Soul Scuba specializes in a fusion of yoga and scuba diving and is the exclusive provider of the PADI Yoga Diver course.

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Rachel Cooper

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Searching Google in the UK for yoga classes on Nevis prior to a holiday on the island we came across Amanda. What a fab find! She was good to her word and met us down on Pinneys beach reliably every day where my husband and I enjoyed early morning classes for 5 days ( with our monkey friend!) and we left wishing we could stay a whole lot longer. Such a lovely teacher; calm, sympathetic, natural and friendly. She really knows her stuff, is a true professional and can up the level or bring it down to suit her audience. It is clear her real talents lie with combining yoga with diving and though we didn’t dive this time we left with the confidence that she would really look after her pupils with safety at the top of her agenda. Go and find her if ever you are choosing to visit the beautiful islands of st Kitts and Nevis.

Bill Carver

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Great course. As an older diver--in both age and years diving-- I took PADI Yoga Diver specialty class "just for fun" and was pleasantly surprised. Not only was it fun, but it was actually good exercise, and a great tune-up for buoyancy and breath control.

Our instructor, Amanda, was well prepared and very accommodating. She supplied us with good course materials on Yoga history, background, and concepts. She did a great job of walking us through the land based yoga exercises, then took us for a couple relaxing dives to do breathing and buoyancy drills in the water.

If you are looking for a little different scuba class for a day, I highly recommend the PADI Yoga Diver Course. For an inexpensive course it was a great, fun day.

Would do it again.

Eileen Piretra

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Great course, relaxing, informative and fun! This yogi LOVED to combine my passion for yoga and SCUBA. The class has had a lasting impression on my diving, through more relaxed breathing, movement and simply being in the moment.

Highly recommended!

Namaste :)

Brian Smith

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Awesome Class! More Awesome-er Instructor! The obvious and immediate benefits of the class are increased time under the waves and buoyancy control. The more subtle benefits come on dry land. Amanda's explanation on the benefits of meditation and focusing on the "center" help me every day. I've never been any sort of distance runner. Its safe to say I avoided it at all costs. Late last year I ran my very first 5k. The two things that helped me prepare and succeed are the breathing method Amanda coaches in this class, and meditation. On our last dive trip I took a video clip of how the surface looks from 100' below. Instead of worrying about surviving a run, I visualize the sound and sight of my breathing and the bubbles. Thanks Amanda! Hope to see you soon!

Randy Meinke

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Amanda helped my wife and I when we first starting diving. She was so calm in the water and out. Always felt safe with her leading the way, learning new skills and how to handle more tasks as we finally progressed. Years later, as I have transitioned to a senior Instructor position, I still have opportunities to dive with Amanda. I am still learning techniques as I dive with her during my classes or hers.