Suan Sati is a yoga and meditation retreat center and a permaculture community founded on the principles of Therevada Buddhism outside Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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William Hardy


Reviews (63)

Laura Robinson

from Thailand, September 2018

"Best yoga retreat you will go on !!"

The food was amazing. The people were great, the instructors were so nice and welcoming. As a new comer to yoga, I was not made to feel uncomfortable for not participating in what I couldn’t do

Pouya Behinaein

from Thailand, September 2018

"A Fond Memory"

The peace and calm, the company, the joy of making connections, the physical challenge, the joy of getting a bit more flexible today and being able to do it again tomorrow, the opportunity to cleanse and detoxicate from the city lifestyle, the connecting with inner self, the food, the coffee, the yoga, the whole experience.

Sandra Pfannschmidt

from Australia, August 2018

"most amazing experience"

I loved the vibe, the people, the food, just everything about this place was fantastic. It's such a positive environment!

Ali Woodcock

from Vietnam, August 2018


Great experience - amazing location, lovely people, gorgeous food. The place has a special feel to it.... very therapeutic

Hunter Lafave

from United States, October 2017

"Life changing "

It is a perfect place to relax, clear your head, strengthen your practice, meet incredible people, eat delicious food (coming from someone who doesn’t typically eat this healthy or vegan), and the list goes on and on. Don’t look anywhere else, this is the place to be.

Aisling Conway

from Ireland, October 2017

Liz Wiggers

from Turkey, September 2017

The energy here is beautiful

Michaela Corlet

from South Korea, August 2017

"Perfect Inexpensive Relaxing Yoga Retreat "

I love the location, the set up, the people, the food, the showers, the yoga classes and the focus on meditation. The people who run Suan Sati are friendly, kind and open and you will feel so comfortable.

Rey Incedal

from Thailand, August 2017

"A profound experience "





Free time

Location was ideal

Creating connections like no other

Forever grateful


from Thailand, August 2017

"Great place to "just be""

The space provided, the warmth of the people and the food is amazing and compliments the intense yoga practice.

Jessie Saunders

from Malaysia, July 2017

"Best yoga classes!"

Will and Lisa are amazing teachers and hosts!

The food was delicious every time, the classes were the best I've ever had anywhere, and the place felt like home. I would recommend this to everyone!

Hari Vergara

from Singapore, July 2017

"Grounding and balanced "

I particularly enjoyed how before ever meal, we came together and shared a moment of silence to give thanks. The yoga and meditation practices were more challenging than others but the instructors did a good job of guiding the class through each step. As a yoga student, I would highly recommend the private yoga sessions and physiotherapy sessions in order to improve a personal practice. Will and Lisa have created a truly magical sanctuary to reconnect with oneself.

Samara Mcintyre

from Great Britain, July 2017

"Serene week in Suan Sati "

A beautiful place with the most amazing staff, volunteers and visitors. The yoga program was tailored to meet any level of skill and the instructors were very attentive. They would support beginners and extend the advanced. Will and Lisa have huge hearts and will ensure you have a pleasant stay. Shannon and the volunteers were all amazing and very kind.

Matthias Remitschka

from Germany, October 2018

Die Lage vom Yoga Retreat. Sehr sympathische Kursleiter. Die Unterkunft im Bambushäuschen. Duschen unter freien Himmel. Jeden Morgen vor dem Frühstück Yoga Unterricht. Jedes Frühstück bestand aus leckeren Obst/ Früchten. Allgemein war das Essen schmackhaft. Es gab kein Brot.

Das positive Umweltbewußtsein/ Verhalten der Leiter.


from Thailand, October 2018

"A full retreat, more than yoga classes !"

I loved the idea of being surrounded by yoga philosophy and atmosphere ! Suan Sati is a real immersion in a way of live, think, acte, practice yoga, meditation and réflexion.

The workshops are good complement to the yoga practice.

The place and the food are amazing

Christophe Cousin

from Mayotte, August 2018

"Good vibes"

L atmosphere. L ambiance .

Marine Ducousso

from Indonesia, July 2018

"Une semaine de bonheur et de détente"

Suan Sati est le choix parfait pour apprendre le yoga, la méditation mais aussi riche en échanges humains juste extraordinaires!!! Sans parler de chaque repas juste amazing!

