Suan Sati is a yoga and meditation retreat center founded on the principles of Therevada Buddhism and built on an eco-friendly center near Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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from Canada, February 2020

"Idyllic and Serene"

The teachers, location, food and people on the retreat.

Kim Westendarp

from Germany, February 2020

"Magic journey to yourself"

Super spirit and magical journey to yourself!

The best yogi and meditation teachers!

Very hearty people ♥️

Thank you for the special time and these magic moments.

Ellie Ip

from Hong Kong, December 2019

"Found my inner peace "

Everything! Will is an excellent instructor and he is so inspiring. Every staff is so friendly and lovely. Suan Sati is full of love and care, I felt refreshed and calm after the retreat!


from Vietnam, December 2019

"Simply amazing! "

The time and effort of Will, Lisa and the team. Silent mornings, good vibes, lots of extra activities and constantly checking on well being of everybody. Food and accommodation was extraordinary. And sunset in rice fields after evening yoga session - simply amazing ❤️

Tash Hodge

from Laos, December 2019

"Exceeded all expectations and more"

I Loved everything about the week I spent at Suan Sati. From the first email I received I felt the feeling of acceptance and love.

As a real beginner to yoga i was welcomed and encouraged without once feeling like I wasn't good.

Saying what I liked is hard, because I LOVED everything. The vibe, people, place, food, workshops, accomodation to name a few.

To be honest I felt extremely nervous coming here having never done anything like this before and again not being a yoga person. But it was everything I wanted and more. I loved the silent mornings ( not to begin with) the deep questions, the art workshop, the dancing in the dark, the ice bath, the secret angel, the music and the technology detox.

You are an incredible team and I cant believe how much you have to give! You truly made my trip and I couldn't be happier.

The price of your retreat I think you need to look at increasing this, because you are worth more!

P.s. I'm from NZ, even though it says Laos, but I'll claim that too. ❤🌻🤙

Alisa Voltermann

from India, December 2019

"Magical place, kind people, great Yoga"

The days spent at Suan Sati were inspiring and challenging, comforting and heartwarming. You can feel the love the creators and the whole staff put into this beautiful place. Every meditation and yoga practice in the beautiful Shala were taught with options for every level, the optional workshops were helpful and fun and the evening activities brought the people together. The food? I don’t think you can find plantbased Thai food as good as this anywhere - breakfast, lunch and dinner were colorful, tasty and satisfying, always! The Suan Sati family opens the door for everyone to share touching, spiritual moments full of love without being overwhelming!

Katarina Liljeström

from Thailand, November 2019

"A magical place for you - your heart will always be here"

This is the best treat you can give yourself.

I grew as a person in so many different ways. The staff is incredible and take care of each and everyone so beautifully.

The daily routine, activities and classes are perfectly designed to get the most out of the time spent there.

Get ready for a beautiful journey, full of amazing yoga, meditation, personal growth activities and sooo much love!

The food is one of the highlights!

Amazing people and beautiful place!

Can’t wait to go back.

Thank you Lisa, Nu and Will!

Cynthia Pham

from United States, October 2019

"Life-changing week!"

I absolutely loved the community that they have created. The food was tasty, the new location and its facilities were beautiful, and the Thai staff were incredibly kind. It was also nice that there was a variety of yoga classes so we were exposed to different styles and teachers.

Ashley Bruno

from Thailand, September 2019

"Awakening Experience"

There are many reasons why I would recommend this yoga retreat experience. From the moment I was welcomed until the day I had to say goodbye I felt connected with nature and all the beautiful people I had met throughout my brief experience. I wish I had booked more than 4 days at Suan Sati and I will definitely be back to experience their new location as well. The yoga classes were amazing, appropriate for any level; I personally learned new skills from body movements to workshops that had enriched me in many ways. Very relaxing for who enters to find some quiet space for themselves, but also very dynamic for who wants to participate to activities taught by beautiful and smiling souls. Thank you Lisa and Will, what you do and the work you put in is making people like me appreciate the world we live in, you guys are awesome :)! Oh and the food was so delicious, so grateful for the people that cooked for us as well.

Thank you again, see you soon and namaste!

