A lifelong athlete and natural leader, John has always worked within the balance of self betterment and uplifting others striving to always lead by example.

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John Quirk

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Brenda Pierson

from United States, March 2020

"Digital detox was fantastic!"

The people were the best. The location was beautiful. The vegan food was delicious and I am not a vegan. John and Christiana were the perfect hosts, so kind, they made everyone feel very comfortable

Leslie Zoroya

from United States, February 2020

"Wonderful Weekend Getaway"

Twelve strangers came together and bonded over food, meditation, nature, and yoga. I wasn't sure what to expect, as I have not ever done a yoga retreat, but I really enjoyed it and would definitely do another.


from United States, February 2020

"Unique experience"

I had a bit of nerves heading over to the ranch. I've never done anything like this before and it's fairly remote. In the back of my mind there was some doubt that it was legit (again, this was my first retreat). But when I arrived (in the dark! try not to do that but it still was ok, the ranch as outside lighting) I was happy to see/hear people inside chatting away (reminded me of Big Brother!). John ran out to greet me and told me where the park. I was running a bit late as I do but it was totally fine. Try to be there in time but no need to stress if you're not; it's a retreat! Food was great! Vegan and healthy. I'm not even vegan and I loved it all. I was a little concerned if there would be enough food (2 meals a day), but no worries! There was elaborate mid-day snacking, lots of fruits, veggies and towards the end of the trip leftovers from the previous dinners which was perfect for me! (This dinners were great!) Yoga classes were good and typical of yoga classes (I've done yoga before but it's not a prerequisite). The meditation sessions were good. John gave some tips to help you through meditation which really helped me (this is something I struggle with). Prepare of cold and hot weather. I went in Feb. It rained and was quite cold so I was glad I brought an umbrella and warm clothes. The hikes are on dirt trails so be prepared for that as well. Bring shoes that you don't mind getting dirty. I recommend everyone to try this experience. :)

Ying Tao

from United States, January 2020

"Great retreat for a reset"

Loved the secluded location, you really feel like you left the rest of the world behind. The weekend was filled with yoga and meditation, lead by John, who is very experienced. We all shared stories about our lives and got to know each other fairly well. It was very therapeutic and I left feeling very positive and happy about my life and took away some great tools to incorporate into my daily life. It's something I suggest everyone do at least once a year.

Brittany Connors

from United States, January 2020

"A life changing experience "

This was one of the most magical weekends of my life! John did such an incredible job putting together this very special experience. It wasn’t just about yoga (although we definitely were given the tools to incorporate yoga into our daily lives), it was really about being given a space to speak freely and learn more about ourselves through both introspection and interaction with the group. The whole thing took my breath away! Words cannot express the gratitude I have for this retreat and the amazing women I met on it.

Heather Ulz

from United States, January 2020

"Excellent experience!"

Incredible life strengthening experience in a short amount of time - gentle, yet fully satisfying daily yoga, instruction on and guidance through mediation, hikes, meditation gardens, incredible bonding with nature and plenty of time for self reflection. The group was inviting, non-judgmental, and a place that I instantly felt at ease with. John has done a phenomenal job of making this experience relaxing and educational, and the food was delicious! I came home feeling centered and completely recharged.

Michelle Nickel

from United States, January 2020

"Just go, you need this."

I really loved the group that came, the intentional activities that promoted growth and trust so we could all share. The Yoga practices were phenomenal. I really enjoyed each moment, and the downtime was so very appreciated.

K.c. Kless

from United States, June 2019

"Reconnect Indeed"

This retreat was an amazing experience! Beautiful setting, beautiful people, and a beautiful blend of everything a retreat should have.

Janet Chirrick

from United States, June 2019

"Excellent experience for price"

Very friendly, family atmosphere

Britta Wetteskind

from United States, June 2019

Since this was my first yoga retreat, I didn't really know what to expect. I was a bit nervous because it was held in a very remote area and I didn't know anyone.

The minute I arrived, John Q welcomed me and I felt immediately at ease.

The location, a ranch was beautiful, simple and calm, exactly what I needed.

Every detail was thought of, the food was delicious and the place was clean. Leza had even feng shui'd the whole house and left little sachets of rosemary on the night stands. The quality of yoga and meditation was way beyond what I had expected. There was a perfect balance of yoga, meditation, group activities and alone time. It's apparent that John Q is extremely passionate about his retreats. He is so caring, humble, non-judgemental and does a great job interacting with everyone. He is mindful and goes above and beyond to do his best.

This was a life changing weekend for me and I can't wait to go to another one soon. Thank you!

Jessica Faurot

from United States, July 2019

"Wonderful affordable yoga and meditation experience "

I’m grateful for the amazing trip. I made friends and experienced wonderful service, yoga classes that were accessible at any level of expertise and the food was wonderful! The details and thought put into every little aspect was so appreciated. Glancing and making a new friend in the space was so fun, everyone was full of kindness and we shared lots of laughs, good meals and deep talks. Thanks Socalwellness!

Lucas Thomas

from United States, July 2019

"Man of Few Writing Words. "

I enjoyed it. Simple retreat.

Bret Primack

from United States, July 2019

"Just What I Needed"

Every part of the Retreat was excellent. The Yoga instruction, the Meditation, the Food, the People, and the Location. I wanted to reinvigorate my Yoga practice, and myself. It worked! I came home rejunventated.