Merci Will et Lisa d'avoir rendu ma semaine aussi belle et que je n'oublierai jamais!!!

Ullrich Pahnke

from Germany, November 2017

"Lisa - Perle der Anlage"

Als absoluter Newcomer fühlte ich mich von der ersten Minute an wohl. Beginnend vom Betreten der Anlage (eingebettet in Mutter Natur), vom Empfang durch Lisa und Will und den anderen Kursteilnehmern, der Unterkunft, der Vermittlung von dem Gedanken und Leben mit Yoga, dem Essen (rein Vegan) bis hin zu den sanitären Einrichtungen (durchgängig ökologisch !) Für mich war es ein vollkommen schlüssiger Aufenthalt.

Barbara Karner

from Austria, August 2017

It is like paradise. Lisa and Will are the best yoga teachers I have ever had.

Caroline Kimber

from Great Britain, January 2019

"It really is as good as the reviews say."

This has been a wonderful experience, the teaching, the sense of community and the caring nature of all staff are second to none.

Kahlen Neow

from United States, January 2019

"Lifetime experience! Totally worth it!"

Will, Lisa and Natasha are simply awesome.

6am yoga is great!

All the workshop are fun!

This place is beautiful!

All my dietary preferences are well taken care of! Thank you so much!!

Robin Martin

from Thailand, December 2018

"Great Fun & Energizing!"

Auntie Oun and Wa-ra-nee were both fabulous local Thai women who gave fun yet deep and penetrating advice for simple ideas to improve the health and simplicity of our lives. The Thai sustainability and culture aspects of the retreat were Wonderful! Likewise, Natasha was our yoga instructor and she was as sweet and lovely as could be, with a plethora of yoga knowledge for guiding many levels. Overall, the facilities are nice and made out of bamboo and the sustainability & composting aspects of campus were great too. The vegan food buffets at every meal were also outstanding.

(Note: Tried to add Natasha to list of instructors but that feature of the website was not working.)

Hui Natalie

from United States, September 2018

A wonderful retreat there. Beautiful place and peoples. Instructors were good and teaching by heart.

Good energy and peaceful mind everyday.

Foods were so yummy.

Rach Morgan

from Cambodia, August 2018

"Most incredible 3 weeks.. unbelievable place xx"

The quality of the classes was incredible. There were so many different workshops! So much opportunity for growth and stepping outside the comfort zone. The bathrooms are incredible! The dorm was perfect 👌🏻 the food was AMAZING! The location is beautiful with all the trees and great places to walk nearby. I love the mindfulness. The opportunities to be creative with all the art supplies etc. I loved everything about my stay here.

Carmelita Vieira

from Indonesia, June 2018

"Amazing experience. Those 15 days there has changed my live"

What a good vibe!

What a good classes!

What a good food!

Tara Faherty

from Cambodia, June 2018

"Relaxing respite from travelling "

This is a great place to immerse yourself in yoga and meditation. It's affordable enough that it's accessible to backpackers. The beds are comfy. The food is amazing ! I was only able to stay for 3 nights but I would of stayed longer if I had the time. It's the kind of place that you can make what you want of it; it affords you the space to have alone time but it was also easy meet and get to know people. Between the yoga practice and other activities you are kept busy with intervals that can be spent relaxing with a book or lying in the sun. Thanks again to Will, Emma and Nu 😊.

Rachel Fournier

from Canada, January 2018

"Come here for great food, teachings, and safe introspection"

The food was incredible, all fresh and vegan and beautifully prepared. The activities in between yoga sessions were really cool (kirtan, art classes, reiki). Each teacher had their own unique teachings and techniques to offer. Beds were comfiest I’ve slept on. All in all, I have no negative comments. I was able to reach places that I’ve never reached before.

Martinus Lindegren

from Thailand, December 2017

"A break from the daily life "

My girlfriend and I really enjoyed the fact there was room for everybody at Suan Sati.

The lovely environment which let you sink into your own mind.

We both loved the challenges from the yoga and meditation.

Lisa, Laura and Will are all inspiring personalities who will open their home to new people to take their first step into the world of yoga and meditation.

