South Moon Studio

Braintree, Manitoba, Canada

South Moon Studio is about the practice of exploring visual and healing arts as a medium of awareness and growth.

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  • Caleigh Christie

    South Moon Studio Website

    Chrissy is one of those amazing people that has an uncanny ability to make you feel welcome and whole with each visit to her studio. I am always left feeling a sense of renewal and ready to tackle life's challenges with grace and kindness. Her community focused approach in life inspires me and I know I am not the only one that feels this way.

  • Jimmy Napoli

    South Moon Studio Website

    Chrissy has such a beautiful, strong, pure energy I was immediately drawn to her. After a few words from her, I knew she was a natural healer. She possesses strong instinctual awareness and a kind and comforting personality that made me feel comfortable instantly.

  • Tanyss

    South Moon Studio website

    The best part of a yoga retreat is the bonding of a small group with the guidance of a truly spiritual leader.

  • Lorraine

    South Moon Studio website

    You can feel safe to share your most inner thoughts and feelings. Its not just an hour long its a whole weekend with all kinds of activities!

  • Jennifer

    South Moon Studio website

    Chrissy brings incredible presence to her work as an artist and as a healer. Whether through painting, drawing, opening the body in Yoga, quieting the mind in meditation, or listening to the spirit in retreat, Chrissy offers deeply grounded and soul-nourishing experiences that are available to anyone.

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