SoCal Yoga Retreats

San Diego, California, United States

SoCal Yoga Retreat focuses on planning holistic yoga retreats to nourish the mind, body, and spirit!

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    • Jamie B California, USA

      BookYogaRetreats website

      I decided I wanted to do something I had never done before. A yoga retreat sounded like the perfect getaway for a stay at home mom. I invited my friend for the same reason. We both did not know what to expect but were open minded. When we pulled up to the retreat we realized we were staying in a youth hostel. Okay, that is cool. The place was in a great location. That being said we quickly realized this was not what we were expecting. We were two of six paying customers on what appeared to be a friends getaway on our dime. Both people in charge brought their beau's (one being a Reike/Meditation specialist that had no credentials) along with a sibling, her boyfriend and few other people.The place was clean but we heard toilets flushing repeatedly. The shower was hot. The services were sub par. We went to a meditation the first morning. It was a taped meditation that was frequently interuppted by the meditation specialists e-mails because he played the tape on his phone. Also, when we later inquired about the type of meditation the specialist seemed confused and was unable to explain type of meditation other than it was a man from Australia.We had expected restorative yoga in the evenings. The night that we did have it there was no room for the paying customers. We were tucked in the corner while the hostel workers (who washed dishes) and the friends had the prime locations. We were exposed to some sort of ecstatic dance that I was not prepared for. The workshops that were in the original itinerary were not present (chapstick making, painting). We did have a Thai Massage workshop that was sort of weird. We also had an acro yoga class that was pretty much the staff and friends performing.The food was good the first and second day. After that it was pretty repetitive. I laughed when I overheard one of the paying guest's that left a day early to go crush grapes in Sonoma ask for any leftovers to take on the road. The chef went into the kitchen and obliged.There were also many things that were advertised that were not delivered. Painting workshop, cold pressed juices, and a professional staff. Having been in the service industry for many years, I was appalled by the lack of service we received. For example, when my friend and I decided to not go Yoga Paddle boarding ( I feared for our safety), one of the women in charge immediately turned to the Reiki instructor and said "you want to go paddle boarding." Sort of weird, but I believe after spending four days with them he is her boyfriend.I did enjoy the time away and spending time with my friend. That being said, if you want to spend a weekend in some sort of hippie commune this is the place for you. I would not recommend this retreat.

    • Mia United States

      BookYogaRetreats website

      SoCal Yoga Retreats was the perfect opportunity for me to get away and focus inward. I felt so taken care of, inspired and motivated to relax and have what feels like a lifetime of healing and fun in 4 days. The yoga teachers are amazing and are passionate about what they do, which could be felt in our yoga practice, our food, our workshops and our hikes. It was all inclusive so I didn't have to worry about a thing! Big Bear is a gorgeous place and we spent a lot of our time in front of the big fire while it was cold outside. I met some incredible friends and will most certainly return for more retreats. I am officially a groupie and will be back for more!

    • Cindy United States

      BookYogaRetreats website

      An awesome yoga and wellness retreat. The staff is very passionate about what they have created and it shows. The activities were great and all the extra workshops were wonderful and created an environment to connect with other people on a very personal level. I came into the retreat wanting relaxation and to reconnect with myself. I left the retreat with what I came here for as well as a sense of renewal. Excellent retreat!

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    • a yogi Philadelphia

      SoCal Yoga Retreats website

      I absolutely loved everything about the retreat. It was so healthy and not only did I work on my physical self but my spiritual self as well, which sometimes isn't that strong. I loved all the healthy organic meals, the peacefulness of the lodge, the sense of community, the hiking, yoga, massage/reiki season, everything! I am so thankful Lacy reached out to me with this opportunity. I would love to come back to California for another retreat. Thank you for everything, I gained something special from each one of you. It was an absolutely wonderful experience.

    • a traveler United States

      January 2011. SoCal Yoga Retreats website

      I loved all of the activities! I have learned so much about myself. I truly had an uplifting experience. The group you put together were very loving. I felt so much love that it made my heart clench with happiness. I know I was meant to be here to learn and to grow into a better understanding of how I should live my life the way I want too. I do not have any complaints, other than a hot tub would be great to relax my muscles even more. Other than that, you are all so beautiful, loving, caring, and just awesome. I am so happy to call you guys my family. I love you guys.

    • a satisfied customer United States

      December 2014. SoCal Yoga Retreats website

      Hey guys thank you so much! Great activities you put together for us. I loved the integrated massage and reiki treatment, exchange of tai massage, and partner yoga. I dig the physical- emotionally connected activities that are done in partnership. Great idea having the aroma therapy element too and KB Pure essentials products during the retreat. I appreciated that you let the program go with the flow of our moods, but perhaps a little more checking in on the participant to see "where they are at" for that. Maybe a little more down time, especially after the emotional freedom healing workshop. But Kudos, Brilliant!.

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