Richard Vance

from United States, November 2017

"Exactly what I needed"

I loved everything about my experience at Suan Sati: the yoga, the setting, the mindfulness, the instructors, the food, the other yogis... Absolutely everything!

As a newcomer to yoga, I felt I took a huge first step in learning the basics of yoga: synchronizing my movement to my breath, building the strength and balance to execute the poses, and gaining the confidence that I can walk into any "all level" yoga classes and not feel like an idiot. Will, Lisa, and Kelsey are wonderful instructors and people!

The mindfulness exercises were beneficial as well - not only during meditation, but also during meals and any time I took to be alone with my thoughts on a hammock or in my cabin. I have found that mindful eating (breakfast) has changed my relationship with food at home and is making it quite easy to resist the urge to over-eat. (This was more of a challenge at Suan Sati than it is back home. The food was unbelievable, and I'm not vegan, or even vegetarian for that matter)

The digital detox was also a huge benefit for me. WiFi was available, but we were encouraged to limit exposure with the outside world while in the garden of mindfulness. It helped make the week more relaxing for me. Not only was I able to focus inwardly, but I was also able to engage in quality, distraction-free conversations with the other yogis.

Suan Sati was a wonderful experience for me and a great value for the money. I plan to make the time to do it again in the next year or two.

Lauren Mary Beebe

from United States, November 2017

"Suan Sati: An Unforgettable Journey Towards Peace "

The food, the people, the yoga, the meditation, the workshops, the atmosphere, the kitties, and the meaning behind it all. Will, Lisa, and Kelsey truly create a sincere, relaxing, and positive environment for anyone interested in yoga, eastern philosophy, health, permaculture, self-improvement, delicious Tha food, Thai culture, spirituality,and much more.

Mikaela Lyckhammar

from Sweden, November 2017

"Transformation at Suan Sati "

This experience at Suan Sati was a big wonderful transformation for me.

Both Will, Lisa and Khelsie works hard and really makes an effort to make you feel special, noticed and personal welcomed to this garden of mindfulness.

Everything here is breathing peacefullness, truthfulness and presence. The food here is extraordinary! And the openair-bamboo-outdoors-onewiththenature-showers are incredible! I really felt grounded when I was standing on the sunwarmed stones sourranded by beautiful bamboos and just looked up and relize that im standing right underneath the big gorgeous tree. I was hearing and enjoying different sounds of animals and I really felt one with the nature. To just take a shower here is a wonderful experience! The family here are doing the very extra for you to really give you a wide spectra of different experiences. I really loved all the variety of classes and activities during the hole week. I really liked the balance between activities and experiences from the outside world (outside of yourself) to activities that intended to explore and go deeper inside of yourself.

The classes are different every day which makes you stay curious the hole week. Both Will and Lisa gives so much from themselfs to us and the retreat that you cant be anything than thankful and satisfied. You can really feel that Suan Sati is made with love. Everything here feels very personal and the family have really put all the energy in the small details.

Lots of love!

Felipe Pires

from Spain, October 2017

"Amazing food and people"

Since im not a vegan being able to really enjoy the food and not miss meat at all was the biggest surprise for me. Everything was just so delicious. And not only that, the staff and the place were amazing. Will has the biggest hearth and its quite obvious how everyone leaves the place regreating not staying longer. Totally recommend.

Lucie Allan

from Myanmar [Burma], October 2017

"Great break & relaxay"

The atmosphere at the retreat was so calm & peaceful! Everybody there, workers & guests, were lovely. Will was also very accommodating when I needed to change dates due to an injury! I would have loved to have stayed longer if I did have flights to catch.

Carol Kwong

from Hong Kong, September 2017

"Connections with mindfulness and spirituality"

During my 4D3N short getaway stay, by enjoying the solitude in the garden full of lives on my own or by listening to the stories from different travellers, the stay helped me to observe myself more and realise that my way of living could be more mindful and peaceful when I can truly thrive in my own skin, at my own pace.

Take YOUr time - YOU are radiant and gorgeous, open up and embrace YOUrself now! ;-)

Ferdinand Decena

from Philippines, September 2017

"Mindful escape"

Love the food, relaxing atmosphere and very accommodating staff. The twice daily yoga and meditation was good as expected. A good yoga lifestyle experience.

