Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat and Spa

Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat and Spa offers one of the first five-star luxury Ayurvedic experiences in Bali.

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juleshipp2016 Australia


Would highly recommend staying at Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat. It was an amazing experience. From the time we arrived until the day we left the staff were wonderful. I have no experienced such amazing spa treatments.

Fuzby69 Australia


One of the best relaxing retreats we have visited. Great new understanding of the body. The massages and treatments are spot on. The staff a very attentive to your requests and pleasant day in day out.

365DaysSummer Thailand


Frankly, when I arrived at the Sukhavati, I wasn't really sure what to expect. I came there feeling burnt out from work and was hoping for deep relaxation.

The first two days I had terrible headaches, a result of not drinking coffee anymore. I felt tired as my body started to release the toxins.

But then, after 3 days something happened. I stopped drinking coffee and never felt more energetic than ever before... The tiredness was completely gone. I use to sleep 9-10 hours a night, but now it seemed my body needed much less sleep. I started to wake up naturally at 5 to 6 AM, feeling rested and energetic. It was quite a miracle as usually I couldn't do anything before I had a cup of coffee.

My favorite thing were the massages. Every day I received synchronized massages by two gentle massage therapists. The spa staff was extremely skilled, caring and kind. All of the Ayurvedic treatments that I received were amazing, it was pure bliss.

After 10 days I felt fantastic, nurtured and energetic! All the stress and tensions were gone. This was not just a spa vacation, my stay at the Sukhavati Bali was truly a holistic experience that put me in the most peaceful state of mind.

Highly recommended to everyone who needs an escape from the daily routine, this place is like a little oasis! It's not the most budget-friendly experience, but how important is your health to you? For all what its cost, it's totally worth it. It will heal you and improve your health. My stay at the Sukhavati was a deep, life-changing and a transformational experience I surely won't forget...

PS: I totally forgot to mention the rooms. They have only a handful villas, each of them is unique and stunningly beautiful in its own way. If you can afford it, take one with a private pool, you will love them.

sunflowers15 Australia


Having had an excellent 8 day retreat last year in July was eager to return to try their sampler day to give my husband a taste of the gift he had given me .

The staff collect you from your hotel and start with a welcome drink. Then shown to your villa for the day. Shortly after massages are given in the villas opposite the tranquil rainforest. The massages are done buy two people in unison which is sheer bliss. They are so gentle yet firm and it is

Performed with such heart.

Once the massage was finished time to relax around the pool & take in a swim. So refreshing followed by a coconut drink.

Vegetarian lunch served in main dining room where you can meet guests from all over the world but Aussies frequent this resort.

The afternoon a little leisure time or a consult with the on sight ayervedic Doctor to evaluate any health issues. If staying for a wk these issues are generally resolved or shifted to a better result with the yoga as well

Later we had a facial & pedicure in the villa. Awesome . Refreshments then transport home .Loved it a real treat at a reasonable price.

Give yourself some love and book it.

You will not be disappointed.

This is a real luxury rest , peace and quiet

It is very rejuvenating.

Thanks it was lovely to see familiar faces and return to this place of serenity. Rose

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