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Sky Jane

Wai - Yin Wan

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Lydia Bradford

from United Kingdom, December 2019

"Beautiful retreat "

Very warm and welcoming. Delicious vegan food and beautiful house. Sky was so lovely! Thank you

Gemma Brooks

from United Kingdom, November 2019

"Beautifully challenging "

Sky pushed me to move my body and embrace the holds. She was incredibly knowledgeable but also very down to earth. Thank you Sky!

Anna Fraser-harris

from United Kingdom, November 2019

"Oasis of calm"

The house has a wonderful calming effect as soon as you enter and Sky is a fabulous host. The food was exquisite, some of the best vegan food I have ever had. The Ashtanga yoga was tough but great to be challenged and beautifully balanced with the calming Gong bath and Yin yoga. Thank you Sky

Dawn Vaughan

from United Kingdom, November 2019

"My husband and I had a great weekend on this retreat"

Sky was a great hostess, she made us feel very welcome in her home and provided great food, challenging and also relaxing yoga, nothing was too much trouble and we had a lovely weekend with old friends and we also made 3 new friends, thank you 🙏

Paula O’toole

from United Kingdom, October 2019

"Great Weekend"

Everything - Sky is a great host, cook and yoga teacher. Nothing was too much trouble. She seems to have a sixth sense which enables her to provide plenty of activity but allows plenty of downtime too. There were also guest instructors who added an extra dimension A thoroughly enjoyable weekend.


from United Kingdom, October 2019

"Excellent Ashtanga retreat"

Sky was the perfect hostess, who made sure that we were comfortable and well fed during our stay. She is also a brilliant Ashtanga teacher and a talented gong practitioner. I liked the fact that she arranged for two alternative teachers so that we could experience a different Ashtanga class and also a wonderful Yin class. The atmosphere in the house was calm and there was enough space and time to relax. The Ashtanga was very tough but well taught and I could feel the benefit.

David Brown

from United Kingdom, October 2019

"David Brown"

100% Yoga - with good clean accommodation - lovely massage.

Natalia Mank

from United Kingdom, September 2019

"Wonderful retreat!"

Feel re-energized and rested after this lovely retreat. Yoga classes were authentic with excellent teachers and a good balance of asthanga and yin yoga. The food was truly delicious and Sky so welcoming & accommodating. I really liked this spacious house as well- ideal for retreats. Really enjoyed the company of other participants, we had some great chats but there was also time to be on my own & reflect.

Lenka Cuprova

from United Kingdom, August 2019

"This retreat will change your life"

The whole experience was amazing. Ashtanga yoga was practised every day of the retreat and was complimented very well with yin yoga (Sat afternoon) and the incredible sound meditation (Sat eve after supper). Sky is a wonderful instructor and her house has a wonderful and calming atmosphere. My yoga practise improved immensely in the three days and I fell completely in love with Ashtanga yoga. The vegan food was lovely and we were looked after really well. I really liked that we spent a lot of time grounded on the floor and the sleeping was arranged on the floor in beautifully made silk tents. Both Sky and Ebony were really lovely as well as Nick (Ashtanga yoga teacher who helped out on Sunday morning) and Yinny, the yin yoga teacher. I really enjoyed my weekend with them and didn't want to leave!

Zoe Nicholls

from United Kingdom, August 2019

"Fantastic "

Was so chilled sky and her daughter were amazing hosts

Helen Poulter

from United Kingdom, August 2019

Everything was of a very high standard and idyllic.

Metvy P

from United Kingdom, August 2019

"Amazing retreat"

Everything . Very nice and clean accommodation ,it was above my expectations and the food is delecious and the yoga is great!!!!

Kate Englefield

from United Kingdom, July 2019

"Spiritualism and sweat!"

Sky Yoga is a beautifully curated retreat. Hosting, accommodation, food and atmosphere far exceed expectations.

Yoga instruction was excellent and I'd highly recommend going, but do make sure you understand that Ashtanga is physically demanding and you're meant to sweat!

Ellie Pollock

from United Kingdom, December 2018

"Refreshing & Uplifting "

I had the best weekend on this yoga retreat. The food was so tasty and you felt completely at ease chilling and relaxing in the beautiful house. It was great to learn a new style of yoga! Both the yoga teachers were superb. I have come away feeling very refreshed and ready to continue my journey. 100% recommend. Thank you Sky!


from United Kingdom, November 2018

"Had a fantastic time thanks so much"

Really great time it’s my 1st retreat, and definitely not my last, very committed teacher, I liked the whole experience,

I’m new to yoga, I’m enjoying the whole thing


from United Kingdom, November 2018

"This is not for beginners, the ashtanga is very fast."

