Slow Retreats

Slow Retreats aims to create a small holiday village and offer yoga retreats in Gili Air where people can slow down, recharge, and rejuvenate in their own private pool villa.

Instructors 2

Maité Mendez

Maité is a yoga instructor that created a yoga center in Gili Air called Mandala Blue Yoga at Blue Marine Dive Resort. A passionate scuba and free-diver, Maite finds the same benefits in these activities as in yoga. Blue Marine Yoga is the result of a lifelong process in which the blue waters of the ocean and the blissfulness of yoga are combined. She has years of experience in wellness and will guide you through your own personal transformation of body and mind. Leaving you free and uplifted, she will invite you to renew your spirit and be filled with new energies.

Gentiane Bouty-Caira

Gentiane is the founder of the renowned Gentiane Institute in Brussels. She is a life coach and therapist. At Slow Spa, you will enjoy the benefits of having her as your personal coach. You will experience both in your beauty treatments and in your relaxation exercises, a unique sense of wellbeing through the privilege of personal attention.

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