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Spirit of Being offers various yoga retreats that focus on your well-being in order to transform yourself into a better individual.

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John Vincent

Based between the UK and India, John is a Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, NLP Trainer & Consciousness Explorer with a 25-year record of creating life-changing positive breakthroughs for people. John has spent decades living, studying and learning Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Meditation, Altered Sates of Consciousness, Accelerated Learning and a host of other related mind studies from Shamanism, TFT, Lucid Dreaming, LOA, Ti Chi, Chi Gong and more. The Spirit of Being brings a holistic blend of all these technologies.

Heloise Hedge

Heloise has been creating and sharing her recipes for over 22 years. What started as a hobby has turned into a passion filled and driven lifestyle choice and career. During your Retreat Heloise will be your Nutritional co-ordinator, sharing her passion for Super Tasty Healthy food with fun raw vegan workshops from Raw Deserts to ‘Art-On-A-Plate’ that supercharges your mind, nourishes your body and enlivens your spirit (that's also super easy to create). And a Lifetime Creativity Explorer, Heloise will be helping you to get in touch with your creative side, setting powerful goals.

Vivienne Yardley

Yoga Teacher, NLP Master Practitioner and passionate Vegan cook, Vivienne has taught Yoga in both the UK and India. And it all started with a Retreat in India. Following the same three-step process of Releasing and Letting Go, Feeling Gratitude and Happiness and Focusing Your Mind on the Goals and Future You Wish to Achieve. Vivienne share's her unique style of yoga combining the ancient traditions of yoga with the science of NLP. Trained in Sivananda and Ashtanga Yoga – and more recently Anthastha Yoga with its proven relaxing and healing benefits for the Central Nervous System.

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Dave D

Spirit of Being website

Thank you John. I have been using this each morning for the past few days and I've got to say WOW! I’m feeling sooooo amazing! full of gratitude, love and abundance. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing this and making it available to everyone.

Cris C.

Spirit of Being website

John, this was magical! Your voice is mesmerizing! Thank you!

Margaret S.

Spirit of Being website

Thank you! that was a lovely place to be l didn't want to open my eyes!

Elsa M.

Spirit of Being website

Again an amazing powerful tool!! love John Vincent, I purchased the personal transformation program at the beginning of this year and it has brought me to a level of awareness I didn't know possible. THANK YOU for being so generous, infinite blessings back to you!!!

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