Marie

Working together with Evening Marie, you will discover a refreshing, spiritually enriching, and deeply profound retreat experience - one that blends tradition with intuition to render a transcendental journey that is appropriate for both new and seasoned path walkers alike. Marie is a highly qualified holistic yoga therapist with over 500 hours training and 13 years teaching practice running back to back weekly retreat events who is able to adapt to and challenge varying levels of experience.

Daniela Dippong

Daniela views working with students as the opportunity to learn and grow in the practice together. She sees herself inside each student and feels that her students bring her closer to her core and the patterns inside which are universally shared among all people. Her theme-inspired classes are influenced by a long-term Jivamukti-based Vinyasa yoga practice, but elements from the integrated approach to yoga therapy, Hatha, and Iyengar yoga also lend support to her teaching. Mantras, spirituality, and yoga philosophy are also integrated into her classes.

Bahareh Hosseini

Bahareh has been teaching and practicing yoga for over 10 years and her teaching has evolved to incorporate understanding of meridians as well as modern movement and biomechanic understanding. She has been teaching classes, workshops and programs for yoga practitioners and teachers internationally. She believes that you all can have a big impact on your own healing by exploring, learning, and incorporating practices and finding what works for you through experimentation.

Anita Ilicic

Nature, traveling, exploring, and discovering inner and outer space have always been important elements of Anita's life. After many years of practicing yoga and meditation, which have certainly touched her deeply,she found that she was still searching for something and felt there was so much more to discover. Her Zhineng Qigong journey started in spring 2010, when it helped her to quickly recover from a lower back problem. Qigong is a wonderful tool, which can help you to learn how to calm down, to relax on a deep level, be present in the moment, and accept and release attachments.

Reviews 6

Marie Steiding

from Sweden, July 2017

The environment, the feeling of the place. The aim to share their place, love and know-how. I valued how they made sure we had the opportunity to see other parts of Hvar, how they took us places and brought us back.


from France, August 2017

"Très belle semaine de Yoga à Hvar"

Excellent accueil d'Evening et Stype.

Magnifiques prestations d'Anita Ilicic en yin yoga et chi gong.

Beaucoup de bonheur à découvrir cette île superbe.

Mary Dawson

from Ireland, October 2017

"Just what was needed"

I enjoyed the variety of each day, the people, the location, the excellent veggie food, the daily adventures. The simplicity of the trip for me as everything was planned and organised to allow great relaxation for me.

Testimonials 1

Ann Holland

Suncokret website

This wasn't just a holiday for me, it was a life-experience which will influence me for the rest of my days. I'm walking toward a new beginning and in the direction to my ultimate goal of self-fulfillment.

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