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Sukha Yoga

Sukha Yoga organizes yoga, mandala, and, massage arrangements in Thailand to help support the projects of the Thai Child Development Foundation financially.

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Into the Center website

I met Danielle at a Eco-Logic in southern Thailand. She was my yoga teacher for a week. Her and I were able to get close fairly quickly as her down to earth personality made it so I could identify with her easily. For the classes we had, Danielle lead a Yin-Yang style-powerful poses followed by relaxing ones. She consistently focused on the breath leading to a very centering practice. She creatively designed a sequence named "Dragonfly" which was wonderful. She has a story telling style to help you flow through the class and to keep your attention in the present. She gave me personal tips on some of my poses based on my body specifically, which was extremely helpful. I highly recommend checking out one of Danielle's classes!! She is wonderful.

Nuran Abu Dhabi

Into the Center website

Bonjour Daniel .. My today's Bright Saturday fit meet yoga series in Abu Dhabi was dedicated to you this morning ... I remembered the miracle yoga stretch massage that you have made me to experience in TCDF ... You have to continue introducing this pain and tension releasing simply healing massage to everyone in every part of the world ... A Big hug and greetings to Thai child development foundation.

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