Stephanie Lisa Kelly is a writer and facilitator who works at the intersection of the psychological and the mystical.

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Stephanie Lisa Kelly

Luise Jørgensen

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Maria Ortega Garcia

Stephanie Lisa Kelly website

I cannot express with words how the Wild & Free Retreat impacted me. Steph created a loving and relaxing atmosphere where everything was possible and where all of us felt loved, looked after and safe. Both the times where we were working on the content and the times of relaxation were perfectly balanced and constituted a whole experience in which the connections grew and strengthened and which eased a personal transformation. Mind, body and soul were perfectly taken care of.

The retreat, for me, provided me with a recognition of my body – I have started to walk paying more attention to my hips, I also walk slower and tend to sway my hips. Only this makes me feel more sure and powerful! I have started to dance sensually at home when I am alone, and look at my breasts with love. The retreat has definitely changed me; I have gained more confidence and strength.

Julie Le Carrer

Stephanie Lisa Kelly website

There was so much magic in the Wild & Free Retreat. Steph’s approach allows for so much possibility & freedom, for deep healing, profound insights, for co-creation, for inner creativity to be fully expressed and experienced, and for empowerment. Steph creates such an easy, safe and loving space to be in that even if your worst fear happens, it’s actually ok. As it happens mine did, and within that sacred space I was able to have a life changing experience by moving through my fear.

The Wild&Free Retreat created deep shifts on many levels, within the presence of beauty, sacred silences, enlightening inspiration, wild fun, fiery laughs and enchanting feminine complicity. I dared to be myself and was met with nothing but encouragement, acceptance and the embrace of the divine support of sisterhood.