The food was exceptional

Talitha Moyle

from United Kingdom, November 2018

"Beautifully powerful Astanga Yoga retreat"

The food was to die for and the asana practice beautifully intense and powerful


from United Kingdom, October 2018

The welcome by Sky and her staff

Rosa Hinsley

from United Kingdom, October 2018

"Wonderful "

A lovely retreat with a variety of activities as well as yoga. My body felt very stretched but my mind was very 'relaxed' after the medidation exercises. As it was a small group it gave the opportunity to get to know each other well.

Muna Jawhary

from United Kingdom, October 2018

"A thoroughly enjoyable yoga retreat"

Sky held this space so beautifully and there was a lot more on offer than I expected: a chef on site, a gong bath, a massage available if you want it, and an overall level of care that is second to non. The yoga was very high standards too. All in all loved every minute.

Jenny Connor

from United Kingdom, October 2018

"Amazing "

What an incredible weekend away from it all. Brilliant to meet some unique personalities who are so passionate about yoga and teaching it to all. And the vegan food was yummy 😋 and the vegan cookery lesson fun and interesting . I can’t wait to book again

Gillian Harling

from United Kingdom, October 2018

"Perfect mini yoga-break in Kent"

Loved this retreat! Sky creates a warm, safe and loving environment for learning and relaxation. I came in with some Ashtanga experience, but others in the retreat did not, but I always felt like I was challenged and that others were supported as they learned. Sky is great at providing adjustments to help you reach your yoga potential. Wai Yin's yin-yoga class was lovely and relaxed, and helped to balance the more yang Ashtanga. The gong sound bath in the evening was also my first and a totally unique experience that I hope to do again! The food was delicious and there was always lots! I liked the shared room experience, we had beautiful indian silk hangings for privacy, and lots of our own space, but something was really nice about sleeping in the same room as other women, it helps build the sense of community. I cannot recommend this retreat highly enough, thanks so much Sky!!!

Fiona Simpson

from United States, September 2018

"Thank-you for a beautiful weekend "

The food was fantastic

The group experience and support

The extra ideas, making wreaths, sharing good reads and experiences

Joanne Doble

from United Kingdom, September 2018

"An enlightening and nourishing weekend"

Sky’s immersion in her passion for yoga in all areas was inspiring. The atmosphere and the characters at the weekend allowed us to really bond as a group. The food was phenomenal. The group discussions were intellectual, personal and felt free. Overall a soul nourishing experience.


from United Kingdom, September 2018

"A lovely experience and a great host"

Sky was a great yoga teacher friendly, caring and passionate about yoga.

The vegan food was very tasty and filling.

The other guests made the experience even better.. like minded , non judgemental people all in need of recharging their batteries and connecting with their inner self.

Sarah Smith

from United Kingdom, August 2018

"Great retreat"

As a first timer to a yoga retreat great welcome Sky ensured that we were able to reach our own potential not forced but my body was stretched to new limits. Lovely combination of yin yoga late evening gong sound bath .

Food Amazing !!!

And a brilliant massage to sooth the aches


from United Kingdom, August 2018

"A great place for a yoga retreat "

The food by Tally was truly wonderful! And healthy !

The days were full of varied and interesting activities to do with yoga and nutrition.

Sky was very friendly and opened our minds to lot’s of new inspiring things . The house is beautiful and the sortaundings too.

Jessica Macklin-mitchell

from United Kingdom, August 2018

"Lovely retreat which nurtured me"

The food was lovely. Sky as an instructor was amazing and really emphasised the importance of everyone listening to their bodies. She pushed me and I was able to get into posture I haven’t been able to do previously but at the same time it was all within my limit.

Natasha Henry

from United States, May 2018

The entire weekend from start to finish was incredibly well organised and relaxing. Sky is a fantastic yoga teacher and it was great to have such one on one attention. Ashtanga is definitely something I’d like to keep up! The vegan food was particularly excellent and the gong bath on Saturday night was quite an experience! Very easy to get to from London and well worth the money. I’d definitely go again!

