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So Fresh is a company devoted to wellness. They work with amazing yoga and wellness professionals offering incredible retreats, seminars, and experiences.

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Lauren Spicer

Lauren Spicer is a certified holistic nutritionist, registered yoga instructor, project management professional, and founder of So Fresh Living. Through her online magazine, So Fresh Mag, and her services in education, retreats, and tourism, she offers transformational experiences. Lauren's true passion is fostering wellness and personal growth from yoga and fitness to nutrition and holistic health.

Michael Spicer

Michael Spicer is a passionate educator, specializing in imaginative education and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), an experiential, exploratory method of teaching. Michael has been working at the International School of Panama, engaging his students in activities and experiences beyond that of a standard classroom. His excitement for building outdoor education and hands-on learning is contagious. Children attending this retreat will leave with a brightened imagination, a sense of accomplishment, and the motivation to do great things.

Marla Diaz

Marla Diaz is a mom to Garrett and Lily. She is also a Certified Yoga Instructor who has enjoyed 20 years of practicing and sharing yoga with hundred of people around the world. Marla is passionate about yoga, family, surf adventure and community. She continually searches for opportunities to bring these four elements together for her clients and in her daily life. She is a firm believer that getting out in nature is essential to our well being.Through a variety of retreats and hospitality services, Marla provides meaningful and inspirational experiences to each of the guest at our retreats.

Clare Jenkinson

Clare Jenkinson is an experienced, caring and vibrant educator with over a decade of experience in early childhood education and swim instruction. She owns an incredible pre-school based in the historic district of Panama City Panama and also offers swim lessons to students of all ages. Clare provides her students with exciting and inspiring experiences and activities.

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