3 Days Relaxation Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Italy

  • Irpinia, Italy


Italy Yoga Retreat

  • 3 days with instruction
  • Take care of yourself, learn how to enjoy life to its fullest, and enjoy the things you have and the people around you. Through meditation, you will get to know yourself better, focus on your goals, exceed them, and obtain outstanding results. It doesn't matter how strong you are or how hard you train, in order to win you must know how to train and where to focus on, but most of all you must know how to stand up stronger after each fall.


    • Daily yoga classes
    • Daily meditation sessions
    • Discussions on naturopathy and nutrition
    • Full day trekking, walking, and other excursions
    • Airport transfers from Naples or Salerno airports
    • Daily meals, snacks, and drinks
    • 2 nights’ accommodation
    • Participation certification

    Skill level

    • Beginner


      • Instruction language: English
      • Spoken languages: Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, English
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    You can be accommodated in a private or double room with bathroom directly in the retreat house (maximum two people), or in a private apartment with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, and relaxing area that can accommodate up to six adults.

    Retreat center

      Private double roomRetreat center

      Why travel with Styleoga?

      It’s simple! You will have the opportunity to go on a journey with two travel fanatics and experts who have traveled vastly around the world, in many different ways and situations, speak eight languages, and who know how to enjoy themselves and entertain others.

      You will visit places not in the conventional way as a tourist but you will see countries and places through a different lens, immersing yourself in the local culture, appreciating people and sites, and becoming part of it, all while still continuing with Styleoga, improving, understanding, and appreciating your life, body, and mind!

      Traveling with Styleoga means a unique once in a lifetime experience, thanks to the people you will meet and the places you will visit are not in the usual conventional way. You will learn to respect and accept other cultures and ways of thinking and visit many uncontaminated areas you never even thought existed.

      The trips are actual boot camps, meaning full immersion packages consisting of excursions, activities (sports and non-sports related), homemade niche gastronomy, and constant support.

      Styleoga yoga

      Styleoga yoga is the complete solution for your body, mind, and spirit and is ideal for everyone and any age, starting from Hatha yoga positions, proceeding through fitness exercises and tai chi, and ending with a meditation and relaxation session.

      Many people think that Styleoga is only a contemplation relaxing practice, but it is actually not like that, especially when the real focus of Styleoga is on getting out the best of each discipline, allowing you to obtain a toned body and lose those extra weight in no time.

      Benefits of Styleoga

      • Accelerates the transformation of your body, losing unnecessary kilogram, and toning your muscles
      • Detoxifies and purifies your organism freeing it from waste and toxins
      • Develops your back, making you become more agile, and your nervous system more dynamic
      • Expands physical and mental awareness
      • Improves your immune, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems
      • Increases flexibility, muscle strength, and resistance, providing healthier tendons and ligaments
      • Regularizes digestion, assimilation, and elimination

      Many studies have proven the effectiveness of a healthy and active lifestyle, including the capability to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and tumors. Through Styleoga yoga, you don’t only obtain the body you always dreamed of but you will also feel each and every muscle improve day after day. Styleoga has removed the religion from this practice and has made it become a fast and effective training method, giving immediate incredible results.

      The Hatha yoga positions mixed together with specific aimed fitness exercises will tone and sculpt each and every muscle and help you lose those extra kilos. Meanwhile, the tai chi and meditation will help you relax your body and focus on your goals. It is ideal for everyone because it has a routine of exercises that start slowly and adapt themselves to any type of body and problem without overloading your muscles and organs.

      This training method requires practice and constancy, alternating slow movements to faster movements, hitting directly the right points and muscles, and accelerating the slimming process. It has in fact been proven that alternating exercise speed, intensity, and difficulty make you burn more calories with less effort and less fatigue on the articulations.

      Meditation and relaxation

      In meditation and relaxation, you will start off with simple breathing exercises. You will learn how to breathe correctly and make sure to do it various times during the day. The exercise gives your tissues more oxygenation and also a major detoxifying effect. As you move on slowly, you get to the relaxation exercises and then to meditation.

