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Reviews (16)

Marcela Ordonez

from Colombia, August 2018

"Wonderful relaxing retreat - intend to return!"

Gorgeous little island, transparent oceans in many shades, seagulls, pelicans and other birds flying, great vegetarian food, the sound of water, excellent semi - personalized yoga classes... and we got to play with dolphins!

Maureen Nowicki

from Canada, June 2018

"Heart and Soul"

The retreat is just perfect. Sensational location, two competent and kind instructors offering different styles of practices, hospitable meals with heart (go and see what I mean!) overall, my husband and myself enjoyed every minute of the experience.

Kelsey Mesher

from United States, April 2018

"A few perfect days "

I am so grateful for the few perfect days I spent with Soma Yoga Cartagena in the Rosario Islands. The house is calming and beautiful, in a lovely and peaceful setting that feels like your own private getaway. The yoga sessions helped me dissolve into this environment and achieve deep relaxation and attention to enjoy the present. In addition, I loved visiting with the animals in the aquarium, especially the dolphins. Spending time with them after aquarium hours was a magical and healing experience.

Sol and Flaviana were extremely responsive, and made the entire experience seamless from the moment we met up at the boat dock. I enjoyed meeting and talking with both of them. They made all the guests feel so comfortable, only a few days felt like much longer.

Liz Vogel

from United States, February 2018

" Couldn’t have imagined how amazing it would be!"

This retreat blew me away! Sol and Fabiana are both wonderful souls and we loved spending time with them! They have very different styles for yoga so it was a great balance. The house itself is incredible - sits right on the water. We slept with all windows/doors open and stepped off the deck into the most gorgeous Caribbean Sea to kayak and swim. The description of the retreat mentions the aquarium but I had no idea we’d essentially have the island to ourselves! Lilia cooked the most delicious food and everything was easy and comfortable and so relaxing. Can not recommend highly enough!

Christina Casillas

from United States, December 2017

"PERFECT!! Beautiful place and wonderful yoga retreat!"

Where to begin! I honestly don't have enough words to express how incredible and perfect my time was with Soma Yoga Cartagena for the retreat in Islas del Rosario. Everyone, from making the reservation to the time the retreat ended, was so helpful, kind and terrific. Sol is an absolutely wonderful yoga instructor and person all around, always making sure I was ok, was enjoying myself, had everything I needed, and felt comfortable. She was always fun and easy to talk to and I learned so much from her about yoga, improving my practice, about her and beautiful Colombia. Second, the location! I could not have asked for a more beautiful and peaceful place to do a yoga retreat and spend time snorkeling, watching/petting dolphins, relaxing and finding a sense of peace and positivity! It is a beautiful house in a stunning location, practicing yoga on an island looking out over the water, and since there is an aquarium on the island, you have the special opportunity to visit it during a general tour/dolphin show as well as when it is just the staff--so a more private time to spend with the dolphins, truly unique. Third, the food is absolutely delicious! Lijia is a terrific cook and was always so upbeat, fun and positive to be around, adding to the overall joy of being there. Overall, this was the most magical and wonderful retreat! It felt like paradise and was hands down the best decision. I'm so grateful to have spent time there and would go back in a heartbeat! Thank you Soma Yoga!

Aline Love

from Peru, October 2017

"Peaceful, paradise healing retreat. "

I LOVED everything about this retreat! The environment is exquisite on your own island surrounded with turquoise, emerald green, fresh, clean clear water. Incredible new and fresh, clean light wood home with a balcony overlooking the ocean. Dolphins nearby waiting to be petted and talked to. Incredible nutritious, delicious clean and very tasty vegetarian meals, and of course, Sol and Fabi, joyful, kind, caring, attentive, relaxed, dedicated and experienced yoga instructors, and life affirming soulful beings to hang out with chill, laugh and philosophize with. These women are exceptional in every way and dedicated to healing and peaceful rejuvenation for their guests. I felt completely cared for in every way I could have every imagined. And I still can't believe what an incredible place I was just able to stay at! WOW!

Beth Baker

from Venezuela, October 2017

"Soma Yoga Cartegena "

The accommodations were amazing! I feel asleep to the waves. We did yoga looking at the ocean. And we got to play with dolphins! And the food was delicious. I highly recommend this yoga retreat experience.

Jeanette Gormsen

from Denmark, September 2017

"Fanstastic and amazing"

Everything was amazing og 2 really fantastic girls, Sol and Fabi.

Dominique Reyes

from United States, July 2017

"Best location "

The house and location were amazing! I'm a beginner to yoga and found the class pace just right. It was slightly challenging, but it never felt completely out of reach. Sol and Fabiana also helped with modifications for an injury I have. The food was so delicious and way above my expectations.

Magdalena Podhorska

from Malta, May 2017

"Review for SOMA Yoga Retreat"

I loved the instructors and the peacefulness and tranquility of the island where the retreat was based. There were also lots of value add's such as the retreat being next to an aquarium that we had access to as part of the package. The food was also exceptional.

Jessica Simioni

from United States, September 2018

"An island of yoga"

Everything! The house, the food and the instructors are amazing. The place is perfect for relaxing and being well-treated. A refugee in Cartagena.

Melanie Stricker

from Ecuador, April 2018

"3 days in paradise "

The place, the food, the yoga sessions and all the organisation are just great! They were so lovely people and i had such a good time on this beautiful island. Time to relax, read, paint some mandalas, snorkel and watch the dolfins swimming by!


from Colombia, July 2017

"Tollstes Yoga Retreat"

Die Stimmung war einfach unglaublich! Man muss dort gewesen sein um nachvollziehen zu können wie schön und idyllisches es dort ist. Hätte es mir nie so schön vorgestellt. Ich hatte wirklich eine gute Zeit und das Yoga war auch extrem gut und sehr professionell.