Victoria Yeates

from United Kingdom, May 2018

"Such a good location to nip away and reconnect. "

Really down to earth, but true to yoga in every sense. Really varied schedule to give you a recharge in every way.

Kanwal Malik

from United Kingdom, November 2017

Almost everything and simplicity of everything

Karen Buckland

from United Kingdom, November 2017

"Excellent Unplugged weekend"

Great Ashtanga yoga very traditional. Excellent help and guidance throughout the classes. Beautiful tasty vegan food and fabulous venue.

Suzanne Maloney

from United Kingdom, October 2017

"A wonderful retreat; challenging, rewarding and great fun"

Sky and her daughter Ebony are the perfect hosts, nothing is too much trouble. The house is beautiful and the food was amazing. All the participants got on really well, everyone was kind and interesting and we had a lot of fun.

The Ashtanga yoga was demanding, which is what I wanted. Sky is a very good teacher, moving things along all the time, but I never felt under pressure when I couldn't keep up. I had a lot of personal attention in the Yoga classes which was extremely helpful. I feel I made a lot of progress. I also got a lot from the meditation sessions which were very well structured.

I had a massage from Tricia on the Saturday afternoon which was the best massage I have ever had. I felt huge benefit from it.

The Yin yoga class and the Tai Chi class were very enjoyable and provided a pleasant balance to the Ashtanga.


from United Kingdom, October 2017

"Perfect introduction to Ashtanga"

I really enjoyed the Ashtanga Yoga and learning the primary series. It was very challenging and Sky got incredible progress out of all of us. The food was incredible and always plenty of it, but it was so healthy that we never felt bad going in for seconds!

Andy Burgman

from United Kingdom, October 2017

"ct "

I liked the Energy, pace, company, food. classes, timetable, structure, food (worth mentioning twice :) and especially Sky & Ebony's passion for delivering an amazing relaxing weekend. Thank you :)

Soline Chalayer

from France, August 2017

"A perfect yoga experience"

A fabulous weekend of discoveries and entertainment, the food was just amazing, the yoga classes challenging and instructive. The location is ideal as it's very close to the train station. I highly recommend this retreat.

Patricia Mcclean

from United Kingdom, July 2017

"Wonderful inspirational weekend"

An inspirational weekend in a wonderful home 40 minutes from London. As a beginner to Ashtanga yoga I found Sky to be a great teacher, lots of energy positive, caring and very approachable. From morning meditation, yoga, Tai Chi and Nada yoga experience it was a weekend I will cherish. The food is fantastic a big thanks to Ivy, Reta, Sky and Susanne. A great friendly bunch of people also on retreat. The house is beautiful and Sky has created a haven away from busy lives.

My first experience of sleeping on a futon on the floor for years and it was very comfortable and liberating. The beautiful curtains separating surrounding your bed made you feel as if you were in a room alone.

All I can say is book now.

Tricia McClean

Keelie Webb

from United Kingdom, July 2017

A wonderfully relaxing weekend and i've taken away some great tips and ideas to keep up practising at home. Felt very calm by the end of the weekend and was made to feel very welcome.

Tanya Bahari-connor

from United Kingdom, July 2017

It was clear Sky had put a lot of thought and effort for those staying on the retreat. Lots of little touches like flannels in the bathroom, earplugs, yoga mats if you hadn't brought your own, towels and blankets. The room exceeded my expectations with the Indian silk tents looking lovely in a bright room with tall ceilings. The house is amazing and feels so light, airy and welcoming as you walk in with lovely scents of inncence. The house is spacious and has plenty of rooms to relax and read and walk around the garden. The food was great and Sky and Ivy really were really kind to meet my dietary requirements. The yoga challenged me which was good but left me feeling wonderfully stretched. I would definately go again and would highly recommend the retreat.

Catherine Goldie

from United Kingdom, June 2017

"Yoga with my daughters "

It was a fantastic experience for an older mum and daughters in their twentys. Non of us had much experience but we all managed to our own level. A great welcome fantastic food and hard work I would recommend it and would go back again

Becca Hopwood

from United Kingdom, May 2017

"Fantastic Chill Out"

Loved the food, people and yoga. You get a great amount of yoga for the amount of time you are there and the alterations and advice given is great. You also have a laugh whilst doing it. Sky has an amazing sense of humor. Food is healthy and fabulous. The house is the perfect setting to switch off. Looking to return in the summer xx

Sonia Lopez

from United Kingdom, April 2017

"Amazing retreat "

Loved the challenging yoga, the peacefulness of the house, the food, the morning smoothies. The accommodation arrangement was very thoughtful, with beautiful curtains hanging between each sleeping area and luxurious bed linen.