      Meditation does not only relieve you from daily stress and anxiety but also allows an aware contact with your inner self and organism. Practicing this every day, you become able to listen to your body and its requests, acting correctly to avoid situations that can harm your mental health.

      Thanks to this training method, you don’t only improve your shape, but also prepare yourselves mentally to be more flexible towards external outcomes and issues, handling better stressful and anxious situations you encounter every day.

      Daily schedule

      Day 1

      • Arrival to retreat house and check in
      • Welcome meeting
      • Nutritional and naturopathic visit (weight check, fat mass measurement, lean mass measurement, metabolism calculation, and body mass index)
      • Dinner
      • Relaxation and meditation session

      Day 2

      • Wake-up call
      • Breakfast
      • One hour of Styleoga yoga training
      • Visit to Avellino city
      • Packed lunch
      • Styleoga yoga training
      • Trekking
      • Dinner
      • Meditation
      • Late night outdoor walk

      Day 3

      • Wake-up call
      • Breakfast
      • Morning meditation training session
      • Packed lunch
      • Final nutrition and naturopathy visit
      • Check out and transfer to train station or airport

      Please note that no particular requirement is needed, just commitment and willingness. A participation award will be handed out at the end of the program.

      An adventurous trekking trip and a visit to beautiful Avellino city are included in the retreat price package.

      • Antonia Califano

        Doctor Antonia Califano has a doctorate in Nutrition Sciences and Dietetics. She is also a qualified sports instructor and naturopath with over 15 years of experience. She uses an innovative and efficient technique called Styleoga, which mixes the best of yoga, fitness, and other oriental arts. This method covers all parts of the body and also mind, making you get the best out of yourself and others around you.

      Styleoga have chosen the Irpinia region for this retreat because its vast green and uncontaminated areas make it the perfect place to get back in control of yourself, with its barely known places rich in history and culture surrounded by breathtaking naturalistic views, passing through family-run small farms and cellars still using traditional methods yet producing highest quality products which are recognized all over the world such as, wines, extra virgin olive oil, cheese, truffle (tartufo), and much more.

      You will visit some of these rare realities and taste their best produce. The Irpinia region also offers some of the most beautiful and characteristic villages on the peninsula which you will visit whilst following your body and mind revitalization program.

      • Cooking classes
      • Hot tub / Jacuzzi
      • Massage
      • Mountain walking/trekking
      • Spa nearby
      • Dining area
      • Kitchen
      • Laundry

      Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks during meals, and water during exercises and activities are included in the package. All meals will be prepared fresh daily with seasonal biological fresh products chosen personally by the Styleoga’s chef.

      • Book spa treatments
      • Join cooking classes
      • Visit a local farm or cellar

      Spa (Jacuzzi, sauna, hammam, and tea), massages, and other treatments are available upon request and at an extra fee.

      • 1 adventurous trekking trip
      • 1 visit to beautiful Avellino city
      • 2 nights’ accommodation
      • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks
      • Drinks during meals and water during exercises and activities
      • Participation certificate
      • Training and all other activities mentioned in the program
      • Transfers to and from Naples International Airport (NAP) and Salerno Costa d'Amalfi Airport (QSR) and train stations
      • Transportation during activities and excursions
      • All optional activities
      • Flight or train ticket to nearby airport or train station
      • Personal shopping
      • Tips

      Arrival by airplane

      Please book your flight to arrive at Naples International Airport (NAP) or Salerno Costa d'Amalfi Airport (QSR). Transfer from and to the airport is included. Styleoga will pick you up from the airport.

      • A reservation requires a deposit of 100% of the total price.
      • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.

      Verified BookYogaRetreats.com reviews

      • Review by Nadia from Italy

        "Luigi and Antonia took personal care of me. I got the chance to relax, eat healthy food, do yoga and meditation, and learn about healthy eating. All my goals were met. Luigi and Antonia provided with all the support I needed. In addition, they took me to fantastic places in nature alongside some visits to a local market and cities. It is very nice to have a personalized service. I am so happy after this great weekend. I recommend Styleoga to everyone!"

        BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited


      • Review by Claire-Em Loiseau

        "Thank you Luigi and Antonia for feeling ourselves like at home in your nice village of Forino surrounded by the mountains. This was a great life experience and we found exactly what we were looking for: rest, fresh air, great Italian food and harmony. We will bring it back with us in Paris (with secret recipe of delicious gnocchi). Thank you!!"

        Styleoga Facebook page, edited

      • Review by Jazz

        "Thank you for a lovely experience in Italy. I have learnt so much about healthy eating and having a good positive attitude, the yoga lessons really brought flexibility to my legs and arms and the focus on the breath was amazing. Your kindness and patience are very inspiring and I have really enjoyed my stay with you. Going to see so many amazing places in my short stay was such a nice treat. My body feels lighter and with the control of food I do not feel bloated and full as I did before. I highly recommend a stay with Luigi and Antonia as you will feel relaxed, positive,fantastic and great in your mind, body and soul."


        "Thank you for being such amazing people."

        Styleoga, edited

      • Review by Silke Adler

        "I came to the lovely couple Luigi and Antonia for the 3 Days Yoga and Detox and can really say I am back on track now. I had much stress and was not treating myself kindly and properly. But the Yoga, trekking or walking, healthy, and delicious food, meditation, much sleep, and their coaching helped me a lot to get back my energy and to recognize how important it is to support my body and mind in a healthy way! Thank you again! Namaste"

        Styleoga Facebook page, edited

      • Review by Monica Adler

        "I had the most incredible weekend! It was my first and only experience. I felt welcomed, supported, guided, and basically part of the family. I recommend it with eyes closed, you will not regret it!"

        Styleoga website, edited

      • Review by Pamela Wuf Xuereb

        "Very good value for money! This was an enjoyable and effective retreat. It is a must try!"

        Styleoga website, edited

      • Review by Nadia Apuzza

        "This retreat is a must try! The method was good and effective. You will have physical and mental benefits!"

        Styleoga website, edited

      • Review by Olive Robinson

        "Luigi and Antonia are really passionate about yoga and meditation. As a school teacher from Ireland, I joined the 8-day instructor lead course. I gained a lot of knowledge on food, nutrition, warm-ups, fitness exercises and also the importance of relaxing and unwinding the body. This will greatly help me in training my pupils and I hope to pass on the information to others. Thanking you. Olive Robinson"

        Styleoga Facebook page, edited

      • Review by a traveler

        "The week we spent with Antonia and Luigi was challenging but delightful. They motivated and encouraged us to do our best, were great role models, and adjusted the program to truly meet our individual needs. I am especially appreciative of the understanding and attention they gave to Philip, as well as the healthy but fun cooking lessons! The treks were a combination of history and scenery with challenging exercise, and always uphill! The first couple of days our legs were particularly sore, but that was our goal and we improved fitness. Above all, Luigi and Antonia were charming, gracious hosts and made us feel right at home. I highly recommend their program and wish we could have stayed longer. Thank you!"

        Styleoga website, edited

      • Review by Maria Grazia

        "Thanks to Antonia, I have started believing in myself again. Now, I have a wonderful family and a beautiful daughter."

        Styleoga website, edited

      • Review by Marco

        "Luigi was always there for me; he made me feel at ease even when I was afraid of paragliding, and at the end, I made it. It was amazing!"

        Styleoga website, edited

      • Review by Giuseppe

        "I never thought that yoga or fitness could be so much fun! Styeloga is simply on another level!"

        Styleoga website, edited

      • Review by Alessandra

        "As a ballerina, all my colleagues always seemed to be in better shape than me. Now, I have finally found my peace of mind and I no longer feel out of place."

        Styleoga website, edited

      • Review by Carmen

        "I have found everything good, very pleasant, and satisfying."

        Styleoga website, edited

      • Review by Rosa

        "It is a very easy and enjoyable method and I am managing to lose weight with minimum effort."

        Styleoga website, edited

      Forino, Italy

      Styleoga offers an innovative way of living, communicating, and taking care of your body and mind through a special method of yoga practice.

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