Square One Yoga Adventures

Square One Yoga Adventures is a group of three Bay Area community yoga studios. It is a mission-driven business, committed to making yoga classes, retreats, and training completely accessible to the entire community by keeping prices low and maintaining a healthy and unpretentious community.

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Larisa Johnson-Roberts United States

Square One Yoga Adventures Facebook page

I've been taking classes here for a week now, enjoying Square One's incredible new member deal, and have only positive things to say. The space is gorgeous, the people present, knowledgeable, and compassionate, and the classes are accessible and well-varied. There is something for everyone. Because I have experienced some fairly terrible yoga instructors in the past, it has been difficult to get back into my practice. But the classes I've taken here so far are wonderful and I feel like I can finally comfortably bring myself back into yoga. 5/5 stars, this is the place to be.

Jenn Nolan United States

Square One Yoga Adventures Facebook page

I've gone to square one both in Emeryville and San Leandro. I love their classes and sense of community!

Becca Freed

Square One Yoga Adventures Facebook page

This is my no-frills, great-class yoga home. One of these days I might even get the chanting thing.

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