Caro Breton

from United Kingdom, April 2017

"I loved it!"

Sky and her team were kindness itself, and the whole weekend was inspiring and relaxing. The Ayurveda-based food was delicious. The house is beautiful, spacious and welcoming, and set in its own lovely grounds, with a wood full of rabbits! The classes were varied and well planned, challenging enough without being too tough! I particularly enjoyed the Creative Yoga Beats class. The Sound Bath organised on Friday night set the tone for an exceptional spiritual experience and a memorable step on the journey for every participant. I could not recommend this retreat more highly

Emma Callar

from United Kingdom, April 2017

"Brilliant weekend had be all...."

The Host Sky was both a brilliant teacher and a welcoming and nurturing host. Food was really lovely and very healthy. The house was a beautiful space to me in. All in all a fantastic experiance.

Sara Moreni

from United Kingdom, November 2019

"A really great retreat"

Really loved this retreat. The house is beautiful and comfortable, the food delicious, the yoga challenging but not too difficult. It was a refreshing break!

Claire Portman

from United Kingdom, November 2019

"Wonderful Weekend"

The location is calming, comfortable, homely and smells beautiful. There is lots of light and space and plenty of places to relax. The house is also spotlessly clean and Sky provides you with everything you need - plenty of towels, cushions and cosy blankets.

The house is located in the beautiful Kent countryside where in your spare time you can walk and enjoy the nature.

The yoga is taught by very knowledgeable practitioners and the groups are small enough for the teachers to assist you with positions. The mediation is also wonderful. Sky used drums and bowls to amazing effect.

The food and drinks that Sky prepared for us was delicious and fresh and in abundance.

I would recommend this retreat to anyone who wants to practice yoga in a lovely home with a wonderful host who pays attention to every details to make your stay a special experience.


from United Kingdom, November 2019

"Excellent retreat"

I loved everything - the venue, the planned classes and activities, the food and the warm companionship with other fellow yogis- a relaxing and wonderful weekend! I highly recommend it and will be going back.

Pauline Bay

from Poland, November 2019


Great atmosphere, classes, teachers, food. Everything is made for you to relax and learn. I absolutely loved this experience and only wished it could last longer!

Sona Osman

from France, November 2019

"Brilliant and restful"

Teachings were excellent for a novice like me

The accommodation was lovely and restful ;the food was delicious and vegan- I really enjoyed myself.


from United Kingdom, November 2019

"Relaxed, wholesome yoga and meditation weekend"

What a lovely weekend of challenging Ashtanga yoga, relaxed Yin yoga, sound meditation (never done it before but loved it!) with delicious healthy vegan food and relaxed periods in between to chill and read, nap or chat.

Sue Curtis

from United Kingdom, November 2019

"Excellent value for money! "

Great house, excellent host, delicious food and brilliant yoga sessions!

Sue Curtis

from United Kingdom, November 2019

"Everything was perfect! "

From the moment we arrived to the moment we left it was all excellent.

Huma Bailey

from United Kingdom, October 2019

"Lovely experience "

Sky was an amazing lady put me at ease straight away. I hadn’t actually done any yoga before and this was completely out of my comfort zone. She helped and supported everyone based on their experience.I went alone which was also new for me met some lovely people and had some amazing food. Thank you Sky for the advice and help to start my new journey. X

Madge Hamilton

from United States, September 2019

"Amazing yoga retreat. Sky was wonderful. "

The atmosphere, the location, food and yoga sessions were so great. I would recommend this retreat to others.

Silvana Di Gregorio

from United Kingdom, September 2019

"A perfect retreat"

Everything about this retreat was perfect. Sky is an excellent teacher, taking care in giving personal attention to those of us who have difficulty with some of the asanas. Her home is welcoming, peaceful and beautiful and the food she cooked for us was delicious and plentiful. I had never booked a place before where I shared accommodation and had been in two minds before booking. But I needn't have been concerned because Sky has created private little 'nests' within those rooms - with lovely silk curtains giving us privacy. We had lovely weather so we were able to soak up the sun in the garden after class. I had never felt so restful. Sky provides lots of treats - vegan ice cream, biscuits, and a plentiful supply of a variety of herbal teas.We were fortunate to have Mark Swan give us a gong bath which was an amazing experience. After the gong bath we had hot chocolate outside around the chiminea which was a lovely bonding experience for the group.

