Soukya Holistic Health Centre

Soukya Holistic Health Centre is a unique sanctuary that will help you restore the natural balance of your mind, body and spirit.

  • Bangalore, India

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from US$9,582
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  • Review by Lisa from New York

    "I was so impressed with my experience at Soukya. Everything is exactly as it should be. The lovely Garden of Eden off the beaten path is absolutely a must for anyone wishing to immerse themselves in restoring their mind, body and soul to the highest levels possible. The grounds are magical. With herbs and veggies planted and blossoming the air was positively delicious! Those same elements are then served up in wonderful ova-vegetarian meals. The rooms are clean, spacious, nicely appointed. They even have private out-door showers! Positively magical taking a shower outside under the shade of a flowering bougainvillea paradise. Yoga in the morning and evening. Exceptional treatments in the afternoon. Doctors who are attentive and expert in their field. Charming guests with whom to socialize. It's truly a magical place. Anyone looking to revitalize and recharge - this is the perfect place to do it!"

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  • Review by Kiwigirl from Auckland, New Zealand

    "We stayed for 6 days to kick start getting a more healthy life style and lose some weight. Our time at Soukya achieved this. My husband lost 3 kg and me 2 kg. The gardens and grounds are beautiful, the food excellent for getting off regular sugar, alcohol, meat, fat etc. Ayuvedic treatments daily at an additional cost along with naturopathic treatments. I would recommend it as a great place to detox. Dr Mathai says annual visits will begin an age reversing process. I would have liked more interaction and discussion with the doctors to understand some of the processes and my reaction to them. It was a unique and special experience that I would recommend."

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  • Review by M Murjana from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

    "The good, I loved the scenery in this retreat, the beautiful and vast trees make you forget everything and enjoy nature. You will also see beautiful birds and nature animals. The service is also very good. The staff very friendly. The rooms are acceptable; needed to change the sofas, there is no television in the room because they want you to have time to meditate instead of watch tv.The not so good, everything in Soukya is chargeable, every single thing (at a much higher rate than other comparable facilities), medications are extremely overpriced compared to the market as well. If you are an international visitor, you are charged in dollars; and you pay much more than Indian nationals. The Yoga isn't given much attention as the other places I visited in India. During my stay I met very few people; which is something others might consider an advantage. Bring lots of mosquito repellent with you.With little changes (that add A LOT to the place) I would consider going back to Soukya for treatment."

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  • Review by Doris K

    "I spent 30 days at Soukya from March 16 to April 16, 2015. It is the best decision and investment I have ever made. I sent my medical records ahead and was given a thorough evaluation on arrival. I have a Pacemaker, high blood pressure, and COPD (from many years of smoking), and was overweight and generally tired. Oh, I forgot to mention that I am 87. My goals included losing weight, feeling more energized, and improving my sleep and general health problems. A customized wellness plan was created for me and I began every day with a consultation with my doctor who checked our progress and made changes as needed. Over the thirty days of intensive Treatments and monitoring, I learned to understand the connection between mind and body. Each day began with yoga. My diet was designed to help me lose weight and to establish healthier eating habits. The entire experience was life changing. I lost 15 pounds. I can sleep without taking pills. My blood pressure is improved. I went from being a TV addict to watching none at all. My eating habits are much healthier...lots of fruits and vegetables and no sugar, white flour or greasy fried foods. And, I don't read the news while I am eating! I am so grateful that Soukya exists. There is no place like it anywhere. I hope to return next year for a two week tune-up!"

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  • Review by Toshi from London, United Kingdom

    "I spent 10 days at Soukya. The doctors were extremely approachable and took great care to listen to my concerns and come up with a suitable treatment plan. I presented a couple of complaints and each was dealt with care and compassion. Dr Mathai is a wonderful person with great positivity and everybody mirrors his passion and care. All the staff were outstanding and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. Be advised though that this is not a hotel, it is a holistic centre designed to treat the individual."

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  • Review by a traveller from Paris, France

    "I come to Soukya since ten years and it is always a wonderful experience. This place is so peaceful ...All is done for your health and wellness. The doctors, therapists and all the staff at the restaurant, reception, rooms and gardens take care of you and are smiling. I am so happy to have discovered Soukya and Doctor Mathai who is my best doctor."

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  • Review by R T Regis from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    "Soukya was my first experience at an ayurvedic health center in May last year, and I will return again in May of this year (2 weeks each time). For rejuvenation, weight loss and age-related detoxification. Soukya is truly a magical experience in every respect: Dr.and Mrs Mathai themselves, the other doctors (in various disciplines), some of whom double as yoga instructors, the therapists, the other devoted staff, and those colorfully toiling in the fields of the organic farm in front of the bungalows. The air is suffused with jasmine and there is constant birdsong. The personalities have all the charm of South India and Kerala. Although socializing among other guests is not encouraged, one soon finds the high quality among fellow guests and many friendships are made. Happiness and intelligence are the order of the day, not materialism - and gratefulness for that comes from an American lawyer stationed in the Middle East. The vegetarian cuisine is not only healthy and light but quite delicious. A life-changing experience! "

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  • Review by Mr. Deepak Singhal from Africa

    " Very nice place. Feeling very relaxed and energized. Wish could stay longer. Thank you all. "

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  • Review by Dr. Sushil Chandra from Britain

    " Excellent treatment facility. My best complement is, I plan to come back with my wife "

    January 2014. Soukya Holistic Health Centre website, edited

  • Review by Mr. A.R. Nirmal Kumar from Bangalore, India

    " The arrangement has been excellent, enjoyed my stay. Substantial relief has been obtained. The Treatment section and Food department needs special mention. "

    January 2014. Soukya Holistic Health Centre website, edited