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Alto Paraiso, Brazil

Spiritual Journeys share their experience and possibilities to grow up in our truth, being pure, and open to new knowledge about yourself.

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  • Sandra Willems

    Chintamania website

    I did receive in December 2014 and January 2015 three Golden DNA activation with auric clearing, karma clearing, and unnatural seals removal. I felt deep inside that I had to do this. I already did a lot the last past 15 years but when you go deeper in consciousness you know that more can come out for clearing. So, in 6 weeks I did whole the program with Eduard, and it was not easy, especially karma clearing and the Golden DNA activations. I noticed that the first and second Golden DNA activation a lot came above like emotions, thoughts and trigger points.Most of the time it was one or three days and then it was silent inside. But every time I was glad that I did this, and the karma cleaning I could felt things left my body what was no longer ME. I felt more relieved. But now we are a few weeks further and sometimes emotions come up for transformation but I no longer have negative thoughts, I have more flow and new customers after 4 sessions in my own work. I also meditate 2 times a day now with my own practices for to make the connection stronger with my higher self and consciousness field. I feel happier, loving, more confidence, balanced and no better way to go with starting my own company. Thank you.

  • Petra

    Chintamania website

    Im 34 and a mother of two. I started the Golden DNA activation in the spring of 2014, my motivation was to get an aura clearing one that would last better than any other form of healing. Throughout my life I was always aware of my own Intuition and an empathy by heart. Because of that fact I had many unbalanced energies and carried a lot old stuff, I was quickly influenced by others people emotions and had a hard time letting this go. The first few sessions were emotional because I had to let go of some bad energies.The first thing I noticed was that in my dreams I was left at peace and no wrong energies came and fed on my energy. Later on I felt healthier and saw my body chance in a good way, now I can hold my ground and not affected by others people's emotions and there's space for positive things to happen, also I'm again in touch with my higher self the thing I missed the most. I'm glad I took this opportunity and I'm thankful for the chance.

  • Sophie

    Chintamania website

    Having received a frequency of light healing, a Golden DNA activation with auric clearing, karma clearing, and unnatural seals removal I feel lighter, clearer, and much more grounded than before. My inner vision is clearer and I feel creatively inspired. This was quite recently and I feel that this is going to unfold more on the long term, but already I feel positive changes and I am very grateful to have had the chance to do this

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