Sarah Olive

from United Kingdom, September 2019

"Perfect "

I thought sky was an amazing teacher and person. I could feel her passion and it made me feel inspired.

Felt very at easy being at her home and her meals were fab.

I will defo be going back could have stayed all week.

Rehka Chelvendra

from United Kingdom, September 2019

"Wonderful stay with SkyYoga"

Sky was a fantastic hostess and teacher - my husband and I had the most wonderful stay, feeling refreshed after a lovely weekend of mindfulness and stillness. The food was top-notch, the rooms were so bright and airy and the yoga itself was revitalising. Feeling stretched and refreshed! Would 100% recommend! It was great having the opportunity to have a chat to Sky about her background and experiences.

Briony Sowden

from United Kingdom, September 2019

"Well worth the money!"

Sky and her home were so welcoming and the space she invited us into was positive, warm and encouraging. I'm new to yoga and found the classes challenging but rewarding. Everything about this retreat exceeded expectations - and it came down to the little things, like the hot water bottle for bed, waking up to singing bowls and the vegan chocolate icecream after Yin yoga. I'd happily come back again.

Tasha Robinson

from United Kingdom, September 2019

"Beautiful retreat and very relaxed and welcoming :)"

Sky was very welcoming and the class was very good. Friends who don't like yoga or never done it before loved it. It had a relaxed homely feeling and the food was nice. Great value for money x


from United Kingdom, September 2019

"Amazing! "

The whole experience was charming and refreshing, the food in particular was gorgeous.

Rachel Wyatt

from United Kingdom, September 2019

"A great weekend retreat "

The opportunity to take time away and focus on my inner self in a calm relaxing atmosphere. Eating great

Healthy food along with challenging and relaxing yoga classes and meditation.

It was fantastic.


from United Kingdom, August 2019

"Delightful yoga break with wonderful teacher "

Teacher is wonderful. The programme itself and the elements and flow of the retreat was idyllic. Would go again and highly recommend.

Chad Rock

from United Kingdom, August 2019

"wonderful retreat"

The yoga practice was great. Classes were equally good for experts as well as newbies, as Sky gave individual attention to all yogis.

The food was all vegan. As an omnivore, I thought I might struggle. But I found the food to be tasty, generous, and of good quality. There was even a surprise vegan ice cream treat.

The accommodation is clean, spacious, comfortable and well presented. There's enough room for a bit of privacy should you need it.

The highlight of the retreat is Sky. She is amazing, as is her daughter Ebony. They were both very knowledgeable about yoga and much of what surrounds it (nutrition, health, philosophy, spirituality). They were also hospitable, which made the stay very comfortable. They had a lot of time for all the visitors on the retreat.

Katrina Bowker

from United Kingdom, August 2019

"A peaceful haven to refresh and recharge "

From the moment I stepped inside I felt such a warm and welcoming energy from Sky. Her home was lovely and was a peaceful haven from the hustle of life. She was an excellent yoga teacher and her passion for the yogic philosophy was inspiring. There was a great balance between strong and dynamic Ashtanga yoga and soothing, gentle Yin yoga and meditations. And there was also plenty of time for relaxing on my own. The homemade vegan food was delicious and beautifully prepared by Sky and Ebony. There was a lovely group of 8 in total. I felt cleansed, refreshed and recharged. I would recommend this retreat to anyone.


from United Kingdom, August 2019

"Highly recommend, perfect weekend"

I'm a busy professional mum and was looking for a weekend rest away from home. This weekend yoga retreat struck the perfect balance of activity, rest, spirituality and pragmatism. The accommodation was clean and spacious; the vegan cuisine was fantastic; the yoga/meditation was excellent in terms of the classes themselves and schedule of the day. I came back feeling completely rested and motivated.

Leigh Gunn

from United Kingdom, August 2019

"So welcoming and fabulous first experience "

Sky provides the perfect setting and makes sure that everyone feels welcome and that they get what they need from the retreat. This is right from a beginner like me to those with much more experience. Her home is beautiful and so easy to float around and feel completely comfortable, and the food delicious and wholesome. I would recommend to anyone and I would go again in a heartbeat.

