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Somananda Tantra School provides courses worldwide, which focus on the spiritual teachings of yoga, Tantra, and meditation.

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Somananda became interested in spirituality and the powers of the mind at a young age. After completing his university degree in law in his home country of Israel, he briefly pursued a career practicing law, but soon found that ultimately his real passions lay elsewhere, which is in spirituality. In 2010, Somananda founded an international school of spiritual Tantra yoga named which is an inspired international enterprise in which Somananda, his wife Liisa, and fellow teachers offer unique teachings around the world, conducting seminars, retreats, and workshops.

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Joining Somananda on his teachings around the world, is yoga and Tantra teacher, Liisa Maimon, his wife. In 2009, Liisa participated in the very first Tantra workshop given by Somananda in Estonia. Without immediately realizing it, this event was the turning point in a new and exciting chapter of her life - the spiritual path. Feeling a strong connection with the teachings, Liisa continued her Tantra, yoga, and meditation studies with Somananda and Agama Yoga in Thailand.

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Somananda Tantra School

I feel liberated and joyful to move on and excited of what’s coming. The tantra massage course helped me to get rid of some blockages in my lower body. I met with people who brought out my character traits that are usually hidden, like playfulness.


Somananda Tantra School

I feel liberated. I was surprised that my body is so sensitive! An important realization for me was that there’s nothing to be ashamed of neither in a woman’s nor man’s body, everything’s natural! I got to know my own body a lot better. I overcame many fears, I was actually afraid to come to this course. I learned to trust men more and got a lovely positive experience with a certain man after my recent break-up.


Somananda Tantra School

Thank you Somananda and Lisa for the past weekend's course. I am still full of energy and surprised of what life has to offer. It is amazing how much joy and love people can bring to each other and how powerful this feeling is. I got so much confidence that I am in fact "normal


Somananda Tantra School

My emotions are sublime and I did not think that I could be so open-minded or I could open myself among strangers. I got rid of some phobias and false shame. I became more outgoing and self-confident. I realized that being naked is OK, although I still prefer doing that with people close to me.


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To do spiritual practice and meditation in Rishikesh with Soma is like going to the ultimate fountain of knowledge - immensely satisfying.

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