5 Days Sailing, Meditation, and Yoga Retreat in Caribbean

  • Soul Ascension School of Yoga and the Healing Arts, Pitons, Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia

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Caribbean Yoga Retreat and Sailing Adventure

  • 5 days with instruction
  • Sail throughout the Caribbean with an experienced captain and crew in this luxury retreat. Take your time on the ocean to take in its beauty and observe yourself with healing and meditation. Discover the magnificence of the sea, the turquoise shimmer of the Caribbean, and dive into the depths of yourself with meditation, song, and deep soul healing.


    • Daily yoga classes
    • Meditation and healing sessions
    • Dive trips and training are available
    • Visit and enjoy different islands each day
    • Transfers to and from Hewanorra Airport (UVF)
    • Sail throughout the Caribbean island
    • Daily gourmet and organic meals
    • 4 nights accommodation


      • Instruction language: English
      • Spoken languages: English
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    The accommodation provided is on private room basis and will be in different places each night.

    During this retreat, you will experience sailing throughout the Caribbean with an experienced captain and crew. You will have time to reconnect with yourself through meditation and healing sessions. You will land on different islands each day for beach yoga sessions and tours. Each night, you will also find yourself resting, in a new place to stay. Your meals will be gourmet, organic, and will feed your body as you discover your heart.

    • Molly Warner

      Molly has been living the practice of yoga for the past 12 years and has a passion for guiding the awakening wild spirit. She focuses on all aspects of yoga: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual and brings these facets together to create a meditative space where you can dive into the depths of yourselves. She has specialty training in Yin and Kundalini yoga, while also loving and working with the transformative fires of Vinyasa. She is a dynamic facilitator, guiding her students to make their own discoveries and realize their own true nature, one of infinite capacity.

    • Eli Kaiser

      Eli has been working to help others on energetic, emotional, spiritual, and physical levels since he was a child and has devoted his life full time to this practice. Yoga is a beautiful medium to work with as a healing system and has been a large part of his own healing journey. He is an experienced registered yoga teacher and teaches workshops and courses that give registered yoga teachers continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance. Through his intuitive training courses, he offers students teachings in energy healing, shamanism, and ceremony.

    This retreat will be held in the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia.

    The price of this retreat includes daily gourmet and organic meals.

    Diving trips and training are available.

    • 4 nights accommodation
    • All yoga classes and meditation and healing sessions
    • Daily gourmet and organic meals
    • Tours to different islands each day
    • Transfers to and from Hewanorra Airport (UVF)

    Arrival by airplane

    Please book your flight to arrive at Hewannora International Airport (UVF). Transfer from and to the airport is included. The organizer will pick you up from the airport.

    For information about the booking conditions, please send Soul Ascension School of Yoga & the Healing Arts an inquiry.

    Verified BookYogaRetreats.com reviews

    • Review by John Horoshak from Costa Rica

      "Great mix of people and the three teachers where very supportive and knowledgeable. Highly recommend it!"

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Richard Robbins

      "I’m so grateful I chose to do my teacher training in the Florida Keys. Molly & Jolie were amazing teachers, each with their own facets of expertise that meshed beautifully together. After finishing this training I felt completely confident teaching my first classes. The open atmosphere of this training allowed for our group to tune into deep physical, emotional, and spiritual levels - I know every one of us left that training expanded in body, mind, and soul. We definitely tuned into to the true core of yoga, while still learning the practicals of applying it as a teacher. Big Pine Key is a great place to escape the noise and focus on truly deepening your practice. Beautiful sunsets, experiences, conversations, and connections with beautiful people. If you’re considering a yoga teacher training: these are the people, this is the place, and now is the time to do it. It will enrich your understanding of yourself, deepening your experience in every moment after, while giving you the means to share this open space with others and cultivate real connections."

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Mari Backus

      "I am so grateful I was able to complete my YTT here. It was an eye-opening experience that changed my life for the better. I learned about and developed my teaching skills for multiple types of yoga, grew spiritually, and was able to heal emotionally. We had amazing teachers who all contributed in their own ways to make the experience even more special. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who wants to learn more about yoga for their personal practice, becoming a teacher, or seeking spiritual growth. I am very blessed that I was able to train with such an inspiring group of people who give their continuous support and encouragement."