Amado Peiró

from Thailand, September 2019

The taxi driver who dropped me off at Suan Sati was the same that picked me up at the end of the 4-day retreat.

The day he came to pick me up the first thing he said when he saw me was “darn boy, your face is shining so bright! You look so much younger than 4 days ago!”

I loved the cabin I was given. The truck hut. I want to have the same one when I come back.

Thanks to all the staff. You made me have a great experience.

Jose Martin

from Thailand, August 2019


When you step inside Suan Sati, you will immediately feel a disconnection from life's marathon. You get to immerse yourself with simplicity and be given the chance to detoxify from all the hustle and bustle of the modern world. The instructors at Suan Sati will take you to a journey of discovering yourself through the many practices of yoga and guide you with the utmost competence. When it came to the food they served, although it is all vegan, I would have to say that it was the best food I've had in Thailand. The facilities are well maintained and quite rustic. Showering outside underneath the stars has got to be my favourite part about this retreat. If you're in Thailand to discover a part of yourself, connect with mother nature, and are drained from all the partying, please do yourself a favor and come to Suan Sati. The experience is a must. You really will feel bliss.

Maggie (un Kei) Lei

from Hong Kong, May 2019

"Amazing retreat that totally worth all the penny given "

The food is amazing, the whole experience was enlightening for someone like me whom wanted do find a little peace of mind.

Irena Nowacka

from Poland, May 2019

"Heaven in the jungle"

Amazig food, accomodation, all clean, organic lifestyle, great people and energy, 4hours a day of great yoga classes

Brunique Gould

from China, April 2019

"I can’t wait to go back"

This place is absolutely amazing, everything from the teachers to the showers to the other guests to the FOOD! The list goes on and on! Everyone at Suan Sati really have a way of making you feel like part of the family right from the get go! They also offer a number of classes and workshops to challenge you and put you outside of your comfort zone. The yoga classes are more directed to beginner practitioners (I personally would’ve preferred more intermediate classes but learning how to slow down was good). A lot of personal growth happened here for me and I am so grateful. I can’t wait to go back. Did I already mention the food? I still dream about it especially the brownies.

Special shout out to Clare Young, one of the instructors at Suan Sati. She is phenomenal.

Heather Jacobs

from Thailand, March 2019

"Excellent yoga retreat "

Everything was positive to the moment I was greeted by the beautiful calm Clare to the whole experience the yoga classes, meditation, food, the people, the environment was perfect more than I could have possibly wished for 🧘🏽‍♂️🙏😘

Harj Bains-baumann

from Indonesia, March 2019

"Nu, Claire & Jordie Jenna 💜"

The 3 instructor were awesome! They were knowledgeable, fun and friendly. They made me feel welcome from the minute I arrived. A beautiful experience :)

Caroline Kimber

from Great Britain, January 2019

"It really is as good as the reviews say."

This has been a wonderful experience, the teaching, the sense of community and the caring nature of all staff are second to none.

Kaylen Neow

from United States, January 2019

"Lifetime experience! Totally worth it!"

Will, Lisa and Natasha are simply awesome.

6am yoga is great!

All the workshop are fun!

This place is beautiful!

All my dietary preferences are well taken care of! Thank you so much!!

Robin Martin

from Thailand, December 2018

"Great Fun & Energizing!"

Auntie Oun and Wa-ra-nee were both fabulous local Thai women who gave fun yet deep and penetrating advice for simple ideas to improve the health and simplicity of our lives. The Thai sustainability and culture aspects of the retreat were Wonderful! Likewise, Natasha was our yoga instructor and she was as sweet and lovely as could be, with a plethora of yoga knowledge for guiding many levels. Overall, the facilities are nice and made out of bamboo and the sustainability & composting aspects of campus were great too. The vegan food buffets at every meal were also outstanding.

(Note: Tried to add Natasha to list of instructors but that feature of the website was not working.)

Laura Robinson

from Thailand, September 2018

"Best yoga retreat you will go on !!"

The food was amazing. The people were great, the instructors were so nice and welcoming. As a new comer to yoga, I was not made to feel uncomfortable for not participating in what I couldn’t do

Hui Natalie

from United States, September 2018

A wonderful retreat there. Beautiful place and peoples. Instructors were good and teaching by heart.

