Stella Valente

California, United States

Stella Valente is a renowned yoga teacher in Los Angeles and the owner of Yoga in the Canyon. She teaches yoga and mindfulness meditation and the joy of an extraordinary life.

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  • Olivia

    Stella Valente website

    First, I just have to say that your yoga class has been such a transforming experience for me in so many unexpected ways. I so appreciate the style and thoughtfulness of your class, the combination of strength with grace, moments of sincerity, laughter, and spirit have changed all my previous opinions of Hatha yoga. I am finding a totally new perspective to this old practice.

  • Valentina United States

    Stella Valente website

    She doesn't cater to our weakness, but inspires strength. And she seems like a pretty strong lady herself, which is always cool to see. She has a great smile, is highly competent, and after her class I feel somehow cleansed.

  • Larry Jones United States

    Stella Valente website

    Stella combines a great flow of positions, stretches, and balancing with a real spiritual sensibility. You can feel at home in her class whether you are a beginner or more advanced in your practice.

  • Joel Virgil United States

    Stella Valente website

    Stella teaches real yoga. It's the poses, pure and simple. I can go as deep as I want and it makes the practice what it is to me.

  • Amy Motta United States

    Stella Valente website

    It's during your classes that I've had the most breakthroughs. It's the things that you say and I've been to a lot of yoga classes, but I've only had epiphanies in yours. You inspire me.

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