Susan Miles

from United Kingdom, August 2019

"A weekend of bliss "

The relaxed atmosphere x it was wonderful. All the guests were lovely, Sky was so readily available at all times, the house was comfortable and beautiful, the food was delicious and plentiful and the teaching beyond my expectations, fabulous x I will be going back more than once I expect x

Josh Firestone

from United Kingdom, July 2019

"Just what I needed"

The perfect balance of yoga both invigorating and relaxing in a beautiful peaceful location with delicious food

Michelle Smith

from United Kingdom, July 2019

"Wonderfully relaxing weekend "

Calming and very spiritual- totally relaxed. Sky and her daughter Ebony made us feel very welcome

Lorraine Bellamy

from United Kingdom, July 2019

"Inspirational Weekend!"

The whole enriching experience was amazing: never attended a yoga class & fancied a weekend away. Set in gorgeous grounds, accommodation felt homely & plush. Communal bedrooms were big & felt luxurious - slept incredibly well. Delicious, healthy & wholesome vegetarian food all home-cooked by Sky. BTW, I am a meat-eater but didn’t miss it at all! Loved timetable & the classes. Sky gave me the confidence to try it all & delivered to a mix of abilities, all were lovely guests, booked in on their own. I’ve fallen for Ashtanga & keen to progress. The chanting & sound bath was soul nourishing and Sky is an amazing percussionist. Highly recommend for value, location, and schedule. A retreat experience that I will look back on with wonderful memories! Thank you, Sky!

Julie Baxter

from United Kingdom, July 2019

"Great weekend, very relaxing and fab yoga"

All good

Janna Hughes

from United Kingdom, May 2019

"Liberating weekend"

Everything, as soon as I got there I felt calm enabling me to switch off from everyday life and embrace the experiencr

Reisa Norris

from United Kingdom, May 2019

"Lovely first yoga retreat"

A wonderful experience all-round. Lots of yoga and new experiences/ideas, great company and a lovely setting. Fantastic food too! Sky is very attentive and makes the place feel very homely. It was an excellent retreat from all the pressures of day-to-day life. Thank you, Sky.

Julie Pierce

from United Kingdom, May 2019

Yoga tuition

Papinder Dosanjh

from United Kingdom, May 2019

"Wonderful Retreat"

Wonderful intimate retreat with great conversation, yoga, food and space. Sound mediation was amazing. Just want I needed to rejuvenate myself.

Chi Vears

from United Kingdom, April 2019


I spent my two days this weekend here, and really enjoyed it.

Sky is great and her food is amazing. The activities are just enough and good.

I will come back x


from Spain, March 2019

"really nice weekend away"

The classes were very good and the house was a very comforting place to stay

We learnt a lot about new yoga postures and Sky was patient to teach us

The meditation in the evening was also very good and relaxing. We slept so well afterwards!

Ilíada Gibbins

from United Kingdom, February 2019

"Great experience "

The retreat was lovely and Sky always so welcoming and generous. I learned so much and left feeling as I was looked after with so much care and attention.

Helen Burnill

from United Kingdom, February 2019

"Nice stay"

Nice intro to Ashtanga and really lovely relaxed place, truly felt looked after by Skye whose hosting allows real friendships to blossom. Stunning place and genuinely zen.


from United Kingdom, January 2019

"Beautiful, spiritual, great value for money "

Lovely space - very tranquil , great vegan food, challenging Ashtanga yoga practice and beautiful relaxing Yin. Sky was a fabulous hostess , very knowledgeable and keen to share her yogic lifestyle and experience with the group while making us feel completely relaxed in her beautiful home. Although the actual retreat was a day and a half it felt like we had been away for a lot longer. Every detail of the experience had been thought through. Having attended a number of yoga retreats round the world, would certainly recommend this one.

Diana Carter

from United States, January 2019

"Yoga at Sky's "

Sky made you feel at home from the second you walked through the door. Lovely atmospheric surroundings. Special extras such as bubble bath, cosy throw, real fires, hot chocolate and a hot water bottle at bed time made me feel very nurtured.

Great mix of classes with ashtanga and yin yoga with fantastic instruction and support.

Thank you Sky for sharing your home, knowledge and expertise with our great group.