Good energy and peaceful mind everyday.

Foods were so yummy.

Pouya Behinaein

from Thailand, September 2018

"A Fond Memory"

The peace and calm, the company, the joy of making connections, the physical challenge, the joy of getting a bit more flexible today and being able to do it again tomorrow, the opportunity to cleanse and detoxicate from the city lifestyle, the connecting with inner self, the food, the coffee, the yoga, the whole experience.

Sandra Pfannschmidt

from Australia, August 2018

"most amazing experience"

I loved the vibe, the people, the food, just everything about this place was fantastic. It's such a positive environment!

Rach Morgan

from Cambodia, August 2018

"Most incredible 3 weeks.. unbelievable place xx"

The quality of the classes was incredible. There were so many different workshops! So much opportunity for growth and stepping outside the comfort zone. The bathrooms are incredible! The dorm was perfect 👌🏻 the food was AMAZING! The location is beautiful with all the trees and great places to walk nearby. I love the mindfulness. The opportunities to be creative with all the art supplies etc. I loved everything about my stay here.

Alison Woodcock

from Vietnam, August 2018


Great experience - amazing location, lovely people, gorgeous food. The place has a special feel to it.... very therapeutic

Beatriz Soler Estarlich

from Thailand, August 2019

"Experiencia enriquecedora"

Fue enriquecedor estar rodeado de gente de distintas culturas, religiones, gustos y ver que todos estamos unidos por el YOGA. Vuelvo llena de energia y con nuevas esperanzas en este mundo.

Delphine Lefebvre

from Malaysia, December 2018

"Amazing! "

Everything was perfect

Julian Menke

from Thailand, November 2018


Go there open minded and you’ll get more than you can expect! Found my first place in Asia, where I definetly want to go back!

Jessica Paul

from Thailand, November 2018

Ce fut une expérience incroyable que je ne suis pas prête d’oublier. Premièrement le lieu en pleine nature est très joli et vraiment reposant. J’ai adoré dormir dans ce petit bungalow ! La nourriture est tout simplement délicieuse, la meilleure que j’ai mangé en Thaïlande (je rêve encore du Fried Jackfruit).

C’est le lieu idéale pour partager de super moments en communauté et également se retrouver avec soi même. Je suis venue à la base pour progresser en yoga mais j’ai appris tellement plus sur moi même.

Tout le personnel est adorable et bienvaillant. Merci encore à Will, Lisa et Natacha pour tout l’amour que vous donnez. J’espère vraiment pouvoir revenir à Suan Sati renouveler cette expérience.

Matthias Remitschka

from Germany, October 2018

Die Lage vom Yoga Retreat. Sehr sympathische Kursleiter. Die Unterkunft im Bambushäuschen. Duschen unter freien Himmel. Jeden Morgen vor dem Frühstück Yoga Unterricht. Jedes Frühstück bestand aus leckeren Obst/ Früchten. Allgemein war das Essen schmackhaft. Es gab kein Brot.

Das positive Umweltbewußtsein/ Verhalten der Leiter.


from Thailand, October 2018

"A full retreat, more than yoga classes !"

I loved the idea of being surrounded by yoga philosophy and atmosphere ! Suan Sati is a real immersion in a way of live, think, acte, practice yoga, meditation and réflexion.

The workshops are good complement to the yoga practice.

The place and the food are amazing

Miri Am

from Thailand, September 2018

"Vier intensive und wunderbare Tage in Suan Sati "

Es ist für mich ein rundum stimmiges Gesamtkonzept, alles ist in der Natur, alles findet "draußen" statt. Das Essen war mit das Beste was ich je gegessen habe, die Atrmosphäre ist toll und das Erleben verschiedener Yoga-Lehrer und damit auch Richtungen. Zeit zum entspannen mit Tiefgang. Es bleibt mir nur jedem zu empfehlen, wer die Möglichkeit hat, so etwas zu machen, es zu tun. Und ... the practice never ends.....

Christophe Cousin

from Mayotte, August 2018

"Good vibes"

L atmosphere. L ambiance .