Charlotte Burrell

from Thailand, September 2017

"Amazing experience "

The place is amazing. Very relaxing and a beautiful setting. The yoga and meditation is brilliant and there are many workshops to keep you entertained as well. The food is all vegan and is incredible (speaking as a meat eater) and everything is very ecological. I met some wonderful people here and didn't want to leave. Very cleansing.

Tehnamalar Nagadran

from Malaysia, September 2017

"My First And It Was My Best"

Friendly instructor, very eco friendly enviroment, Beautiful place, best and simple yoga n meditation guide

Sophie Lagan

from Laos, September 2017

"Back to Life "

Life changing experience! So much love and attention goes into making this place a gorgeous slice of heaven on this Earth. From the classes expertly and mindfully led, to the delicious food lovingly prepared each day; the fun workshops and 'extras' the teachers go out of their way to provide, to the meticulous care for the environment exacted in every way possible, it was a perfect 2 weeks. Go for longer if you can. Everyone there with me extended their stay as long as they could! Can't wait to come back again!

Vickie Garcia

from Vietnam, August 2017


Everything but the beds.

Tana Vitullo

from Cambodia, August 2017

"A perfect stay"

This place is paradise. From the beet minute you get out of the car, you are welcomed and embraced by everyone. The retreat is filled with positivity, creativity, and mindfulness. I've never experienced anything like it.

Delphine Lefebvre

from Malaysia, December 2018

"Amazing! "

Everything was perfect

Julian Menke

from Thailand, November 2018


Go there open minded and you’ll get more than you can expect! Found my first place in Asia, where I definetly want to go back!

Jessica Paul

from Thailand, November 2018

Ce fut une expérience incroyable que je ne suis pas prête d’oublier. Premièrement le lieu en pleine nature est très joli et vraiment reposant. J’ai adoré dormir dans ce petit bungalow ! La nourriture est tout simplement délicieuse, la meilleure que j’ai mangé en Thaïlande (je rêve encore du Fried Jackfruit).

C’est le lieu idéale pour partager de super moments en communauté et également se retrouver avec soi même. Je suis venue à la base pour progresser en yoga mais j’ai appris tellement plus sur moi même.

Tout le personnel est adorable et bienvaillant. Merci encore à Will, Lisa et Natacha pour tout l’amour que vous donnez. J’espère vraiment pouvoir revenir à Suan Sati renouveler cette expérience.

Miriam Marek

from Thailand, September 2018

"Vier intensive und wunderbare Tage in Suan Sati "

Es ist für mich ein rundum stimmiges Gesamtkonzept, alles ist in der Natur, alles findet "draußen" statt. Das Essen war mit das Beste was ich je gegessen habe, die Atrmosphäre ist toll und das Erleben verschiedener Yoga-Lehrer und damit auch Richtungen. Zeit zum entspannen mit Tiefgang. Es bleibt mir nur jedem zu empfehlen, wer die Möglichkeit hat, so etwas zu machen, es zu tun. Und ... the practice never ends.....

Katharina Nikiforow

from Germany, June 2018

"Perfect three days!"

Dear Suan Sati family,

thank you very much for this experience. You motivated me to start and continue with my yoga practice.

Everything was just perfect. I will come back!

Best wishes,


Janneke Schmalgemeijer

from Netherlands, March 2018


Wat een prachtige plek.Helemaal zelfvoorzienend en ook met luxe, dat kan dus.

Bij Suan Sati.

Heerlijk slapen heerlijk douchen onder de sterren over heerlijk veganistische maaltijden.

Heel goeie yoga.

Moest wel even slikken omdat er geen WiFi is en geen wijntje bij de maaltijd was😀

Mijn eerste retreat ever maar ik wil daar zo weer naar toe.

Dank je wel Lisa, Natasja en Wil.En alle andere werknemers en vrijwilligers

Evelyne Friedli

from United States, December 2017

"Une parenthèse hors du temps"

L'accuei, l'atmosphère et le cadre, mais surtout les professeurs et leur professionalisme et leur écoute.

Katrin Gäbel

from Cambodia, December 2017

"just wunderfull"