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Mallory Jean

      "To my dear Teachers, THANK YOU! For guiding me through training, creating a safe and loving space for me to transform and opening your life journey to include me. I hope this message conveys my gratitude and love for you. I am journeying forth with a deeper yoga practice, a new skill set, limitless abundance and unconditional love. "

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Debra Leeann Wilson

      "I attended the Yoga Teacher Training in Big Pine Key, Florida during January of 2016. It was a life changing experience. We learned about Yoga and so much more. It was wonderful connecting with a fantastic group of fellow students. The teachers/facilitators are amazing, well informed, mind expanding people to be around. Don't miss the next opportunity to expand your consciousness and learn more about yourself and Yoga. Love and Light."

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Michelle Smith

      "Soul Ascension Yoga went way above and beyond expectations in helping me reach my dream of becoming a yoga teacher. I recommend this school to everyone looking to change their lives both in and out of the yoga room. At the age of 48 I decided to follow my dream of becoming a yoga instructor. I figured after having three children who are all out of school now it was time for “Mom”. So I enrolled in the Soul Ascension School for the 200-hour YTT. I just wanted to teach yoga poses to students - pretty simple right? Well there was so much more and I had to really dig deep, much deeper than ever before. Eli, Molly and Jolie could not have been more amazing through every step of my spiritual journey – yes, spiritual! Not just yoga postures! I had always put myself last at everything, for as long as I could remember. I literally had no love or appreciation for myself. After three of the most OMazing weeks of my life (no exaggeration) I found a new Michelle who could even repeat these three words and mean it: I AM LOVE! I continue to work hard embracing this new life, this new spirituality both in and out of the yoga room. I am still in contact everyday with all 8 of my yoga sisters and if I ever have a question, or a problem I know Eli, Molly and Jolie are a phone call away. I am grateful beyond words for my yoga family. I embrace each day, each moment, with love, compassion, and gratitude. I look forward to the next 48 years Michelle Smith, Proud Graduate of Soul Ascension School of Yoga April 2016"

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Erika Carlson

      "This was by far a complete and holistic yoga teacher training program. Not only did I receive instruction in various yoga styles, theories, asanas, and history, but I also received instruction in various types of meditation, adjustments, daily practice, teaching practice, and nutrition, accompanied by song, restoration sessions, and genuine support for growth. An "amazing" experience!"

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Shelby York

      "I am so grateful you guys have us teach the free class to the public down there. It gets all the first time jitters out. I start teaching next week & I'm not so afraid because I've already done it. I appreciate you. With every atom and cell in my body, & fiber of my DNA. You guys changed my life."

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Nancy Kekst

      "Taking Molly and Eli’s Ascension Yoga Training is not to be missed. After having the opportunity to be a yoga teacher for 4 years, taking many additional trainings, the Ascension Yoga program revitalizes you as a person first so you can be of more value when you choose to teach others. As I learned techniques to release, and replenish myself inwardly, I find myself able to transfer these many feelings of light, love and healing to clients."

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Mollie Mendoza

      "Where to begin? I thought I would leave this training today saying 'that was the hardest thing I have ever done'. I can instead express it was the greatest, most joyous, deepest, challenging, phenomenal exploration. A full breakdown of barriers, coupled with the laying of new foundations.Time sped up and slowed down simultaneously and an intense vortex of learning, loving, and laughter ensued! The diversity accompanying the education is incomparable to any educative experience I have had before and surpassed all expectations. I keep wondering how can fully communicate the experience to others in 'just' words- if only other people could just feel my emotions!"

      "I feel held and supported and believe my journey with these teachers has just awoken and taken its first baby steps. A beautiful feeling of continuity rather than ending."

      "I will be spreading your message and your light and I respect every element of each of you personally, the way in which you interact with the world and the way that you teach. Keep in touch my sister and brother and teachers and friends."

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Molly Gene

      "This past April I attended the Soul Ascension Yoga Teacher Training. I had some training prior, but this specific Teacher Training was the most powerful and transforming experience of my life. Going into this training I was a little nervous because I knew that every insecurity I had would be lifted to the surface and be revealed. Through the guided meditations and other techniques, I was taught how to identify my emotions that did not serve me, to understand where they came from, and to move through them in a positive and productive way. Through it all I found the courage to forgive myself for any negative past thoughts and actions, while realizing that it was an essential part of my personal growth. Due to the intensity of the experience there was a moment in my training when all the toxic energy inside of me from my past was being released; the guilt and negative judgments that I held in my mind and muscle tissues were rising and coming out of my body! The release was profound! "

      "Since the training I am so much happier. I make more time for yoga and meditation, which dramatically reduces my anxiety and mental chatter, leaving me with a deeper sense of contentment. The focus on organic, living foods in the meal plan has inspired me to improve my diet at home. My music career is blossoming as I now have the confidence to say, “No” when I need to, and to ask for what I need. This has allowed me to have the schedule I want, leaving more time for family and self-care. Yoga is a constant guide for me to make deep and positive changes within myself."

