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Somatic Circles

Somatic Circles offers yoga, Pilates, Feldenkrais, and all body movement that is done with awareness.

Instructors 2


Mariela has a long career in bodywork and movement. Originally trained as a dancer, she then went on to train as a Pilates teacher with the UK Pilates Foundation and has been working as such for the last 15 years. Her particular interest on how the body deeply connects and flows led her to discover the Antigym Method. Practicing Antigym allowed Mariela to develop her understanding of the body-mind connection but also brought her great benefits, such as: Better alignment and freedom of movement. She is now very passionately sharing this unique and transformative method with her students.


Emma was born in Greece and has always been into sports and movement. In 2009, she moved to London and trained as a Pilates teacher with the U.K. Pilates Foundation, and Anne-Marie Zulkahari, one of the foremost Pilates teachers in the UK. Since 2011, Emma has been teaching Pilates at various studios including, Pilatesyoga movement and Triyoga. In 2004, her urge to expand her knowledge brought Emma in Vienna to take the Feldenkrais practitioner training. The Feldenkrais training has not only influenced Emma’s teaching but her whole approach to life.

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