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London, United Kingdom

Still Flowing is a registered yoga school. They hold yoga and mindfulness teacher trainings in Ibiza, Thailand, Morocco, Lanzarote, and the UK.

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Gemma Mallol

European Yoga Alliance (Yoga)

Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Yoga)

Yoga Alliance UK (Yoga)

Yoga Alliance USA (Yoga)

Gemma is the founder and director of Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training and registered as a senior yoga teacher with UK Yoga Alliance. She teaches somatic and Scaravelli inspired yoga, Buddhist mindfulness, complementary embodied practices, and facilitates an open process. Since 2011, the work of Italian yogini Vanda Scaravelli, which honors the body’s intelligence and has creative, intuitive, and inquiry-based feel to it, she finds this works beautifully alongside the therapeutic work of Dr. Peter Levine (Somatic experiencing), greatly informs and inspires her approach to yoga

Blanche Mulholland

Blanche’s journey with Shiatsu and yoga has led her to find joy in getting to know herself and others, an ever-deepening process. She finds great freedom and peace in allowing the body and breath to flow mindfully and spontaneously, exploring both traditional form and a more deconstructed, ‘freestyle’ approach. Embodiment and a strong earth connection are the roots of her practice and teaching, which she offers as her gift to you from her heart. She has 12 years of yoga practice in various styles and a deep grounding in Vipassana meditation (Buddhist insight practice).

Marcela Enriquez Wakeham

Marcela specializes in experiential anatomy and physiology of movement. She also has a degree in contemporary dance, worked as a choreographer, and has taught Pilates for 15 years. Marcela is a pulsing massage bodywork practitioner, and she is authorized to facilitate Dance of Awareness workshops, a dance group therapy licensed by Tim Brown and Clare Osbond, the creators of this group-based therapy. She is also a devotee practitioner of Continuum.

Cynthia Hauk

Cynthia is a certified yoga teacher in a variety of styles including Restorative yoga, somatic expressive therapy, trauma-sensitive yoga, expressive arts and yoga, prenatal yoga, mindfulness meditation, yoga Nidra, and Still Flowing yoga. Her current yoga teaching is infused with gentle and restoring yoga asana, calming guided visualizations and breathing techniques, poetic language, and mindful somatic inquiry (encouraging you to explore your own experience and felt sense) while incorporating technical details for therapeutic precision.

Testimonials 5

  • Charlotte

    Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training website

    I practice Hatha yoga since 2010 and Buddhist meditation since 2012. At the end of 2014, I decided to look for a teacher yoga training. I asked a lot of details to Gemma to be sure to choose the right training. I liked her simplicity and clarity in her answers and the spirit of Still Flowing Yoga that she explained to me in a few words (because practicing is the best way to understand what Still Flowing Yoga is). I had a click with Gemma, Blanche, Marcela, and Nora in May 2015 in Ibiza: I understood why I’ve been practicing yoga and meditation for five years! It made sense! Being aware of what happens inside and outside helps to be unified, connected, centered, helpful, happy, and balanced. Now I’m a yoga teacher in the French Pyrenees. I offer yoga classes in French and English. I teach and share Still Flowing Yoga and mindfulness meditation with people who are looking for happiness and simplicity, who are ready to take the time to listen and be connected to their heart and body. Thank you Still Flowing Yoga team to be who you are! :)

  • Philip

    Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training website

    The teacher training in Ibiza was comprehensive, professional, and structured. Considered timetabling enables the student to cope with each day without being physically overwhelmed which is no small feat given the 200 hours in four weeks. No shortage of food and water, tea, coffee, etc. and comfortable sleeping arrangements also augment the experience in this idyllic Villa setting overlooking the Mediterranean. The practice is varied and challenging and the approach is one that will definitely make you think and possibly challenge previously held assumptions about all things yoga, so there are variation and stimulation coming at you from all angles. The combination of yoga practice and meditation complement each other perfectly and for myself this was a great benefit, however, for those with no experience of meditation, this new concept might prove a challenge so I recommend that this aspect should be considered and investigated before committing to the course, however, the teachers can help to approach this new form of consciousness if you find it a struggle. Simply put; the teaching staff is excellent, considerate, perceptive, and adaptable so that they can cope with and relate to every kind of student, which of course, helps to harmonize what is realistically a group of people who have probably never met before and find themselves living together for a month. The experience for me was transformative and I feel that it has changed me very much for the better!

  • Katherine

    Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training website

    I have found that the teachings that I have been introduced over the month are so pertinent and so valid. I am amazed that more people are not practicing in this way. It is so organic and intuitive. The nature of the somatic approach seems to just make sense on every level. It has been so wonderful to be in my body, properly connected and dialoguing with it. I feel it in every cell, it's saying thank you! To take time and to not rush past the subtleties of movements is allowing me deeper access to the most fascinating thing on earth, my own self.

  • Laura

    Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training website

    My understanding of yoga now is that it is all about getting into your body, not getting into poses! At times during the course, I wondered if I was good enough or if my self-practice was at a high enough level. This was great to work with and really challenged my thoughts on what yoga is about. Previously, I saw my yoga practice and meditation practices as quite separate, whereas now I am bringing mindfulness into my Hatha yoga. I am more aware of my body while practicing yoga and feel more freedom to respond to my body. I think I have learned to be more flexible in my Hatha practice and don’t feel the need to just follow sequences from a book or video. By listening to my body, I am able to flow freely from one asana to another in a more fluid way. I see now that through Hatha yoga I am able to enquire into my body, mind, and emotions.

  • Simon

    Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training website

    A really exceptional course. The range of teachers - each with their own perspective, areas of expertise, and unique individuality - made for a very well-rounded teacher training. I found the Buddhist insight aspects invaluable, providing a useful complementary perspective on the yoga philosophy, provoking insights into one’s own personality and motivations, as well as developing calm, patience, and persistence with the meditations. The morning asana class was inspiring, stimulating, challenging, and fun; I really learned a lot. Just the right amount of anatomy, and excellent insights into yoga technique that I use daily when teaching. In general, a considered curriculum, that was broad enough to be comprehensive whilst still remaining manageable. The schedule, while intense, also provided enough free time to integrate, regroup and do self-study. Oh, and the setting was beautiful. I’d highly recommend the course to any aspiring yoga teachers who not only want a technically solid course, but also one with real spiritual depth.

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