Jurgita Kasparow

from United Kingdom, January 2019

"More than I ever expected"

Sky is an amazing host. She made us feel so welcome and at ease. The yoga was challenging for me because I never did practise ashtanga before, but the teachers were great and did support everyone through it. Wonderful experience, Will be looking to book again!

Maria Garcia

from United States, November 2018

"Perfect Yoga Getaway"

My husband and I had never been to a retreat before and we were delighted with the experience and thoroughly enjoyed it. From the yoga classes to the meditation, the pranayama and the fantastic vegan food, Sky had put together the perfect getaway with a good amount of activity and downtime and an idyllic space to just be. Sky was delightful and very welcoming to all of us, lovely company and atmosphere. Would definitely do it again and will highly recommend it.

Serena Manteghi

from United States, November 2018

"Perfect getaway "

I had such a good weekend at Sky’s. The setting is so relaxing; nestled in the green pastures of Kent, Sky’s home is beautiful and tranquil.

Sky’s class was a perfect balance of instructive and challenging, adapting goals for each student but also encouraging us to achieve more than we thought possible.

The food was INCREDIBLE.

And more generally, Sky was just a fountain of wisdom and was happy to answer the many questions of new and curious yoga students.


from United Kingdom, November 2018

Sky was so welcoming and she was an excellent teacher. The accommodation was lovely and the vegan food was absolutely delicious. The yoga session was quite hardcore and I definitely ached afterwards but it was really enjoyable. I would highly recommend this retreat.

Sam Akhtar

from United Kingdom, October 2018

"The perfect time out of modern day day life "

It helped with my depression as I learned different techniques that would help me "switch off".

The house was very homely, and enhanced relaxation. The other woman I met, all had their journeys too and it was so lovely how we all bonded.

Food was great, and it was being 12 years old again and being completely looked after :-)....

Coming away from the weekend, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I feel calmer.

Shani Corb

from United Kingdom, August 2018

"My first yoga retreat"

I didn't really know what to expect as this was my first yoga retreat. It wasn't relaxing yoga, it was muscle-achingly hardcore Ashtanga! It was awesome and Sky was great at helping you in to positions and correcting your posture so as not to injure yourself. Everyone was encouraged to "come to the mat with the body you have" so you could do as little or as much as your body allowed. The food was amazing and the Gong-bath unusual. Although I came home aching and tired, one day later I feel exhilarated and energised. I would thoroughly recommend.

Sheranie Qaisar

from United Kingdom, August 2018

"Immersive Experience"

There was so much in the itinerary that the time went really quickly. The yoga sessions were amazing, the talks most interesting and the gong bath a real experience. There was no pressure to take part if you just wanted to relax and there were plenty of places to rest and relax. The food was amazing - freshly prepared and very tasty. Nobody went hungry!

Suzie Fellowes-prynne

from United Kingdom, June 2018

"My daughter and my experience of the yoga retreat "

A really lovely experience, beautiful place. Food and company excellent too.

Patricia Davies

from United Kingdom, June 2018

"Wonderful holistic experience"

Sky was delightful, I learnt lots and felt fully revived

Kristina Symons

from United Kingdom, May 2018

"Ashtanga retreat May bank holiday weekend "

The accommodation was stunning. A beautiful house to retreat to. I was a bit nervous about sharing a room with strangers, but Sky has created personal ‘tent’ like spaces in the very large rooms, so I felt that I had my own space and privacy. I slept very well both nights. The ashtanga Yoga was a welcome challenge for me, as I usually practice vinyasa flow. I will certainly be looking to attend ashtanga to improve my practice. Sky is a perfect host - very welcoming and down to earth, also very wise and interesting. Tally’s vegan food was delicious and has kick started me into healthy eating for the summer. Another welcome treat was the gong bath. All in all a lovely group of people and a five star experience.

Hazel Stewart

from United Kingdom, May 2018

"Highly recommended "

The ambience, the house, the chef, instructors the host , the food was amazing Met lovely people. The gong bath was also awesome

Anne-belle Esteves

from United Kingdom, December 2017

"Perfect weekend break to recharge"

Very welcoming place, amazing yoga and great food

Sara-jane Millar

from United Kingdom, November 2017

Everything was so lovely. Loved the strong ashtanga practice

Shuntao Li

from United Kingdom, November 2017

"Strongly recommend"

I had such a great time at Sky's retreat. She tries to bring the most authentic Mysore style yoga experience, I guess it's true not just because of the teaching but also the room temperature (warm, like in India), room arrangement (shared rooms) etc. It's different and really fun. Her house is so beautiful (can't really be captured in the photo) and everything is set up to make you feel welcomed and relaxed. There are plenty of classes and given it's Ashtanga it was really good "work out". I couldn't believe how much I've learnt and progressed over the weekend! Also a huge thanks to Emily (Sky's daughter) for the fantastic food. The location is so close to London yet totally away from the city and crowd as well. Everything was just great, thank you Sky!

