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29 Days Vinyasa, Yin, and Vipassana Training in Spain

  • Villa Kumharas, Ibiza, Spain

Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training in Spain

Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training is a somatic approach that integrates the essence of Vinyasa Flow Yoga, the quietness of Yin Yoga and the intelligence of Scaravelli Yoga clearly founded upon principles of Buddhist Insight Meditation and Mindfulness. It is designed to skillfully leading students through dynamism to awakened stillness by weaving together Flowing Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Buddhist Meditation (Insight (Vipassana)/Mindfulness/Metta), Asana Technique, Teaching Methodology, Yoga & Buddhist Philosophy, and Applied Yoga Anatomy & Physiology, preparing our students to teach Yoga from the Heart with integrity, skill, and understanding.

Still Flowing yoga teacher trainings spirit

Still Flowing yoga teacher training is an in depth, organic exploration into the practices of yoga and meditation with emphasis on deepening self enquiry and self practice as the source for soulful, inspired teaching using a somatic approach (working within the realm of felt sensation and the body as experienced from within). To cultivate mindfulness, metta and insight to underpin and support the classical teachings of Yoga, so as to be able gain a deeper understanding into the ever changing flow of conditioned phenomena that makes up human experience, that in turn allows for a deeper exploration into the subtler aspects of Yoga and the Self.


  • Daily yoga class
  • Complementary subjects
  • Comprehensive curriculum
  • Vegetarian brunch and buffet style dinner
  • Only a few minutes walk from the centre, beach
  • All day mineral water, tea, and coffee
  • Free time on the weekends
  • 28 nights accommodation
  • 20 days with instruction
  • English
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Verified reviews

  • N
    Review by Nicola Keane from United Kingdom

    A magical place for an unusual yoga retreat

    CONS Cons: Nothing at all

    PROS Pros: Northern Norway is extraordinarily beautiful. No better place for a retreat. The location is surrounded with water, majestic mountains in the distance, white sand beaches nearby, chill but refreshing water to swim in, a feast for the senses wherever you turn. The 'midnight sun' bathes everywhere with luminescence - glorious evening skies and crystal mornings. Even grey days are beautiful. The accommodation is simple but comfortable. The retreat was well balanced in terms of sessions and free time - there was plenty of time for additional activities such as swimming and walking and some organised outings if desired. The food was brilliant and well organised. We self-catered breakfast and the odd meal, which gave us all time on our own and a chance to collaborate on a communal feast. It was a week of personal growth and deepening understanding of meditation and yoga in the most perfect environment.

    2017-Aug-16 20:33:30


  • Review by Charlotte

    "I practice Hatha yoga since 2010 and Buddhist meditation since 2012. At the end of 2014, I decided to look for a teacher yoga training. I asked a lot of details to Gemma to be sure to choose the right training. I liked her simplicity and clarity in her answers and the spirit of Still Flowing Yoga that she explained to me in a few words (because practicing is the best way to understand what Still Flowing Yoga is). I had a click with Gemma, Blanche, Marcela, and Nora in May 2015 in Ibiza: I understood why I’ve been practicing yoga and meditation for five years! It made sense! Being aware of what happens inside and outside helps to be unified, connected, centered, helpful, happy, and balanced. Now I’m a yoga teacher in the French Pyrenees. I offer yoga classes in French and English. I teach and share Still Flowing Yoga and mindfulness meditation with people who are looking for happiness and simplicity, who are ready to take the time to listen and be connected to their heart and body. Thank you Still Flowing Yoga team to be who you are! :)"

    Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training website, edited

  • Review by Philip

    "The teacher training in Ibiza was comprehensive, professional, and structured. Considered timetabling enables the student to cope with each day without being physically overwhelmed which is no small feat given the 200 hours in four weeks. No shortage of food and water, tea, coffee, etc. and comfortable sleeping arrangements also augment the experience in this idyllic Villa setting overlooking the Mediterranean. The practice is varied and challenging and the approach is one that will definitely make you think and possibly challenge previously held assumptions about all things yoga, so there are variation and stimulation coming at you from all angles. The combination of yoga practice and meditation complement each other perfectly and for myself this was a great benefit, however, for those with no experience of meditation, this new concept might prove a challenge so I recommend that this aspect should be considered and investigated before committing to the course, however, the teachers can help to approach this new form of consciousness if you find it a struggle. Simply put; the teaching staff is excellent, considerate, perceptive, and adaptable so that they can cope with and relate to every kind of student, which of course, helps to harmonize what is realistically a group of people who have probably never met before and find themselves living together for a month. The experience for me was transformative and I feel that it has changed me very much for the better!"

    Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training website, edited

  • Review by Katherine

    "I have found that the teachings that I have been introduced over the month are so pertinent and so valid. I am amazed that more people are not practicing in this way. It is so organic and intuitive. The nature of the somatic approach seems to just make sense on every level. It has been so wonderful to be in my body, properly connected and dialoguing with it. I feel it in every cell, it's saying thank you! To take time and to not rush past the subtleties of movements is allowing me deeper access to the most fascinating thing on earth, my own self."

    Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training website, edited

  • Review by Laura

    "My understanding of yoga now is that it is all about getting into your body, not getting into poses! At times during the course, I wondered if I was good enough or if my self-practice was at a high enough level. This was great to work with and really challenged my thoughts on what yoga is about. Previously, I saw my yoga practice and meditation practices as quite separate, whereas now I am bringing mindfulness into my Hatha yoga. I am more aware of my body while practicing yoga and feel more freedom to respond to my body. I think I have learned to be more flexible in my Hatha practice and don’t feel the need to just follow sequences from a book or video. By listening to my body, I am able to flow freely from one asana to another in a more fluid way. I see now that through Hatha yoga I am able to enquire into my body, mind, and emotions."

    Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training website, edited

  • Review by Simon

    "A really exceptional course. The range of teachers - each with their own perspective, areas of expertise, and unique individuality - made for a very well-rounded teacher training. I found the Buddhist insight aspects invaluable, providing a useful complementary perspective on the yoga philosophy, provoking insights into one’s own personality and motivations, as well as developing calm, patience, and persistence with the meditations. The morning asana class was inspiring, stimulating, challenging, and fun; I really learned a lot. Just the right amount of anatomy, and excellent insights into yoga technique that I use daily when teaching. In general, a considered curriculum, that was broad enough to be comprehensive whilst still remaining manageable. The schedule, while intense, also provided enough free time to integrate, regroup and do self-study. Oh, and the setting was beautiful. I’d highly recommend the course to any aspiring yoga teachers who not only want a technically solid course, but also one with real spiritual depth."

    Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training website, edited