Stay Fit Break Free offers yoga experiences with exercise, great food, and relaxation. The build healthy bodies and minds from the inside out.

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Val Inwood

from Great Britain, October 2019

"Not a yoga retreat but a boot camp."

I enjoyed 2 Aqua sessions and a boxercise class. The other ladies were very nice. Zu is very fit and very passionate.

Veronica Blake

from Great Britain, October 2019

"Not a Yoga meditation vegetarian retreat as advertised"

The motivation and dedication from Zu

Andrea Miklos

from Hungary, September 2019

"Life changing"

This was an amazing experience, truly eye opening. Zu has been very supportive and patient throughout, did everything to accommodate our different fitness levels. Everyone could push themselves out of the usual which is the basic idea of a fitness camp.

Working out so much is not easy but that was our only job this week, everything else was taken care of. We had our accommodation, transfer from airport, all the food done for the week, all the programmes organised. All we had to do is show up and give it all.

This week taught me in practice what healthy eating is, what good portions are, and how little is actually enough even with 6 hours of workouts every day. I'll always be able to refer back to this now. We talked a lot about nutrition, good food that fuels your body, and I also liked that Zu told us what each workout is aiming at, how it will help on the long run.

With the variety of exercises and workouts I could get inspiration for what to do at home, and use it for my home exercises as well. And to me, that's the most important: this week didn't just come and go but really kicked off my healthy regime for the long run.