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Lisa

      "There aren't words to fully express my experience and the gratitude I feel for what I learned and am able to share with others now, but here are my comments from the heart. Words that come to mind about my April YTT training with Molly, Eli, Jolie and fellow trainees are wonderful, enlightening, supportive, heartfelt, passionate, engaging, fun and growth-filled. Our team of trainers were like none I have ever had in my past, and the ones I’d always longed for. Their support, encouragement and knowledge far exceeded my expectations for this training, and spread to each of us like a beautiful warm fire that ignited our souls while combining it with the cool calming sounds of their musical talents and voices. They helped me to open doors of growth that had been closed to me in the past, while having fun all along the way, even on the most challenging of days. I not only grew in my physical knowledge about yoga because of the in-depth curriculum they provided about the history and foundations of the practice of yoga through to the modern day understandings of yoga in the western world, but also my emotional and spiritual life has grown through the care and concern they showed throughout the training, and tools they provided to help me to think in new ways about the world, this existence and myself and relations to others. I feel a sense of joy about life that I had not experienced before this training, and love sharing with others, and am so grateful for the opportunity to have shared this experience with so many beautiful souls. Namaste."

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited


    • Review by Katherine Milnes Bailey

      "I have personally experienced a very powerful energy healing of a stubborn shoulder injury that I had tried healing with chiropractic, massage and various other natural remedies. I was so amazed that the pain was just gone after suffering for so long! Still not quite sure how it happened but I know it made me a believer. So thankful for these healers!"

      Soul Ascension School of Yoga & the Healing Arts Facebook page, edited

    • Review by Jason Kirkpatrick

      "All of the teachers and people associated with Soul Ascension Healing Arts are amazingly talented, compassionate, gifted individuals. They will help your soul to sing."

      Soul Ascension School of Yoga & the Healing Arts Facebook page, edited

    • Review by Miranda Haupt

      "I was unfocused, overwhelmed with energy, grieving, and moving into a new chapter of my life. In one session, Eli provided me with tools to rid myself of the negative energies I was attracting. He identified where I came from and what to do to go on. Thank you Eli, my journey has been far more successful and enjoyable again."

      Soul Ascension School of Yoga & the Healing Arts website, edited

    • Review by Violet Kaiser

      "I feel Eli and Molly have helped me in many ways. Since Eli has been doing energy healing on me, I have lost weight and my bad days have decreased. I suffer from fibromyalgia and arthritis."

      Soul Ascension School of Yoga & the Healing Arts website, edited

    • Review by Brenda

      "I had the opportunity to experience a home clearing and personal energy healing from Eli. The space of my home now feels so much more peaceful and harmonious. Eli's personal energy clearing is equally as powerful through his magical shamanic medicine chants. He is a gifted and completely natural energy healer. I immediately was moved into tears, feeling the release throughout my entire body and then into joy. I feel balanced, centered, calm, and ready to move forward in the next steps of my soul's journey with inner peace and confidence. Eli and Molly's healing and yoga circles are equally powerful for releasing what no longer serves us, intention setting for your goals and visions, expanding your inner light and beyond. I would highly recommend experiencing yoga, healing circles or a personal session with Eli. Notice what changes for you and around you."

      Soul Ascension School of Yoga & the Healing Arts website, edited

    • Review by Corinne Warner

      "I have been helped remarkably with one session. I have had a lower back problem for years, I tried chiropractors, but the manipulation was so harsh. In one session with Molly and Eli, my back felt lighter yet stronger. I have had no back ache and my session was in September of 2013!"

      Soul Ascension School of Yoga & the Healing Arts website, edited

    • Review by Chelsea Isherwood

      "Working with Eli, one on one and also in group settings, has allowed me greater freedom of mind and body. He is receptive and greatly intuitive to exactly what healing you need and is very skilled in his art. He is medicine for the soul. I felt much more free from my emotions and more grounded after a session with him as well as experiencing long-term change in my thinking and behavioral patterns. Oh, and he also makes some amazing vegan muffins!"

      Soul Ascension School of Yoga & the Healing Arts website, edited