Stefan and his team love yoga and their passion for sharing their knowledge has left them busy with retreats and trainings throughout 2019 and 2020

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Kelly Coughlan

from Great Britain, October 2018

"Book this course, it is brilliant in so many ways"

This course has been so well developed, the days are well planned and the instructors really really experienced, fun and wise. All of which, makes for a brilliant training.

You will not be disappointed, Stephan has really put his heart into this course, he will teach you all you need to know and give you the right tools, if going off to do full time yoga teaching is your thing. Even if not, these three weeks together with him will push you physically and mentally but in such a positive way.

Take this time for yourself to do this, you'll treasure it forever.

The place was stunning too, lovely pool, great food and drinks, the breakfast included is delicious. And the staff very helpful and caring.

My bed was heaven, which is good as you sleep like a light after a full day of training!

Claire Acton

from Great Britain, March 2018

"A magical experience backed by excellent training "

This training has truly been one of the most special things I have done in my life. Stefan is an excellent teacher and mentor who coached us in all things asana, mediation, philosophy and communication skills and more, he has created a course with the perfect blend between discipline in our practice and also providing a lot of fun! The group had such a great bond and I have made friends for life in our YTT family! I am so excited to develop as a yoga teacher and I thank Stefan and Sara so much for their coaching and encouragement as I explore this new avenue in my life. The location and surroundings are also really beautiful and only add to the magic! Truly wonderful experience which I will keep it with me always including my corrected posture change which has transformed not only my height but also some things deep within me! 10/10

Malin Tärnhamn

from Costa Rica, July 2017

"A great experience!"

I am very happy and thankful for my 200 ytt with Stefan and his team. He is a skilled teacher with a lot of enthusiasm and passion for what he is doing. The course had a great balance between physical practice, lectures/workshops and practice teaching. I learned a lot in these three weeks! I was also surrounded by great vibes and beautiful people. I definitely recommend this training if you are interested in becoming a yoga teacher ?

Janina Thern

from United States, April 2019

Das Teacher Training war absolut das richtige um eine fundierte Basis für alle angehenden Yogalehrer aufzubauen, oder einfach um die eigene Yogapraxis zu verfeinern! Während des straffen aber gut angestimmten Yoga Programms hatte das Training immer eine angenehme Leichtigkeit. In diesen drei wundervollen Wochen konnte ich super gute Freundschaften knüpfen, das hatte ich niemals erwartet ! Die Ausbildung ist aufjedenfall weiterzuempfehlen :)

Ganz viel Liebe für alle und riesengroßes Kompliment an Stefan, Sara und Jane!

Janina from Germany ;)

Theresa Jelinek

from Austria, April 2018

"a lifechanging experience"

Stefan and Sara are the perfect team for this training and they managed to communicate their profound Yoga knowledge in a simple and easy way. It has been three intense weeks fully packed with Yoga. Perfect to create new habits and better postures. Always thinking about our safety, Stefan managed to respond to every of his students and needs indiviually. I highly recommend this course to everyone who wants to become a Yoga teacher or just improve his/her Yoga skills.

Johanna Kolle

from Germany, March 2018

Stefan und Sara haben das YTT zu einer unglaublichen Zeit für alle Teilnehmer werden lassen. Mit dem Fokus auf Modern alignment und der Prävention von Verletzungen habe ich für mich und zukünftige Schüler viel Wissen erworben. Die Unterkunft und das enthaltene Frühstück hätten nicht besser sein können. In der freien Zeit am Mittag und am Abend sowie Sonntags war genug Zeit um den Ort und die Umgebung zu erkunden.

Carolyn Mulhern

from United States,

This was an incredible experience with a passionate teacher! Stefan is a great teacher, who is very knowledgeable about anatomy and business practices. On his teacher training you will have the opportunity to deepen your practice and explore the principles of mindfulness. I gained so much from this teacher training and was able to learn so much about myself. This experience offers you time to reflect and grow, as well as study the science of yoga. This is truly a life changing experience and I can not recommend Stefan's trainings enough!! The entire experience of being in Lombok is also incredible. The island is beautiful, with great accommodations and healthy food choices available. Go for it! You will thank yourself! This is an incredible opportunity and the best experience you will find!

Testimonials (4)

Jarrad Australia

Stefan Camilleri Yoga website

I had an amazing time at Stefan’s YTT in Lombok. The wealth of knowledge among the three teachers made for a fascinating and engaging learning experience. Personally, my physical practice has improved a lot and my posture has improved significantly! Stefan made every effort to make sure we were on track, happy and healthy. The community developed within the group was amazing in the short amount of time. We made lifelong friends and connections.

Sabine Kobayter United Kingdom

Stefan Camilleri Yoga website

Stefan’s YTT in Lombok is the perfect mix of physical practice, meditation, and fun! I arrived thinking I would not be able to teach after just one training but the preparation, the thoroughness and the diversity of the other guest teachers made for the perfect foundation. I learned so much from both the teachers and the other students!

Uschi Steedman Australia

Stefan Camilleri Yoga website

Stefan's 200 hr YTT is a truly unique and empowering experience. Stefan's commitment to safety and modern teaching practice is of immense value. The combination of alignment-based vinyasa classes, how to cue safe transitions in yoga, plus Iyengar-style posture labs means students depart with a well-rounded understanding of modern and classical yoga approaches. The emphasis on practice teaching from week one, means I left feeling confident to begin teaching yoga immediately; and discussions on the "business of yoga" has left me inspired and ready to dive into the yoga industry.

I was challenged in the most supportive of ways. Best of all, I'm leaving more focused, more confident and more disciplined. My own meditation, pranayama, posture and asana practice have improved in leaps and bounds - and I've departed with a community of friends from around the world.

Lastly, Stefan and has teaching team is one in a million. Authentic, honest, fun, passionate, focused and completely committed to yoga in every way. I highly, highly recommend this course.

Seung Min Lim South Korea

Stefan Camilleri Yoga website

But Stefan, I changed about my face and mind positively after your teacher training. My face brightened and my mind was confident than before. The best good change is that the people around me call me the "Yoga Teacher!!!" When I heard that I was really really so so happy and now they want to learn Yoga from me!!

After I came back to my real life, I try to wake up earlier than before. I try to meditate and practice my Yoga teaching skill for about 30 min. If I enjoy doing Yoga as all of my life, I believe that one day I have a chance to get a job as a Yoga teacher, and when that day comes I should contact to you first.

Stefan, you know that how you are amazing one of the best people for me. I don't know how to thank you for all of my changes. I have a quiet personality but I totally know how you were considerate of me. I always support you and hope that you and your all are always happy. I am looking forward to the day we meet again :-)