Sam Stevenson

from United Kingdom, November 2017

Lovely retreat. Sky and Ebony were very helpful and made you feel very welcome in their home. It was the perfect weekend escape. Thank you

Dayeel Goh

from United States, November 2017

"A lovely weekend retreat, great yoga practice in comfort "

Great yoga instruction from Sky and her colleagues, also additional teaching on breathing and relaxation. Individual guidance

Delicious vegetarian food, lovely freshly made smoothies, soups etc

Small group of 8 , nice company

Easy to get to from London by train - Sky provides great service with pick up from local train station.

Good value for the overall weekend, highly recommended


from United Kingdom, September 2017

"Excellent weekend escape."

A great break away, a brilliant introduction into Astanga Yoga, the food was fantastic and the atmosphere very welcoming.

Karen Middleton

from United Kingdom, September 2017

"Sky Ashtanga hot yoga retreat"

Sky was extremely welcoming and accommodating to all of our need, I found the whole experience amazing and uplifting. Go and fully immerse yourself in the experience that Sky has to offer, including the vegan way of eating. I would thoroughly recommended this to anyone who is interested in yoga, I have dipped in and out of yoga over the years but do't attend classes or practice it regularly but this didn't limit what I could do.

Ruth Wyatt

from United Kingdom, July 2017

"Beautiful, relaxing, yoga-filled weekend"

I really enjoyed the yoga classes. Sky is a wonderful teacher and notices what your body is doing and what it is capable of - she supports as you push your body's limits. No judgement only encouragemeant, I came away feeling so relaxed and pleased with my progress.

The food was delicious - I have an egg allergy which was 100% catered for.

Claire Salha

from France, November 2019

"Détente entre amies"

Les cours de yoga sont de qualité, la maison de Sky est particulièrement cosy et sa cuisine est délicieuse. Peut-être ajouter un massage en option pour rendre le séjour parfait

Antoinette De La Motta

from United Kingdom,

It truly doesn't get much better than this. The Weekend Body Unplugged Yoga Retreat is located at the aptly named Santosha, a Sanskrit word for 'contentment'. The Ashtanga yoga classes were demanding yet so well taught that beginners would not feel left behind. Sky and Ivy who run the retreat are warm and welcoming individuals with a wealth of knowledge about this form of yoga and Ayurvedic medicine. The house is stunning; set off the beaten track on beautiful well-kept grounds. The food was second to none. Vegan and gluten free including a special treat of southern Indian cuisine cooked on site. I really didn't want to leave. If you're looking for a retreat that treats your mind, body and soul, look no further, this is it.

Douglas Green

from London,

What a wonderful weekend! I really don't know where to start.

Whether a Yoga beginner (like me), or a more practised yoga convert (like others in our group), I feel sure you would appreciate the holistic and comprehensive, yet un-pressured and casual itinerary that Sky has put together.

From her pool of experience and expert knowledge, and with the addition of a range of other welcome influences and helpers (Tai Chi teacher; Ayurvedic cook; nutritionist and general yoga expert (Hello Ivy!)), this felt like a proper sanctuary for mind, body and soul.

The small group size meant there was plenty of room for personal guidance, if needed, but also for lots of good chat and getting to know our hosts and fellow guests. Lounging around doing nothing but enjoying endless tea and good food also felt like a tempting option.

With such down-to-earth hosts, gorgeous house, luxurious bedrooms, and so many other thoughtful touches (I don't want to say too much!), I sincerely hope I can return. Thank you Sky.

Tracey Grooms

I would give the retreat eight out of ten. Made to feel very welcome and relaxed in a beautiful house with lovely hosts, sky and sue. Southern indian food was delicious and very healthy ( loved the dosa breakfasts!). Yummy smoothies and juices first thing in the morning, invigorating yoga and centering energy work, hidden suprises within the weekend...what more could you ask for?